Have you hit the fall wall?

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Let me guess, you never heard of the Fall Wall. Well let me tell you a little more about myself.

My life-long friend and I spent a lot of time outdoors in the woods. As the seasons and years passed we noticed how differently the seasons made, not just our moods, but our bodies and energies run. Spring seemed to be a time of leg work and preparation. Summer had you running light and breezy (or at least wishing for a breeze in the humid Pennsylvania heat). Winter was slow, comfortable, and sacred, allowing one to dream in the dark space between growing and blooming. We loved (and still love) Fall. It always seemed, no matter how magickal, and re-energizing the Fall felt, the fall presented some kind of soul challenge. Perhaps all the seasons do in their own way, like discerning what seeds to plant in the fall, making the most of your light in the Summer, and the Winter is for honing dreams. But Fall Wall as we came to name it, always seemed to become existential quickly. This Fall wall seemed to question the fruits of the years labor and our plans for investment of those rewards. It asked to us to assess, was it all worth it? The anticipation, the labor, the wishing, the longing, etc…

It’s about as great as it sounds. life is going swimmingly then WHAM you hit the Fall Wall.

From there you face doubt, struggle, and all the goals and wished that have yet to come true. You keep hitting until you one day you find the key, the one thing you were missing. Or perhaps it was something you forgot about it. Either way this year, 2015, your Fall Wall has a chance to blow wide open with the series of eclipses that are ending this week.

Are you ready to let go and get back on the road to where you NEED to be going?

What are going ready to release during this Eclipse? Ready, set, leave a comment!!