Weekly Stars and Cards Reading: September 25th, 2017: Invoke your destiny

weekly stars and cards: Invoke your destiny

Last week was action-filled, this week we can take a breather....thank the Gods!!

Happy Belated Mabon!!

The Goddess Sige comes forward this week to remind us to that sometimes quiet, silence, and stillness are needed in order to move forward and grow. Sige is aspect of the Divine that represents the cosmic void or cosmic egg, a space at the center of the heart of the Universe where everything and nothing exists and is possible. It's  space without duality or the tension that duality brings. Where everything has it's truth and existence while also not really meaning anything on it's own. It's a reflection that only in our One-ness are we complete and whole. This theme will come more prominent as we come to Thrusday when Pluto goes direct and we are finally able to stop rehashing all the old patterns that have kept our internal static blaring.

Once we only have Chiron, the healer, in retrograde, we're going to be able to finally release and move more freely. We'll be able to "Wash away your burdens" as the Messenger Oracle card suggests and enjoy the "Harvest" energies as the Green Witch tarot reminds us.

I don't know about you, but I am looking forward to some quietly flowing momentum. This past Eclipse season stirred up so much in my life, that I feel like I've been "winging it" for the past two months. I am really going to appreciate some ground time this week, the slower pace, and the dreams and intuitive high-tide that's coming beginning this week and into October!! The Enchanted map deck, reminds us to try and "Go with the Flow", as the Universe is really here to support us and will be listening closely to what we say we want and need this week!


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Stars and cards weekly reading for 9-11-17

Some crystals to help you focus your energy this week could be:

  • Aquamarine – this soothing crystal helps you to let go and move past anger, fear, old wounds and emotional patterns. It helps you to detach and clear the clutter within your mind, bringing clarity of the mind.
  • Citrine – this sunny stone helps you to develop a positive attitude. It encourages you to go with the flow and let go of anything from the past that is making you unhappy. It promotes the enjoyment of new things and experiences.
  • Smoky Quartz – this powerful crystal helps you to let go of old patterns and belief systems that are holding you back from achieving your full potential. It helps to release all the blocked, old and stagnant energy in your body. Once all of the old energy is removed, new energy is able to fill all the open space with light and hope.


Useful internal work for the week:


Getting real focused on what really matters to you and what role you want to play in your life situations: As we are transitioning into a sweeter energy we might have some rough points as the energy settles. But things are settling out, we will be able to make greater strides in our consistency and building a new routine. Use some of these transition days as practice how to you up-level your life! Speak what you actually, really need and want right now! The Universe is listening!



Cards drawn for this week:

Sige: Quiet time: Take some quiet time to reflect, meditate, and contemplate .

Ride the wave

Wash away your burdens

Harvest, Major arcana #20

Thought of the week

Invoke your Destiny!

Invoke your Destiny! Click To Tweet

What does this mean for the lightworker Soulpreneur, the biz goddess?


This might be a week for:

  • Setting a new tone or intention behind your work, and helping your clients do as well.
  • Releasing old patterns that don't serve you, weeding out your soul garden.
  • Re-cooperating. While the Eclipse and integration seasons might have left you feeling like you were run over by a truck, these next two weeks you can afford to take things a little slower and make sure things get done right.

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Invoke your destiny



Weekly Guidance: August 21st, 2017: Learn to embody higher energies

Learn to embody higher energies.


Happy Eclipse and New Moon!! 

The Moon card came forward this week to remind us to go inward.  Solar eclipses happen during New Moons, and new moons are all about release and integration of shadow. And it's new moon in Leo. So we're going to get bold, bold enough to confront our past and move through it. Bold enough to let go of things we never thought we would be to release because they formed such a strong lesson point in our lives. But even good lessons sometimes need to be let go, so that we can begin taking in new lessons and deeper lessons.

As we roll into Tuesday (some parts of the world will still be in Eclipse energy) we'll have a master day after our revelations. While master days are typically days where we are being asked to stand for ourselves and our work, we're still in Mercury retrograde. So this might be an excellent day to try something new or trying things in a new ways. It might well very be a day when you can let go some bad past experiences and try something that felt like "failure"  or "hurt" before with new eyes and heart.

The Messenger Oracle card, "Respect your Boundaries" and the Enchanted Map deck "Come together", show that while things might be lifting, we still need to make sure we are leaving ourselves the time and space to finish the inner shifts we have begun. That might include some extra alone time, daily practice "work", and making appointments with uplifting friends and peers for some planning and dreaming time. We are still in an energy of being able to experiment with different changes, but as Saturn goes direct over the weekend we'll come a point where we'll be able to make more solid choices. And once we are really able to get some momentum going, we can be more ready for meeting the world as it is again.

Vesta rounds the reading for the week. The message "Your household situation is improving, either through a move or a healthy change in the occupants." isn't entirely literal. While relationships, authority, and trust might have brought some issues to the home-front, this season hasn't had the "homey" energy that we had in June and at the beginning of the year. But the message is certainly poignant, in that life in general is going to improve and flow easier, as the week goes on, as we begin to integrate and get real with all the changes and shifts this eclipse has brought for you. 

Remember to take some time for embracing the sacredness of your life and this time of year!


And here's part 2


Cards drawn

Vesta: Your household situation is improving either through a move or a healthy change in the occupants.

Coming Together

The Moon

Respect your Boundaries

Thought of the week

Learn to embody higher energies.

Learn to embody higher energies. Click To Tweet

What does this mean for the intuitive biz Goddess?

This week should be geared toward things like:

  • Building some new or improved action plans with your clients.
  • Refreshing your marketing plans and opportunities to "get out there in the spotlight".
  • New product ideas or ways to serve your following might hit you out of the blue.
  • Since we're not out of Merc Retro yet, we still have two weeks to go, this is the time to make sure your clients are being realistic about their new plans, ideas, and changes. It's at time to help your clients research and experiment with trying new things out. Don't commit to action plans and huge investments of time and money now unless flexibility is part of the desire for the project or idea. If something more stable is desired, wait until after Merc goes direct in early September to solidify plans.

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Learn to embody higher energies.


Weekly Guidance: August 7th, 2017: Trust you are in the perfect place at the perfect time

Weekly reading

What's Rising within you?

As we're heading into the beginning of the Eclipses, today and tomorrow, we're having a bit of a release period. You might find yourself calling into question the big choices you made over the last 12 years, since 1999.  Knowing whether those choices were made from fear or from a place of personal empowerment, can really help get us into alignment with where we are headed. Understanding why you might have held on to something you should have let go of, gotten off track, or settled instead of shooting for more, will show us where we need more forgiveness around our sense of self. 

Take the next 48 hours to practice some forgiveness and gratitude, so we can facilitate the release and tune into the greater energy and message available in this time.  Try not to borrow drama, stress, or negativity. Instead sink in to soul and know that sometimes there are no easy answers, sometimes we just have to put one foot in front of other and know the Universe is rising to meet us each moment. 

And don't forget to baby yourself today. No matter what get stirred up, acting from a place of anger, upset-ness, frustration, or resentment isn't going to serve anyone. Let the realization of your triggered feelings sink in on another level, one that is going to inform you where you need to make better or more powerful personal choices. This week isn't about letting the fire consume you, but instead it's more about sorting stuff out, thinking of it in a new way, so we can bring ourselves into more soulful alignment over time. We've got a busy energy month, this August, so take it one feeling at a time!

Each moment we have during an Eclipse and retrograde season we are having for  a reason. It's not always some deep, life-altering kind of thing, sometimes it's as subtle as realizing you've been avoiding something, like sending a bill, and it's causing some flow issues for you. We can come to great clarity during these kinds of energies, because we are being pushed to take care of things we've been putting off or putting on the back burner.  Don't dread it. Have a little faith that it's coming up during this time, because now you are ready to take some action, make a decision, etc... to clear it up and get it off your plate.


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Weekly reading and guidance

For me, the personal freedom issues have been coming up and I find myself questioning whether I've been living as intentionally as I need to be, or not. But we can't let perfectionism or past regret shade our present moment. Those are illusions of the fear mind, ego. They would like to have us believe that if we do everything "just right" good things will happen, and if we fail to do things "just right" we'll struggle or get punished. It's time to move past this concept.  For every choice there is consequence, but who said consequence is a bad thing? The Universe isn't out to punish us. I don't think "God" punishes us either. I think we've been living for so long, so entrenched in the world of duality that we're simply used to looking for all the bad things that "could"  be related back to our failures and flaws. 

But what if there's is little or not relation to the car breaking down during Merc. retro and the fact that you didn't stand up for yourself as well as you did with your mom? How would your life change if you didn't have to let all the weird little happenings between people and events relate back to what you decided to do? What if you chose this moment, despite whatever, to simply rise and love and breathe and smile?


Cards drawn

Ostara: Fertility: It is the perfect time for you to start new projects, access new ideas, and give birth to new conditions.

Magic stream and Moonlight

Trust in magick


Thought of the week

Trust you are in the perfect place at the perfect time!

Trust you are in the perfect place at the perfect time! Click To Tweet

What does this mean for the lightworker Soulpreneur, the biz goddess?

Clients might think they be backsliding on their blocks, but they might also have a renewed devotion to getting through those blocks. This isn't the week to push ahead hard. This is a week where we'll have to see what hits our clients and be the rock and words of wisdom. There might be a tendency to want to push forward to end pain once and for all, but this is just the beginning of the Eclipse cycle. Deeper, slower work will be need to fine tune the visions that are coming through and blocks that are being raised into awareness.

Remember this isn't about trying to make everyone quantum leap, this is about the slow conscious awakening to the fact that we are meant for more. Be the voice of reason in impulsive times.  Make sure your peeps are doing the needed work around the issues before they make big commitments. If flexibility is what they need in their plans, use the Merc. Retro in their favor by making the commitment now. But if they need more fixed, solid plans, use the Merc. Retro to find the clarity needed, and make the bigger commitment after the retro is over.

Trust that the Universe has some surprises up it's sleeve for us and plan for that!

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Trust that you are in the perfect place at the perfect time




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Thriving in High-vibe times workshop



Weekly Guidance: June 12th, 2017: All change begins at home

As school is finishing up, the days get longer and warmer, and we're settling into a new pace the planets are going to give us some time and space to sort some shit out. There are some huge home energies coming through between Cancer easing into play this month, so a lot of the shit that has to get worked may only really be internal.  Internal to how to how you structure your day and time and internal to how you prioritize everything that has to get done. Where you focus will lie, of course, defines a lot of this. Over the next two weeks you'll have the space and cosmic support to ferret out how you want your summer and 2nd half of 2017 to look and feel like. 

The cards give the message for this week that if we can come home, do some reprioritizing, center back in on the themes and messages from your ancestral line (physical, spiritual, and chosen ancestors) the Universe will be more free to provide us the support we actually  need for things to balance out in a healthy, harmonious way. Meaning this week focus on your own shit and making the emotional changes you need, and let the Universe sweat the small stuff. This isn't the time to get all control-freak and try to micro-manage everything and everyone around you. 

Whatever worries about the future you may at this point, it's time to make a deal with Universe. You keep your nose to the grind stone, show up, present, in your different time blocks for your various tasks and responsibilities, and thing will fall into alignment as they will. This can be a wicked powerful time for manifesting success, and setting yourself up for future success, but it's time to get the structures in place to make things easier for you and more flowing. 

Jupiter is direct now, and Neptune will be going retro on the 16th, so we're moving forward and beginning to see the bigger picture of where we're going and why it's really, actually important. This might require some emotional housekeeping around issues of our pride, we might find ourselves releasing masks we thought we needed to be success, but over all it's going to be a natural process of coming home to what you really love. 

Cards drawn

Maat- fairness

Hear the ancient ones

The World

Cleansing House

Thought of the week

All change begins at home.

All change begins at home. Click To Tweet

What does this mean for your biz?

This week should be geared toward things like:

  • Beginning your 6 mos biz review and review of your procedures and processes. Are they all actually needed?  Where can you weed out some of the "busy work" that isn't getting you ROI?
  • Tune into a higher perspective about why you are doing what you are doing to see if you get any guidance about future direction, products, and messaging for the next 6 mos.
  • Making time a space to really be present in your tasks, so you can feel into what still feels really juicy and what might need some vibe shifting.


As we look toward what clients might need more focus on, you might find they need help around:

  • The meaning of life and personal purpose.
  • How to get back in control of their lives and follow their passion, love, and good feelings.
  • How to back to spiritual and personal growth.


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Weekly Guidance: Feb. 6th, 17: Being a spiritual warrior and anger as guidance

Weekly Guidance: Feb. 6th, 17: Get in touch with your spiritual warrior


There are so big ass myths out there that spiritual people shouldn’t be having negative emotions. Spiritual people shouldn’t hate, shouldn’t get angry, and shouldn’t lower themselves to value money, right?

No. It’s rubbish plain and simple.

While it’s a good goal to generally aim for peace of mind, sometimes you’re going to get mad, sad, and/or feel like burning down your life. We are human, we will always be human, even after we awaken to our spiritual nature. That spiritual nature, at least right now, involves us having a body on this physical plane…and that means we’re going to get emotional. Every emotion is a source of guidance. Emotions are guidance that will lead us back to center and more deeply into our authenticity, so long as we don’t get stuck. This will be the challenge of the week ahead.

While Full Moons usually bring an energy of creation and fruition, the eclipses are bringing us a different energy this month. How will you balance the dynamic and passionate energy of Kali-ma, demon slayer, in your life this week? What will the fiery sword of release from your life? What will a more compassionate approach bring instead?

Being a spiritual warrior isn’t about angry actions, protesting, or revenge. It’s about being strong enough to take “right action” (think Buddhism here). It can be more about apologizing for your actions or judgments, than about holding others to your standards. Two wrongs will never make something right, so while your anger or zealousness this week might have you considering drastic actions, do remember that the first knee -jerk reaction you have is usually one based on an exaggeration of the situation at hand. Being a spiritual warrior can mean taking a breath or two, or ten, before reacting.

While there is a call to balance out our darker emotions this week, sometimes without getting angry things won’t change. The fact that you might experience anger means there is something to heal, something that is calling for change. Use that fiery energy wisely!


Cards drawn this week: Queen of Cups, Balancing act, Embrace the dark

Your fiery anger is Divine Guidance. Use it wisely to create change and action.

Your fiery anger is Divine Guidance. Use it wisely to create change and action. Click To Tweet

Your fiery anger is Divine Guidance. Use it wisely to create change and action.

Weekly Guidance: November 21: Goddess Rising

weekly guidance november 21st Goddess rising


Dearest Ones the Divine and the Universe have a love letter for you this week. 

This week is to lay aside your feelings of loss or lack. Do not focus on what is not, what you have not, what you are not yet. You cannot be in the right time and place until you are there, until it is your present reality. Worry, stress, struggle will not help you get there, not will help to do what needs to be done. This is a cosmic call to stop sweating the small stuff, because much bigger energy and direction is going to take root. This week (and till the last Supermoon of 2016) we need to do a little house cleaning in order to make space and receive, welcome, this new direction.

Lay aside thoughts and longings for results that have not come as you expected. We are closing this year, this cycle, out. In a little over a month we will be coming into a new cycle. The foundations we have laid toward our dreams and visions in last few years will be vital, and this is what needs to be dusted off and polished up. Past results, past desires, anything that you once thought you wanted is, well…in past. It’s time to start looking toward the horizon again and making our preparation to enter this numerological year 1 with a plan and prepared to meet our destiny. While astrologically speaking, the New Year might come in like a lamb, it’s going to go out like lion, with we Goddess firmly behind the chariot of our Will and Destiny.

We are being asked to consider what a Queen would do throughout this season.  We must make ready for a great gathering over the next year, and the guests (ideas, visions, direction, new partnerships) are going to start over the next two months.  For now, we are listening for their arrival, for the stirrings are in the air, in the vibrations already coming through, making ready, stepping into our truest role as Spiritual leaders, hosts, witnesses, and catalysts for miracles and healing.


Energy for the week:

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Your Destiny is calling. It’s time to rise, Goddess! 

Weekly Guidance: November 21st: Your Destiny is calling. It's time to rise, Goddess! Click To Tweet

Your destiny is calling. it's time to rise goddess.

Weekly Guidance: November 14th: Release and come to One-ness again


As the full moon comes into her wholeness, we are being guided to once again consider what we have been filling ourselves up on.  The beginning of this week might feel intense and perhaps even confrontational, but as the week flows toward Thanksgiving week (for us in the US) we will be showered with inspired and higher vibe messages.  This is an important release period for those in the US after our chaotic elections and the high emotions that have stuck around.

This release period isn’t so much as forgiving and forgetting our intense emotions of the past few weeks, but rather in taking stock and make sure we are deeply honoring and seeking to heal the heavier, darker emotions within us. Those emotions are guidance too, they are part of us and needed just as much as the higher vibe feelings of joy and gratitude. We can’t stay stuck in them. Learning what we need and need to do to transcend WITH those emotions is the real inner game of life. Our darker, shadow side, is only in shadow because we have tried to hide ior bury it, not because we are personally truly dark.

Our darkness is one of the things that connects us and provides a gateway to our one-ness. Each of us has similar struggles, experiences our own separation from the whole, isolation, and separateness of self from the rest. Trust the Divine timing and placement of this week and your personal flow, to help you see your connection and one-ness on a deeper level!


Inspired idea for this week:

Especially in our struggle with shadow, we are one with each other. We really are walking each other home.

Especially in our struggle with shadow, we are one with each other. We really are walking each other home. Click To Tweet

force shame out of hiding

Weekly guidance: Oct. 10th: Magick is afoot!

weekly guidance oct 10 release struggle

This week we get a taste of the super-moon 2016 season. This season is going to ask us to dig deep in a way we haven’t experienced since the beginning of the year. I have been missing this energy, as I usually find it easy to establish a good stride in the type of energy coming. The cards drawn for this week are pretty straightforward. There is magick afoot and it’s our job to stay in center and ride that cosmic wave. Our self-care and eye for sustainability (of energy and time) is the focus of this coming week and full moon. The moon-beamy energy and the energy of this month’s meteor showers is going being a watery, emotional, dream-like quality to our guidance and manifestations.

Memories of good times past will serve a message from spirit to ask to look at what we are making time for in our new eclipse-influenced patterns and lifestyle. Relationships seem to be coming into focus, as we will see clearly how to round out our new lifestyle with more connection and space around our doings. The call for more being instead of doing is going to be a common theme. Spirit messages will flow toward us like spring melt rising the river banks and we need to stay on top of the soul and spirit communication coming through right now, lest we take it for granted. If you follow my work, the best way to stay on of such things is through relaxation and self-care. To care for self is to care for Soul.

This month and week will have a great deal of priority sorting to do. The hectic motions of the full moon and October will have us thinking about the “how” of sustainability for long term plans. Don’t be tempted to jump into the future or compare your place in your path with another’s place. We cannot move forward with our plans and destiny without passing through this moment and place in time. Make no mistake that we are being called to adjust, put quality over quantity. But this is not meant to be a message to stop what we are doing, it is not meant as discouragement. Time is our side, even if might not be passing as you expected it to. Keep slow and steady, and enjoy the ebbs and flows this week has to offer! Don’t sweat the small stuff and shift your focus inward to appreciate how far you’ve come!!


Weekly Guidance:


Weekly Guidance: Oct. 10th: Magick is afoot, listen for its rhythm. Dance in the flow! Click To Tweet


magick is afoot, listen for its rhythm. Dance in the flow!

Weekly Guidance: July 25th: Letting go and moving onward

guidance july 25th

When I did my draw for this week my guides were quite insistent on getting down the nitty gritty of the letting go theme of this guidance. This week we’re saying good bye to July and quite possibly a lot of things. The thing is, no matter how comfortable life is right now, what amount of security you think you have, the only thing constant and assured is change. The only thing that defines whether a change is good or bad for us, is our thoughts about that change.

It might feel like this week we can no longer avoid the changes that Soul needs us to bring through. If this week’s energy is hitting you hard, remember that sometimes the first step is saying saying or signing a document or making a phone call. Allow yourself to fully come into this powerful moment to take whatever small first step is before you. At least for the first half of this week, allow the bigger picture to guide you from the background. Sometimes that bigger picture might feel too good to be true. It can psyche us out, create full blown fear and resistance bouts, or might even set our procrastination dial to full on. But because we still have some huge July transformative energy we might be able to take a bigger step than we first realized. So keep your nose to the grindstone and do what you know you need to do ASAP this week.

If we can fully embrace what’s before us right now, saying good bye might not seem so hard. This is what my guides really wanted to point out. We can’t continue to hold to how things were, especially if they are no longer working. This week we will have the energy about us to really see what we no longer need or what is even holding us back. This year has given us many chances to begin to see these things in our lives. Because August, September, October are each power house months in their own rights, this might be the last chance we have this year when we can quietly focus on those patterns.

letting go act of power


Sometimes letting things go is a far greater act of power than defending or holding on. -Eckhart Tolle

Sometimes letting things go is a far greater act of power than defending or holding on. -Eckhart Tolle Click To Tweet

Feeding the high vibe


This has been a wicked year. I’m probably not the only one. Sooo much change all at once, so many things I would love to have the time and heart to resist. But all I have the time and heart for is being me, and being present with my feelings. Most of the time. Today I have a little extra to give. Today I choose to raise the vibe.

This weekend we went to one of my favorite places in the world. The energy there always affects me, always brings me up and brings me to new places within myself.  While I was there I made a few choices. I chose to continue to attempt to raise the vibration, the love, the feelings in my own life. Not because bad things aren’t happening already, not because I’m not in pain. But because it’s what’s needed, it feel good. It’s what I desire above all else, that feeling of being one with the light I see and feel as a sensitive. To that open, honest with myself, even while experiencing pain.

The greatest danger to most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.


I’ve rarely been one to dream small. But pain has a funny way of making us contract and focus all at the same time. Living by morels, ethics, center of light, cannot stop pain from happening. Painful things will happen. Our souls and energy will shrink back down, to “safe levels” of being. But in the end, I am left with the question, “What would make this experience worth it?”

This weekend a bought a small stash of items, tools to shift and rise up. Did I need them? No, they were simply things. But the pink Himalayan salt, the quartz votive holder, the magnetic stone, and the white sage soap are all tools for cleansing, releasing, and building the flow back up.  Even though I was called to take these things home with me this weekend in my fav little town, I know I am simply answer a deeper, internal, call from my guides and guardians. I am feeding the higher vibrations, making room for them to take root.

Our guides and guardians are there to push us beyond the immediate experience we are in, to ask the deeper questions and to keep us on our own path of shift, transformation, transmutation. You are not your pain or your circumstances. You are and always were, so much more than that. Can you imagine how much stronger you will be when you are ready to release the pain you are feeling now?

How will you transmute your pain into something full of light?

Tell me in the comments below, how are you going to raise your vibe?

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