Don’t fear failing

This is a part of my weekly power up series. This week we will be looking at some ideas and myths around failing.


Failing is one of my biggest fears. In some circumstances, I won’t even make a commitment to something if I think I won’t succeed in doing it. I won’t even try. I like to think that by giving into that fear that I am being cautious. I also tell myself that I should wait until the exact right circumstances come about, so I won’t have to be afraid of failing. I get caught up in the “I can’t do that” mentality all to easily. But I also know I am not alone!

Earlier this week, I put the question out there this week’s video, “If you were guaranteed not to fail, what would you do?” . I do realize this is a large question, and yes, I am asking to think a little larger than you might on a normal basis. For this week, you might only want to look at the top three or four things you believe you would like to do someday, in order to not overwhelm yourself with the “if” thinking.

With that one thing in mind that you love to try or do, I want you to think about what it means to fail at this one thing. Really take a minute or two and answer yourself these questions. If you are so willing to believe that you cannot do these thing that you want to do, then you should at least know why you believe you can’t. So, what would it be like to fail at this one thing? How could it happen? What would be the consequences?



Now stop, and take a good look at those answers. How much of what you just said was based on your past experiences? How much of those answers were based on your best guess?

Guess what…

Neither one of the frames of reference, the past and guessing, are accurate. They may not be the reality of what will happen. I know that doesn’t make all your hesitation instantly go away. And logically, we can say in just about every situation, well, maybe the past won’t repeat itself. I’m NOT asking you here to ignore your instincts or stuff your fears away though. I’m going to ask you one more question.

Would you still fail if you had the chance to prepare yourself for some the obstacles or challenges are afraid of? Remember, you owe it to yourself to answer yourself!

Now, if that question made some of those “can’t” beliefs begin to melt, then now is the time to look at coaching! If you are suddenly thinking maybe some of those dream or wishes aren’t quite as impossible as you first believed, then book an Intuitive coaching session with me!


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