Fear and Intuition, two expressions of guidance

Fear and darkness have no existence on their own

Without going into into a lot woo woo talk, I want to say that I feel that intuition and fear are two sides of the same coin…perhaps even the same side. Last week I started a series about the top 4 blocks to intuition. I began with a rather “out there” idea of what intuition is. But if you haven’t read that post, take a look now, because the context is important to note. Part of why this series may sound new and different is that I don’t think the Universe is some parochial school nun out to teach us or punish us. And when we are in an intuition state, we are aligning ourselves with Universe Truth, where there is nothing but support….perhaps not how we expected it, but support nonetheless. 

In that Universal state of Oneness, there is only flow and knowing and Truth. There isn’t fear. Fear is within us, it is created only by us. We judge and punish ourselves far worse than any person or Divinity would or could. 

Fear is when we feel threatened, emotionally triggered, too small, not enough, not capable, in the face of a specific potential. It is our reaction to the potential that is fearful, triggered, ego driven, survival driven. But the potential remains a possibility, no matter how we feel about. It is part of the whole and cannot be otherwise. 

Fear is the absence of Love

It is our reaction that is not in alignment with the Universe, not the potential. What amuses me when I stop and think about it is that I can be in fear and still be in alignment with the Universe…at least enough to keep receiving guidance. Fear doesn’t really “block” the intuitive flow, the intuitive flow state is our natural state. But fear and ego does stop us from accepting Truth when we let those parts of ourselves pilot our lives. If you need further proof of this, think back to a time when you terrified, can you see how it was Truth that brought you back around? You might have even had a “knowing” that things would turn out the way they did, under the fear. Or someone might have been there to hold space for Truth when you could not…even if you didn’t want to hear it at the time, and resented the hell out of it.

That resentment is fear driven, it’s ego’s way of keeping us safe from a potential that threatens our safety. But following ego’s idea of what is safe only keeps in illusion or denial. We say “well that can’t happen”, “that’s not fair, why me?”, or “I would die if that happened”. But none of that is really true.  What fear is showing us is where we need to apply apply more Divine Love. This is why we are experiencing fear, because we have denied or resisted a place within ourselves that needed more Divine Love, a part of self that needs to come into further alignment. In fear, we have believed ego’s stories that perhaps we were too unworthy, too bad, too wrong, too….whatever, to be in Love and Truth.


fear is a sacred message

I don’t believe that while we are on this physical plane we can truly escape fear and ego. But I do know from my personal experience, that we can begin unraveling the stories that were created to keep us in a state of feeling “lacking” or “small”, to come to a greater truth about ourselves, our purpose, our own Divinity. We don’t need to hate Fear. Fear is not being mean, trying to punish us for the past, or even test us. Fear is only showing us where we need to be bolstered up more with Love. It is like an outcome card in a tarot layout, showing us where things could go, if we choose to keep that part of ourselves from the light, the outcome if we do not make changes. We need to make changes, to let the Love in further and further into our darkest parts in order to know our Wholeness and to move past where we have blocked ourselves from moving forward in alignment. If intuition is the light, fear is the absence of light, guiding us to be whole. 

If intuition is the light, fear is the absence of light, guiding us to be whole. Share on X