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2019 Early Fall Witchy Fashion

The Morrigan’s necklace: Sculpted crow skull on shell beaded with hematite and obsidian The 2 inch long sculpted crow skull rests on an iridescent shell pendant, evoking dark magick on a full moon! The chain is a 3 strand hand-beaded with hematite and obsidian and tons of sparkle to stand out against a dark top … Read more2019 Early Fall Witchy Fashion

2019 Summer Witchy ritual look

Click the images below to purchase each classic piece of witchy wardrobe. AURIC DEFENDER: KYANITE CHAKRA NECKLACE This eyecatcher is the perfect gift the healer in your life! The 2 inch long Kyante and quartz blade is wrapped with quartz, amethyst, sodalite, citrine, carnelian, and hematite beads! The gorgeous periwinkle and purple beaded necklace is … Read more2019 Summer Witchy ritual look

Summer 2019 Witchy Wear

2019 summer witchy look fashion

Click the pictures below to purchase these witchy fashion basics! Auric Defender OBSIDIAN FLUORITE AND AMETHYST Black cotton dress Book of spells handbag Galaxy Chiffon Scarf Can be either shawl, cover up, head scarf, or bracelet. Black open-toed, open heeled lace-up back heels A magickal mix and match witchy outfit for any occasion! Every witchy … Read moreSummer 2019 Witchy Wear

May Cause Miracles Day 2: Become Willing

I am willing, even if I experience fear as well. One challenge I currently have is that I cannot fully envision where I want to go, what my goals would really be like at the end. So the idea of being willing to change as a blanket statement triggers more than a little fear in … Read moreMay Cause Miracles Day 2: Become Willing

May Cause Miracles: Day 1 Witnessing Fear

Today’s reading is all about learning to get comfortable and courageous so that we can willingly witness our fear and the effects of our fear in our lives. For me most fears boil down to feelings of not enoughness or unworthiness. All my choices from how I approach making dinner (settling for something I’m not … Read moreMay Cause Miracles: Day 1 Witnessing Fear

Weekly Guidance for Week of May 9th, 2016

Field of Dreams #21 , The Enchanted Map Deck Guidance tells me this is an amazing card to get the week that Jupiter goes direct this year. The Field of Dreams, along with Jupiter finally running in the right direction (at least from our perspective) are clear signs to start planting and cultivating the seeds … Read moreWeekly Guidance for Week of May 9th, 2016

Growing roots into your longing

root into longing

I don’t often think of growing in terms of difficulty, but I found that phrase on Danielle LaPorte’s site today and it felt good. It felt like relief. Like I could breath again. A sense that while my small bud is struggling to grow roots right now into a direction in my garden I had yet to claim, that over time, strength will grow. Over time I will find that underground water source and be able to support my own flourishing.

It reminded me that the pain today, was a growing pain.  A temporary thing.  That tomorrow’s pain will be thing of the past as well, because I will have grown that much more

So today I will take small step and enjoy the process, because I will only be here once, in this spot, in this time, making these choices. That has been my gift today.

Jim Carey and Super Secret Powers

One of my friends shared this video with me, because it reminded of my own work and words. So here’s a little Super Secret Power talk from Jim Carey during a graduation speech at Maharishi University of Management. The school promotes consciousness-based education, and it reflects in his speech. But sit back, the video is … Read moreJim Carey and Super Secret Powers

6 must do’s to keep your relationship amazing!

How’s your relationship with your partner? Not as exciting anymore? Going through a rough patch? Or one of may rough patches? Maybe you drifted apart, or maybe you’re just afraid of those things happening your relationship. Here are the 6 must do’s for keeping your relationship amazing! Out of all the things on our essential … Read more6 must do’s to keep your relationship amazing!

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