3 Videos you shouldn’t miss on relationships and love

tumblr_m2zpn62ETo1r4qf24o1_500Relationships and love are often tricky and can get complicated real quick, here are some videos about love and relationships to help keep things steady and healthy!


I normally don’t like couple’s or relationship programs that teach audiences that they never knew how to talk to their partners or spouses.  We all know. We all know how to talk to the people we love. But sometimes things get muddled, sometimes we aren’t clear.  I found this video insightful, not because it’s another video trying to teach women how to speak to men. But rather because this author comes from an energetically holistic perspective and he speak to talking to your loved ones, from what you already know they do, think, and feel. Here’s a couple tips to get your guy more connected to you by Cracking the Man Code!

Here’s a sweet take on active listening by one my fav REAL gal’s, Marie Forleo.

Not everyone exudes charisma and excitement, it’s the message that is important. This couple knows what they are talking about when it comes to love, and that has great impact. Healing for and through love is one of the most important choices we can make for ourselves, he’s what Shannon and Scott Peck, from the Love Center, have to say about healing hurt, past or present, through love!

I hope you got something out of these videos, I know I did. No one is always an expert in love. We all get hung up sometimes, we all get hurt sometimes. But what matters in the end is how we get back to choosing love! If you find a video, article, or other nifty resource about relationships, submit to me! If you it helped you, it might be able to help someone else!