Do you need to improve your grounding practices?

Do you need to improve your grounding practices?

To be honest, when I start these article series, I don’t usually know exactly where they will lead me. This installment in my series of grounding is really no different. And I think what happens in my creative process is that I am I actually following guidance and then learning how to ground and manifest that guidance.

As I lurk around the internet I hear a lot of talk about how to improve your intuitive or psychic skills, as if they were a tool one could sharpen or a physical exercise you could perfect. I have rarely found this to be the case in my own development. Sure there are things one can do to refine their intuitive process, like figuring out how best to record your hits when you’re getting them and learning to be really really objective about exactly what you got (not just the story or interpretation of it). But the real mastery work comes in mastering the relationship between soul and vessel. And before the fear voice takes hold, I do want to say that this needs to be a holistic and balanced relationship. It’s not about turning off your emotions to be enlightened or denying what you are feeling. Your feelings are every bit a piece of guidance as your intuitive hits are.

Feelings are earth plane intuitive hits rather than Divine Love hits.  They are essential to the grounding process.

Feelings are earth plane intuitive hits rather than Divine Love hits. They are essential to the grounding process. Click To Tweet


In the last post I mentioned a concept I got from Caroline Myss’ “Anatomy of the Spirit“, below you’ll see my riff on this idea. When Guidance comes to us, it needs to travel through our body, both the physical and the energetic (it’s all one system, right?) in order to manifest. As we ground guidance, each energy point in our body is a gateway through which we test the piece of guidance to see if it’s even an option.



Grounding guidance through your body

My take on the process of grounding guidance or Divine Love, is this:

  • From Crown to root chakra we go through the process of beginning to believe this potential is within us and that it is possible, even necessary.
  • When the personalized Divine Love is brought into Earth it takes on more concrete energy, and a special kind of energy that will help give it weight and resonance in the physical world.
  • We take this transformed energy back into us, we can begin to see and understand the greater ramifications of giving birth in the physical world to such an idea, vision, or mission.
  • As this seed of destiny passes through each chakra on the way back up to birthing into our world, we begin to embody the energies needed for this task more and more. Each gateway will bring different healings/integrations/attunements to our sense of wholeness with this new version of us.
  • We when guidance is finally birthed in this world we are in a state of grace with the Divine. Clear, calm, fulfilled, but also ready to take on more guidance…perhaps even a bigger vision (because we’ve cleaned and cleared our energies and raised our vibe through the process of birthing guidance).



But sometimes we get stuck or stall in this process. Looking at the infographic above and thinking of my own guidance that is waiting to see if it will be birthed, I can tell you what at test I am stuck. I need to do more work with my lower chakras, aligning my senses of safety, pleasure, and personal will with my big vision.

Not all guidance will be brought to this world in this way. There are times when guidance enters my system, not to be birthed in and of itself, but to help raise my vibe in a certain way to help the bigger guidance move through my system. It’s like getting Divine course correction. Each attitude, mood, or feeling I am experiencing is then extremely important guidance. My feelings guide me to know what kind of work I should be doing with my energy and mindset in order to birth or manifest my vision or dream. In my example, I have to do a lot of work to release my fears and blocks about becoming overrun with stress and responsibility (becoming so uncentered I need to stop and rest) which are giving my lower chakra some trouble. But, of course, the Universe always has my back, and I can think of some present circumstances that are definitely going to help me work on some of those blocks!

Take a body test with me!

Take ten minutes or so and get into a quiet place. Let your mind and body relax and then evoke the energies of the last real big piece of guidance you got, but seem stuck with. Just sit quietly giving yourself love and observing what is going on your body when you think of this dream or vision you were given.

  • What place in your body are giving you feelings and sensations?
  • What energy centers seems to be growing or shrinking?
  • What fears or hurts come to mind? Where are those feelings located in your body?
  • What parts of your body are tense?


Have questions or need help with this level of work?

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How does grounding work?

how does grounding work

As we are coming into the next part of our grounding series, I want to point out that my ideas about grounding are not average, nor traditional. I would like to this of my ideas as the next step, or advanced grounding. According to most traditional sources grounding is the co-mingling of our energy with the Earth, which help to relieve stress, anxiety, energy overload, and to keep us balanced between Earth and Heavenly energies. If we become too airy, too full of exuberance, thoughts, inspiration, we are told to ground those energies out and maintain balance and equilibrium.

But this isn’t exactly what I’m finding in my own explorations of grounding from a space of embodied soul. I want take a closer look at the mechanics of what seems to be happening from my perspective. My first step is to center. And if you haven’t read anything else by me, you can see my take on centering here.

To sum up it up though, for me centering is allowing Soul back into body, to be in holistically in alignment, so that our natural power, Wisdom, Love, and Presence can flow freely. Infrequently does this happen without some adjustments and energy work. I literally loosen up any dark or slower moving places within me, find the root, love up the root, and with love, raise the vibe in those denser energy places so they mostly in sync with everything else. Looking at what I just said though, it implies I am adding different qualities of love to my being just to steady things out. Centering is what steadies my being out. Not grounding.

Once I’m steadily flowing, then I ground. I take the Divine energies (some I had to consciously apply, others I woke up experiencing), which have now co-mingled with my bodily energies, and I allow it flow to that sweet spot at the center of the Earth. As the energies co-mingle with the Earth energies they begin to take on weight and substance. I experience that a certain quality of energy is added to the mix which allows these energies to acquire a more Earthly form…something that can actually create ripple through our reality. I don’t necessarily know the form it will take, speech, writing, organization. But these energies somehow become more real and part of my reality once they have been Earthed. At this point they come back up in my vessel, ready to be used.

But now hold a minute…


I didn’t give my energy to Earth, not unless I specifically thought to bless it. When I took energies into Earth, Earth didn’t just strip away the energy or it’s intention. In fact, it seemed to refine it and give it more umph. So…Earth added energy to the mix. This isn’t exactly what tradition explains how grounding should go. While traditional knowledge doesn’t give me much help here, my mind does recall someone else talking about this.

Carolyn Myss, famed New Age healing guru, explained this exact scenario in the “Anatomy of Spirit” as the process of manifesting our Divine Works on the Earthly Plane. In fact, in that book she charts out the course Divine Energy takes through our chakras to become grounded and ultimately manifest!!! Okay, more on that next week, in my future blog of “How to Improve you grounding practices”.

Grounding isn’t just connecting with the Earth, it’s an essential step in the manifestation process. 

Grounding isn't just connecting with the Earth, it's an essential step in the manifestation process. Click To Tweet

This is is HUGE!!

When I add Divine energy to my own, and then ground it, I am manifesting the qualities of love I intuited I needed…the world needed. I am literally grounding my own reality. By extension, every time I center and ground, I am also choosing a new future, a future where I have everything I need.


grouding is manifestation: the universe is responding to who you think you are

Trippy, right?

What I do know about these energies, is that we are their host, partners in crime, so to speak. But they are not really personal to us. This is our personal method of tapping into something greater than us. The more each of us ground the energies we need to feel well and whole, the more reality changes, and more of these energies will be available on this plane. The more in oneness we have the ability to become. I’ll make no guess as to how that will exactly be. I’m not even sure it’s healthy to guess at such things. All I really know is that coming into Oneness, grounding these energies, feels good. For the longest time I didn’t think feeling good like that on a daily basis was possible.

Grounding is one of the essential practices of manifesting Heaven on Earth, or at least our own personal Heavens. No external world changes happen without first centering and grounding a high vibe within our personal sphere of influence and reality. For me, the easiest, path of least resistance method, of making all that happen is through feeling. Centering and grounding feels amazing to me, it changes my reality for the better because it leaves me feeling so good I just want to keep doing it.

Let me know in the comments, lovely lightworker:

What feeling states do you need to manifest?

What do you think would feel so good, you wouldn’t want to stop feeling that way?

How would being in that feeling state change your reality?



OMG!! My YL essential oils kit is here!!

2015-10-27 14.59.06

My Young Living Essential Oil Starter kit is here!! Up until today I had just a few samples from my friend who is a Young Living distributor and customer. About a week and half ago we decided it would be utterly fantastic to do the essential oils biz together and I sat very impatiently waiting for my own kit to arrive. She and I are both into wellness and spirituality. Andrea, my friend, is more into the all natural and life improvement aspects, and while I certainly support that in anyone’s life, I love how versatile the products are. Using essential oil is definitely a way to make a statement about one’s commitment to natural health and home life, but everything I’ve heard about and witnessed from the Young Living products lead me to believe Young Living has to be one of the most high vibration life-affirming businesses out there. It reminds of how Bach Flower remedies are made, waiting for the peak time to harvest, assuring that everything is done from planting to consumption to keep the potency and life-force of the plant essence alive. And because it’s plant based there is almost no end to the ways in which you can use them in your life.

Enough about that though, I could talk forever about high vibe supplements and helpers (plants, crystals, and so forth).  The box arrived and settled down to unpack everything. I’ll start with my starter kit. It came in a pretty box that made me think my kit was the most special thing on Earth. It feels like a little treasure chest of wellness and goodness.  There are two layers to the box, the top contains the majority of my oils, the bottom had mostly the business starter set with samples, give-away cards, little bottles to give people oils of your to try. The whole concept around the box is about trying and sharing, so that’s just what I did. I tried out Purification in my new diffuser, and I didn’t even need to use the whole recipe to make the whole living smell and feel wonderful!
2015-10-27 14.55.01

Then I moved on to playing with and smelling each of the oils themselves. As I sat with my product information card and the adorable bottles, I began to see the potential. My crafty, tinker gnome mind went into overdrive as I realized all the ways I could use these oils. I began to wonder how I get ALL of the oils Young Living sells. The beautiful part is that there is no gimmick. No fancy-schamcy way to sell these beauties or even make them useful. Each of those bottles feels like a needed friend, like the way I feel about my stash of crystals and my BFF’s. Once you experience what these oils can do for you, you’ll get it. You’ll want your own little treasure chest of oily goodness.

And I didn’t even mention the cost value of the kit. I paid $160 for my box and the diffuser…and that was $160 to start selling these oils too, not just for the kit itself. That’s a good deal in today’s MLM market itself, I’ve heard some starter kits going for way way way more. But that’s also the price for a chest full of wellness supporting supplements that my body will LOVE! Sure the bottles look little, but when you’re only using a drop or two at a time, the cost doesn’t feel like an issue because they are effective AND they last. There are quite a few options for getting a starter kit too, the basic starter kit, with no diffuser, no other health

And a side note, these essential oils are super concentrated, you really only need a few drops. While I was waiting for my kit, I had used the sample of peppermint oil in my coffee one day….WOWZERS was it strong. My whole family smelled peppermint for the next four hours, which is not necessarily a bad thing, just way too much for one cup of coffee. I could have used half, maybe less than the little sample provided!

Value: priceless!!

Quality: priceless!

My wellbeing: priceless!

If you’re interested in selling and using these oils yourself, get a starter kit!

If you don’t care about selling, but really want to get into essential oils and their benefits, get a starter kit!

Click on the graphic below and then navigate to the home-based business opportunity section!

I want my own kit! copy

If you need help getting signed up or selecting a kit, contact me!!

Ask Intuitive Coach Lindsay Webisode #2: What’s Shielding


Have you mastered shielding and protecting yourself?

Don’t worry you’re not alone! It took me years to figure out an effective way to shield for myself. I had tried all the books and meditations, but I still didn’t get it and I didn’t get why I was always feeling so stuck and bottled up! Did you know shielding and being stuck can be related?

Take a listen to this quick webisode of “Ask Intuitive Coach Lindsay” to find out something about shielding you might not have know before!


Tools and tips for staying in the state of Radiance

This week’s power-ups are going to take a in depth look at radiance, the foundation of your power and desire machine, your positive energy practices! But filling up your power and guidance core is more than just filling your life with self-help tools or techniques for relaxation and meditation. It’s about making time in your day to check in with yourself to see where you are and where you want to be.

We’ve been talking about Radiance, we have naturally also been talking about energy and the law of attraction. Today’s post has some tools and tips to understanding, getting to, and maintaining that state of radiance in your life.

Here’s a little video (a little over 8 minutes) all about the whole concept, in case you need a bit of a primer on the whole concept:


While I do think that meditations alone or affirmations won’t keep you in a state of radiance, your chakras are natural points for radiance in your body and energy systems. It would be remiss of me not to point out that working with your chakra during an exploration of your desires, radiance, and power would be helpful.  After following along with this visual and audio meditation ask yourself: What do I desire to give the world? What do I want for myself and my family and friends? What will allow me realize my wholeness and oneness?


Once you know what you have to do to fill up your system, you have to consider maintenance!

Take a look at this article for how to maintain and clean our your power and guidance core, your SSP fuel system!

Super Secret Powers fuel tank

Your power and guidance core, The Super Secret Powers Fueling system


If you want to commit to a radiant life, to shine forth your light into the world, I would love to help you on your journey! Book an Intuitive life coaching session to make that commitment to yourself!



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Staying in the state of radiance– a quick planning tool


Take an in depth look at radiance, the foundation of your power and desire machine, your positive energy practices! But filling up your power and guidance core is more than just filling your life with self-help tools or techniques for relaxation and meditation. It’s about making time in your day to check in with yourself to see where you are and where you want to be.

The law of attraction tells us that what we put out into the universe is what comes back to us. If we radiate compassionate, powerful energies, then that is what will be attracted into our lives. If we hold on to our wounds and our helplessness, then that is what will be attracted into our lives. The easiest way to change our lives, is to change our energy. There is no logical or true reason why to stay under-powered, to stay feeling crappy. Everyday, in large and small ways, we need to choose higher states of vibration, stronger, clearer emotions to stay in. You have to be in touch with and feeding what you truly and honestly desire. You have to build your core power and guidance systems and rituals.


Before you can begin to change your energies, before you can even begin to start attracting new and more healthy things into our lives, we need to take a good long look at what energies we are currently holding. Remember, energy is holistic and holographic, so you need to think about this for every level of your of life. If you haven’t done so already, review the power-ups on powerful living and even think about taking the Super Spring Cleaning Challenge, even if it’s not spring anymore.

Powerful living index

Super Spring Cleaning Challenge


Once you have idea of what might need to change, take a look at the desire power-up page and do the desire worksheet. The Desire worksheet, or maybe play-sheet, will help put you in touch with what matter most to you, what makes you radiate, long, and ache. These feeling need to be the foundation for your life vision or plan. This worksheet will serve as the jumping off point for the rest of your life vision planning.

Desire index

Desire worksheet


If you need any planning and goal setting help, book an Intuitive Life Coaching session today!

Be truly positive, not fake positive…it’s not what you think!

farfallaThis week’s power-ups are going to take a in depth look at radiance, the foundation of your power and desire machine, your positive energy practices! But filling up your power and guidance core is more than just filling your life with self-help tools or techniques for relaxation and meditation. It’s about making time in your day to check in with yourself to see where you are and where you want to be.

But it is about faking it until you make it?  Hell, no!!

Okay, a fake positive person is someone who is struggling hard to fake it till they make it to the land of happy, all positive feelings. They are secretly threatened by other people’s happiness, no matter the face or act they put on to the outside world. They are secretly self-loathing and desperately trying to “fix” what is wrong with them with affirmations, meditations, and self-help.


But God doesn’t make junk, as my mom told me. The Divine didn’t make half formed, broken people. The Divine made souls, gorgeous, beautiful souls of light and energy and power and love. We cannot fully see this in our imperfect mortal world and shell. We think we are our bodies or our minds, or our emotions. But we are that spark, driving force behind the biological mechanisms. We are our souls, which have for this moment in time, been melding into a physical form. And we long, we ache for what we remember of that Divine presence from which we came, because we believe that by being here on this plane, we are somehow separated from it. But we aren’t. We are the hands and hearts of the Divine in this here and now. We are, by and large, the presence of the Divine on Earth.


1484646_665108433556610_6663025174905411226_nBeing positive isn’t about platitudes, it’s about how you feel deep down inside and allowing that to radiate out. It’s about attempting to know a part of that Divine self that we all have. It’s about finding our power, whether it the power of love, the power of transformation, or the power of honesty (or any other power) in order to keep our relationships untangled and to continue to grow…to evolve. It’s about following our deep and truest desires and feelings for ourselves, our families, our communities, our world, because they are messages from the Divine to ourselves and the world.


Affirmations are just saying or truths we repeat to make ourselves believe something. They are prayers, they are spells, they are intentions we raise up, empower, and send out into the universe. Without our feelings and emotions; They become fruitless words, hard self-recriminations. Without dancing with, building a relationship with, or living with those messy, confusing, and sometimes torturous feelings and desires, we begin cause ourselves undue pain and suffering. You need to build up the positive within you, you need to feed those positive power cells to have a reserve, flex those positive emotional muscles to build up some muscle memory. You need to build a positive emotional practice to help sustain your center in your Divine desirous radiating state of being.


Get in touch with it, review this month’s material, as you are most likely experiencing low self esteem or confidence about something.

Powerful living power-up index

Desire power-up index

And then start build your power and guidance core.


self-loveSome tips for building your power and guidance core:


  • Be holistic: We’re looking for positive things for your mind, body, emotions, AND soul/energy. What makes you feel centered in your life, what makes you feel powerful?
  • Be creatively practical: our daily routine can easily become humdrum and stale, which mean our energy will stagnate. Energy may be “frozen” into a form, but it’s always moving, vibrating, and cycling. Leave room in your routines to spice things up a bit, put a new twist on things. Plan for those changes to keep it fresh. Make an entry in your calendar every two or three weeks to review your routines and get in touch with how you want to feel and see where you can make some tune-ups to how you rock your groove.
  • Don’t be deluded into trying big changes over a short amount of time. Plan for small changes over a longer period of time. Play with your options and pay attention to the results in how you feel. Shoot for 5% better each goal period.
  • Every evening ask yourself if you loved enough, laughed enough, and made a difference that day, and adjust as needed.
  • Every morning ask yourself how you feel AND want to feel that day, and aim for how you want to feel.
  • Take a mid-day breather and check in with yourself, how are you feeling and what would make the day for you if you could tap into that feeling?


Building up your ability to radiate should be a process that feels amazing, keep that your focus. But if you are struggling with any of this material and need more guidance, some brainstorming, or even a push, then book an Intuitive life coaching session, which is free for a limited time, so we can talk about it!

I believe in you!

I believe in the radiance of your soul and energy!


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