30 Positive things you can do to change your life

30 positive things you can do to change your lifeAs I was browsing around today, I found an article espousing 30, seemingly simple, Positive things anyone can do to change their life. But the more I read, and perhaps I’m feeling a little under-powered today, the more I thought, “Well, that’s easy for her to say!”

You can take a look at the original article–30 Positive things you can do to change your life by Lindsay Davis found on projecteve.com

While the author was really just making a statement based a lot of really good advice, I couldn’t help but feel a little overwhelmed and maybe a little defensive about the scope of some of these seeming simple life changes. But if I’m feeling that way, I am 100% certain that I’m not alone. And then it struck me, isn’t that feeling whole idea behind coaching? A lot of us are looking for ways to make life easier, more fulfilling, more power-filled, more passionate, and I think we all have some ideas about how it’s supposed to be done. But then why does it never seem to happen?

Coaching does not just focus on the general idea of how to make change. Coaching focuses on how to make plans and keep them, so that you are moving toward the thing or feeling you desire, and it’s usually doing some from the practical point of view of someone who is walking the same road.

So for all those, who would look at a list like this and scoff, I hear you!

I did feel the same way. But that was before I understood a few things about how a list can be read practically, rather than preachy.

Each of the things on this list, is topic that a coach will help you look at from your personal point of view, to see there can be any tuning, honing, and revamping required. A list like this is an outline, it’s a checklist of things to consider. I think it can be harmful to take a list like this any other way, as it can easily be interpreted as a list of could have, would have, should have…which just a mean thing to do to yourself. A coach is going to help you make these topics real, practical, and achievable, beyond general good advice from someone how is trying to achieve something similar for themselves.

[color-box]Here is the list of the positive things Lindsay Davis mentioned in her article, remember, think of these as a checklist of things a coaching would help you examine and comes with a plan for, if needed:

  •  Start spending the time with the RIGHT people
  • Start facing your problems
  • Start being honest with yourself
  • Put your own needs on the front burner
  • Be yourself
  • Live in the moment
  • Feel free to fail
  • Practice self-forgiveness
  • Look to yourself for happiness
  • Get moving
  • Believe you are ready now
  • Get involved in healthy relationships for the right reasons
  • Be open to new relationships even if old ones didn’t work
  • Compete with yourself
  • Be inspired instead of green eyed
  • Get off the pity pot
  • Let go go grudges
  • Rise to the level you deserve
  • Follow your heart
  • Give yourself a break
  •  See the beauty in the small moments
  • Accept your imperfections
  • Be extraordinary
  • Be real
  • Take responsibility
  • Keep your focus on the important people who matter
  • Chill out
  • Focus on what you want to happen
  • Be grateful[/color-box]

If you want to build a real plan to change your life, then


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