Fear and Intuition, two expressions of guidance

Without going into into a lot woo woo talk, I want to say that I feel that intuition and fear are two sides of the same coin…perhaps even the same side. Last week I started a series about the top 4 blocks to intuition. I began with a rather “out there” idea of what intuition is. But … Read more Fear and Intuition, two expressions of guidance

Am I an Empath?

When my friend Miffy said I was an Empath, my natural skepticism kicked in.  I never considered myself a people person, there were days when I would have been happy to have been tucked away on a deserted uncharted island just to be away from the drama and heartache that people carried around and like … Read more Am I an Empath?

The top 3 things that stop you from feeling positive and high vibe

Feeling positive is like flexing a muscle, especially if you have been feeling down. Many believe that positive just isn’t something they can do, and if it’s like flexing a muscle, then they don’t have the muscle. Others are in perpetual Eeyore state, the minute there appears there could be a silver lining, something awful … Read more The top 3 things that stop you from feeling positive and high vibe

Staying grounded in a whirlwind of inspiration


Whether you call them downloads, hits, or inspiration, it can be tough to stay grounded and centered when in the middle of psychic receiving. When I started with my first intuitive coach, I had asked her “How can you not want to run towards that beauty, towards those amazing feelings?” I feel like for most of my life I had been chasing them, even trying to force them at times.

Don’t forget to check out my video tip on staying grounded in the whirlwind of inspiration!

But my coach asked me…

Where is there to run to? Isn't it all inspiration there within you already? Click To Tweet

It was at that point that I began to feel my resistance to coming to center, and the sacred stillness there begin to melt. All that inspiration was always here, just waiting for me to still enough, centered enough, receptive enough to receive it. It had been me that had been doing the running, chasing, pushing, not the wisdom.

It was at that point I knew the importance of the dance we do in our creative and intuitive processes, of opening and then grounding, rinse and repeat in order to gain greater clarity into the wisdom that is there for us to receive.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you if it seems like these flow stop and start on their own. We tend to lose sight of the fact that these things are cyclical, ebbing and flowing. Yet we can come into a greater understanding of these flows, so we know how and when to best to tap them, without having to push, contrive, or otherwise manipulate our flows. The goal here should be a harmonious process that we can tap when we need to, being a willing participant in the ebbs and flows.

Dealing with high energies like eclipses and retrogrades

Dealing with high energies like eclipses and retrogrades

  With the high energies from this last week, like many other sensitives out there, I just couldn’t seem to get a grip on myself. Old issues, old words, judgments against myself swirled through my head day and night. And for no particular cause and effect reason. And I was utterly exhausted from the tumultuous … Read more Dealing with high energies like eclipses and retrogrades

Letting go of negative thought

letting go negative thought

Today I am all tripped and triggered with negative thought. Old stories, repeating patterns of hurt keep cycling through my mind and being. It still amazes me how quickly the body reacts to perceived stress. In an instant my shoulders are pulled up to my ears. My stomach is rumbling like I’m about to go … Read more Letting go of negative thought

Divinely Aligned Vlog: March 8th why high energies might not feel so good

So what’s important about today and today’s message, well it’s one of those high energy days. It’s coming into a super new moon, we’re coming into eclipse energy, and we’re having a master day today. And what all those high energies, you would expect to be feeling pretty darn good, right?

How to Stop Absorbing negativity

How to stop absorbing negativity

My whole approach to psychic self-defense is a bit inside out from what you might used to hearing.  While most sources will say that you need to begin building shields and incorporating filters into your energy system in order to win the battle against negativity, I think shields and filter are more detrimental to our … Read more How to Stop Absorbing negativity

How do I shield? I don’t. Here’s why.

As I lurk around the cybersphere in groups and in conversations with friends the topic of shields and protection almost always seems to comes up. Now this may sound radical and counter-intuitive but the more I fully live from my core and my soul Divine connection, the more I see we don’t need to shield. … Read more How do I shield? I don’t. Here’s why.

Is your Devotion and Practice joyful?

Devotion hadn’t been something I ever felt comfortable with. I’ve always thought of myself as free spirit. And devotion felt like an imposed structure. It felt blind, rigid, and stressful. It also felt like something I would do when I was on some kind of high, but probably wouldn’t make a whole bunch of sense … Read more Is your Devotion and Practice joyful?

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