Whether you are looking to start your new year off an a powerful note or trying to get your next 6 mos back on track, it's never too late to start using your intuition to get your plans into Divine Timing so you can rock your flow. Intuition and your planning brain aren't really meant to be at odds with each other, and that is half the problem Creatives an Intuitives have with most planning systems out there. When you start understanding how your intuitive and creative process needs you change the way you are using planning systems, you will:

  • Get more consistent, easily, organically, holistically...because you will in love with who you are becoming.
  • Stop beating yourself up over every little "random" thing that used to throw you off.
  • Have a process that you are going to want to return to time and time again, because it feels good to use AND it gets you results!

Dreamcasting is different from other planning systems because...

It's all about you and your patterns.

This is a system of planning that is meant to be fully customization for your soul AND planning needs. This isn't about trying to fit YOU, the Divine soul you are, into a cookie cutter system.

It's truly holistic....

as in it actually accounts for all aspects of self, even the parts that get all whiny and full of resistance.  Like other planning systems, it does have you take a dive into all areas of your life, so you have a rounded out plan of change for the next year, but it keeps the ALL of you (mind, body, soul, emotions) moving together in alignment with intent and purpose.

It's also a tool for enlightenment or awakening.

This planning system is based on concepts from LOA  (law of attraction), Vortex theory, CIM (Course in Miracles), and conscious practices. But it's not about adding willy nilly shit to your to do list. This is about you discovering the practices and habits, the Rites of Being, as I like to call them, that actually matter to your daily living that put you in touch with your spiritual center, Divine potential, and unlimited Universal Love. 

Dreamcasting is not about sucking it up or other forms of self-torture.

Acceptance of shitty things does not have to suck, we don't have to carry those ideas of "not good enough" or "there is something wrong me" around because we couldn't make a planning system work for us or because our dreams didn't manifest in the time frame we wanted to see them. This is about healing our ideas of how the planning process actually works for Intuitives and Creatives and learning to listen to listen your own flow above all else. 


One of the best things about The Dreamcasting your life class,

Is the monthly worksheets with relevant astrological influences, Spiritual guidance, a review of the previous month, and a sacred intention setting mini ritual for the coming month. The monthly packet,will help keep you focused on exploring the challenges and wins my Dreamcasting journey present you! 

As an Empath and Intuitive, I use just these kinds of tools to help reduce my resistance, open my heart, and clear my emotional energy out, so that I can stay on top of my day and projects! Without the relevant astrological and spirit guide advice, even the most intuitive person can easily get caught up in the drama and whirlwind feelings that so often bring on the dark nights of the soul and derail us from taking inspired action!

So not only do you get the full class on how to do Dreamcasting, you get monthly reminders, resources, and worksheets!

You also get a bonus!!

2018 Stars and Cards Guide will help you stay on track with the soul work you know you are better for making time for, while keeping you focused on the questions and themes you know you need to keep exploring!

This guide will:

  • Save you hours of reading and research as it has all the relevant astrological influences for 2018.
  • Keep you centered and flowing with the monthly worksheets based on the influences at play.
  • Help you start your 2018 hero's journey off on the right foot and keep on focused on the journey ahead with advice from the Tarot and spirit guides!

You'll learn

  • 2018 is both a #2 year and a #11 year: This numerology quark means special things for 2018.  2018 is also an Earth year and the year of the Dog. You'll also find out those facts mean for you!
  • 2018 is a slower flowing year than last: Use the information in the guide to help you find the flow that will support your projects and manifestations, keeping in alignment with Divine Timing!
  • How you can navigate the High-vibe times in 2018, like the Eclipse seasons, retrogrades, and more: Knowing what influences will be present in 2018 can help us do the mind and heart set work that we need to do make the most of the year ahead of us! The two eclipse seasons in 2018 are going to be catalyst for great change in your life and in your world. Going into these periods with the right mind and heart set will help you move through your challenges without feeling like you got run over by the cosmic garbage truck!
  • Get a new sense of where Soul and the Universe might be showing you how to expand into your highest potential: Understand your karmic patterns and lessons, as well the lessons we learn from integrating shadow and healing our wounds, so that you have both a yearly a big picture perspective  and monthly guidance on what we are actually capable of doing in this here and now, and manifesting in our future. 

$15 value...for FREE!!



People rave about my teachings and sessions, so what's really holding you back?

Erika  Fairfield, Ca
Lindsay is fantastic!!! You should try her! Try her! Try her! Try her! You will see how fantastic she is!! Amazing reading! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! She is fast and answer all my questions with her cards!! I will be back for sure! She will help you a lot! No more searching for others! Finally I found a wonderful lady after a long search in other websites nonsense!! Thank God very very very much! I found you Lindsay!! I hope you have a great birthday celebration soon!! Take Care! God bless you always!! Big hug in your heart! I will see you soon!!


She was incredibly accurate with everything, getting the situation down perfectly, offering amazing advice as well. I have yet to know what will happen but everything she said was true so I have faith. Thank you, Lindsay!

Lindsay is wonderful in private! She is amazing at describing situation and people involved I totally and highly recommend her for private!

Helen, Singapore

What you said about being an empath has made me become brave to face my challenges. What you said about my dreams made me think clearly & it has opened a door for me to learn more about my gifts 😀

features of Dreamcasting class



6 Dreamcasting your year videos, over 4 hours of theory to lead you through learning to plan from spiritual center!

Over 2 hours of hints and tips to shift your mind and heart and rock your clarity and sense of direction!

Worksheet and workbooks

Yearly, seasonal, and daily planning sheets

Monthly workbook delivered to your inbox each month, with astrological insight and guidance built in!

Emotional clearing worksheet workbook

Dreamcatcher for the New Year worksheet

And more!


Unleash your Inner Priestess Daily Manifestation Meditation

Meditation for Release and Healing

Tap into your conscious creator

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How do I schedule my session(s)? Once payment is made I will get in touch with you (24-48 hours) to schedule the first appointment. All sessions will be over zoom, so you will be able to get on the call either through your computer or your phone. These sessions will be recorded so you can have them for future reference!
What if I need to reschedule? While I am a fairly flexible person, reschedules should be requested 24 hours before the session is set to begin. So if you find your week more crunched than you thought, just shoot me a message! I would rather you show up to your session present, ready, and not stressed for time so we can connect deeply.
What if I don’t like my sessions and want a refund? If we cannot work together I will certainly refund the money. But these can be deep sessions and might hit a nerve. If you aren’t ready to tap into your inner truths, then this isn’t the session for you.
How long are unused sessions good for? Unused sessions are good for 3 months. I will send reminders if you have a session that you can still schedule, but the main session and the follow up really should be taken fairly close together in time for best results.