I bless the pain and surround you in love


And today it hurts. Yesterday it hurt too. I am in my comfy flannel sleep pants and oversized purple sweatshirt sitting bed, because today and for the last week I know the world hurts. Their hurt magnifies my personal hurts. And so I sit and occasionally cry, letting it all wash through me.

Other times I have tried to fight and resist. I have tried to force the light to banish all the hurt. Being that warrior of light, I have struggled to end the pain. On that note, I have burned out and played on the edge of disillusionment as well. I know now that serves no one. Not me. Not others. Not the Divine I seek to serve.

I am a sensitive. I hurt because other hurt as well. I am empath. I can hear them AND feel them.

I am in Pennsylvania, in my bedroom.  I am one of the lucky ones for whom no large scale tragedy has personally affected.  But there is little I can do from here.

Little to do, but love.

I love them in their pain. I love them in their anger and fear. So many idea of what is right and what is wrong, all believing they are coming from a place of sense and all believing they are right. Even those who fear for their families and safety. Even those who seek asylum. Even those who would die for their cause. I give them my love. I give this, because it is what we all want. What we all need. I wrap the pain and the hurt in a blanket of love, as a mother would an ill or hurt child.

This is not some new age love everybody all the time statement or practice. This is a simple acknowledgement that I see pain. I see pain I cannot alone fix. But I can honor it. I can love it, compassion the hell out of it, and hold space for it, so that healing might occur.

What does my single light do for those in pain? I don’t know. Maybe someone will feel it’s effects.


But what can thousands or millions or billions of lights do?


Each point of light is needed in this world.

Are you ready to step into your light?