How to live better through Desire

BurningDesireThis  power-up is all about the DESIRE. Desire isn’t only about sex and romance. Desire is about wanting, longing, aching for something. It contains the seeds for life purpose, our Super Secret Powers. Desire is one of the powers of Love, potent, exhilarating, and always heart-felt. But it can consume us, if we let it. It can be innocent, but it can also be wild. What is your relationship to your deep, soulful, intense desires?  Here’s how desire affects my life and what it feels like for me!

For me desire is religious experience, it is the ecstasy of becoming wholly self becoming one in the breath of a moment. It is actually very hard for me to talk about, too intimate, too involved with self-conceptualized feelings and states. Already I am waffling about how I am writing this, because I DESIRE for you feel what I am feeling, even if the words pale by comparison and seem abstract.


I don’t know exactly how, but I stopped desiring things a long time ago. That does not mean I do not desire. I desire greatly, but I desire feelings and states of being. I desire grace and connection, things I ultimately cannot control. I desire things for myself, like joy, one-ness, an intimate relationship with the world around me. I desire things for my family, like many happy days, revelation in our bond. I desire things for the world and humanity, integrity, open-hearted interaction, respect.


Rumi, who constantly opens my heart, says,

Love isn’t the work of the tender and the gentle;
Love is the work of wrestlers.”

― Rumi


Desire can be maddening, it can seem frustrating even. It can feel like a need that might never get filled. It is beautiful dance, an evolving relationship. It needs to be honed, it needs to be fed, it needs to be tended and weeded through. Like all emotions or internal forces, desire is meant to inform us. It carries a message which almost always speaks the ideal goal which your soul is trying to communicate you should be aiming for.


My DESIRE tells me:

That I need to find a way to trust more. I need to trust myself, to trust my soul, to trust my intuition, trust the world, the Divine, and the people around me.


I need to seek out those moments of grace and connection between myself, other people, and the world. Regardless of fear and vulnerability.


I need to speak my truth and radiate the power of my soul to help make those connections, to evolve, refine, and dance with life.


What do you desire?

What does that desire ask of you?


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