Find your rhythm

voice ride your breath



Don’t listen to the voice of jealousy. Don’t listen to the voice of desperation. Could have, would have, and should have thinking does not honor why you are where and what you mean to the world. You have a voice, a truth, that is sacred and needed by the world. Even if your words support the words and truth of others, even if you need to use other’s words and ideas to express the truth on the tip of your soul, that energy, that presence, that radiance is still needed. 

Never seek a pace that is not true to you. What is most unique to you is your journey. How you got where you are headed is something that no one person can duplicate. But it’s truth, it’s pain, it’s struggle, it’s transformation may be the things which inspires someone else to change and action in their own way.


Does the stone cast into the still pond see and know the ripples it causes across the surface? 


May your life be carried by the rhythm of your breath, no faster, no slower. Be present in your journey and may you the still of allowing the truth to be carried on your breath and voice when it’s time comes.