Weekly Guidance: September 10th, 2017: Listen for spirit on a deeper level

weekly guidance sept 1017 listen for spirit on a deeper level

This week the planets are going to be giving us a bit of refresher on all the insights about who want to become and where we want to go that came to us during the Eclipse season. We are still in the shadow of Merc. retro so this isn't a perfectly green light situation, this is more a "get, get set...." week, where we further align to those new possibilities. 

The cards Coventina, Love without Condition, 7 of pents, reminds us of the bigger work that needs to come forward this week. With so much tragedy, trauma and drama this past week we all need to give ourselves and others space to release and recover.  Create sacred time and space can help people do just that. Even if it's simply dedicating a little more time this week to really deeply listening to someone while they do some releasing, we can still keep it sacred for ourselves by honoring our role as witness to those who are in suffering.

And, of course, when two or more are gathered, the magick of Spirit is present and greater healing can occur. 

This weekend is looking like a blissful balm to these past few weeks, so take advantage of the energies coming through this week. Stop and listen and love what you are hearing!

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Stars and cards weekly reading for 9-11-17

Some crystals to help you focus your energy this week could be:

Aquamarine (for clarity and soothing feelings),

Carnelian (to bring us into our joy and one-ness),

Fluorite (to help you strengthen your spirit "listening" and open your channels more).


Useful internal work for the week:

Gratitude. In the midst of all the clean up and settling out from the hurricanes, earthquakes, and other chaos this week is an excellent time to give BIG thanks for simply being alive, having homes or safe places to be, and for the chance to make things better. 

Taking inspired action this week, could well be in-line with the theme of this month, blossoming. With so much help needed in the world and especially the US right now, we could very well easily find a way to serve that is greatly fulfilling and serving the greater good. Pay attention to how you feel called to help this week!



Cards drawn for this week:

Coventina: Purification: It's time for cleaning and detoxification of your body and mind.

Love without condition


7 of pentacles

Thought of the week

Listen for Spirit on a deeper level!

Listen for Spirit on a deeper level! Click To Tweet

What does this mean for the lightworker Soulpreneur, the biz goddess?


This might be a week for:

  • Increasing your visibility through pro bono or free work.
  • Holding the light so we can see more just, fair, and balanced ways to help and help people heal from tragedy.
  • Doubling your self care, maybe tripling. There are going to be a lot of feels this week in the collective, A LOT. In addition to the people we come in direct or online contact with. Take care and let your heart lead, but do keep choosing peace and comfort for yourself and others this week.
  • Finding smarter ways to help more people. There is going to be a lot of people in need of help this week, and we can't help everyone, get burned out, and crash. We have to find ways to helping more people, more easily. If you can't help someone, try to tap other lightworkers who might have some empty slots! Getting people the help they need is what is important, not who helps them or putting them on your waiting list.

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listen for spirit on a deeper level



Weekly Guidance: Oct 3rd: Love in action

Weekly guidance oct 3rd Love in action


On behalf of the Divine and all the guardians and guides, love, this week I ask you to not take things personally!!

This is going to be a week where we will confront a lot of shadow work revolving around our relationships and our self-worth. Depending on what blocks and strange flows you have in your reality and energy system, it might seem like a week of fighting, a week of having your value challenged, or a week where doing your normal routine of getting out there won’t seem enough. This is the Universe trying to send you a message, but it’s not a message about why you deserve to fail. Instead, it’s a message of where you need to apply copious amounts of self-love and compassion. Now that we have that cleared up, I also want to say that what will come up this week is also meant to change our thinking.

I didn’t say to rethink your commitment. We’ve worked really hard over the last two month to hone and clarify what we are committed to. Venus and Mars are going to showing us the areas that need to be brought into alignment so that our commitment to our work and higher purpose can flow even stronger. This isn’t’ a test either. It’s a week where the energies are going to give the direct consequences and result that our thinking is producing. In each moment and exchange, we have the ability to create the reality we want. It’s a matter of changing our thinking around “obstacles”.

This week, we need to heed the internal compass we have been building up over the eclipse season. This internal compass is the vision or sense of how things are supposed to feel. If reality isn’t measuring up to what you envisioned, then it’s time to change your thinking around what you are doing. If you experience this, it’s time to dig a little deeper into our expectations of ourselves and others. Quality of mind and the emotion we put behind our efforts is the real key to our manifestation. We need to be centered enough to hold our center and come from an already incredible place. We cannot wait until something or some time is more perfect. We need to keep our desired feelings in the forefront of our mind and create reality from there. The quality of our thinking defines our success, and this week will provide opportunities to see where we need to change the quality of our thinking. Use your dreams as the reference point for your internal compass.

So if this week, you get feeling a little insecure or worried. Stop. Don’t engage in triggered feelings. Instead get curious about how to shift your quality of mind, because you are most likely in a mental state isn’t going to serve you well.


Reflection for the week of Love in Action:

weekly guidance love in action are you in a quality of mind you can trust

Are you in a quality of mind you can trust? Click To Tweet

Signs you might be an intuitive

Signs you might be an intuitive

So, you’ve suspected you be an intuitive! Congratulations! Many don’t even make it that far for fear of being called crazy or worse. This is a highly personal journey, and eve if others can see it within you or that potential, much like the movie the Matrix, you are only “the one” if you believe you are…if you chose to accept that about yourself. And to further that, you don’t even need to identify with that label, simply recognizing that potential exists within you is enough to bring clarity and peace within.

For me, being intuitive is like being born with a set of high definition filters over your senses, and some senses are more sensitive than others. We are born to sense out more what is already really there, on an energetic level, than others are. Sometimes these filters can begin to develop on their own and sometimes, even if we are born with them, they can suddenly “open”. There are circumstances and times of the year when these sense can seem even more heightened, making it seem like, in the beginning of your journey, there is an off and on nature to these filters. Some circumstances that can heighten intuition are when our survival instincts kick in, when we seek to creatively solve a problem or challenging situation, or when we share our energy with others. Fear, extreme emotion, and pain can temporarily cloud our intuitive filters.

So if you are wondering if consistency is a key to identifying yourself as Intuitive, I say, it’s not. The fact that you can do any of these things or recognize some of the signs below in yourself is proof enough. If you were not intuitive the list below would seem quite foreign to you and you wouldn’t be able to relate to any of the experiences with any certainty.

Here are some of the experiences I look for when talking to people about their intuition:

  • Vivid Dreams
  • Knowing things you don’t how or why you know, flashes of insight, wisdom, or vision. Reading into books, and then not being able to find what you thought you read.
  • Reading people’s minds or emotions
  • Your gut or instincts are honed: warnings, signals, knowings when loved ones are hurt or in danger
  • You get flashes of insight, wisdom, or potential futures
  • Paranormal or spiritual experiences: visions, spirits, etc…
  • Highly creative or well developed imagination
  • Sensing illness in people and places
  • Feeling destined or called to be a healer, a detective, a reader, or a powerful leader/transformer
  • You have have thought or been told you were overly sensitive
  • You consider yourself highly spiritual, even if you cannot seem to agree with organized religion
  • You know when people are lying
  • Sensitivity to food and allergens, sometimes happening after adulthood
  • You have a thing about being honest and others being honest
  • You experience mood swings, going from ecstatic to down and back again for no real reason, or if you can identify a reason, it just seems as if you were only thinking.
  • Seeing or sensing auras, energy, or the moods of people or places, and how the shift
  • You have a habit of looking for the deeper, more meaningful layer of any situation
  • You noticed or have been told you are highly perceptive or observant of people, places, and details around you
  •  You experience a strong desire to heal or fix the things and people you see as wrong or broken
  • Loved ones, friends, even strangers come to you with their problems and trust you with their secrets


signs you might be intuitive


You know all this and the lessons behind intuitive mastery are yours when get you a sense of peace deep down, soul level peace when coming into knowing of this. Not necessarily when you THINK about it. Thinking is the domain of ego, and ego wants to keep us safe from past experiences and the unknown. There is certainly a great deal of “unknown” involved when first considering that you be tapping into intuition. So do you deep down feel a sense of peace, like this all makes sense, or even the knowing that you were meant to understand this all this time? Another way to know if you’re an intuitive, is if the idea of it scares the crap you of you!! Being in fear, means ego is reacting to some truth. Basically the only way you really know if intuition is what is not guiding you is if you don’t have any feeling about it whatsoever.

So what do you do if you think you are an intuitive?

If you feel you are intuitive, your next steps are simple, nothing to fear at all. Your next steps should be to observe yourself and make note of when you think you are receiving something. This is an important step in your evolution because you need to begin forming some ideas about your intuitive process and triggers. In this next stage, it’s important to reach for validation, so also find groups or people with whom you feel comfortable sharing your experiences and theories with!! That said, you an check out my groups, I have a Facebook group and a G+ group, you can find my public closed groups here: Groups link.


Be well, Loves, and trust your knowings!!

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