Weekly Guidance: September 10th, 2017: Listen for spirit on a deeper level

weekly guidance sept 1017 listen for spirit on a deeper level

This week the planets are going to be giving us a bit of refresher on all the insights about who want to become and where we want to go that came to us during the Eclipse season. We are still in the shadow of Merc. retro so this isn't a perfectly green light situation, this is more a "get, get set...." week, where we further align to those new possibilities. 

The cards Coventina, Love without Condition, 7 of pents, reminds us of the bigger work that needs to come forward this week. With so much tragedy, trauma and drama this past week we all need to give ourselves and others space to release and recover.  Create sacred time and space can help people do just that. Even if it's simply dedicating a little more time this week to really deeply listening to someone while they do some releasing, we can still keep it sacred for ourselves by honoring our role as witness to those who are in suffering.

And, of course, when two or more are gathered, the magick of Spirit is present and greater healing can occur. 

This weekend is looking like a blissful balm to these past few weeks, so take advantage of the energies coming through this week. Stop and listen and love what you are hearing!

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Stars and cards weekly reading for 9-11-17

Some crystals to help you focus your energy this week could be:

Aquamarine (for clarity and soothing feelings),

Carnelian (to bring us into our joy and one-ness),

Fluorite (to help you strengthen your spirit "listening" and open your channels more).


Useful internal work for the week:

Gratitude. In the midst of all the clean up and settling out from the hurricanes, earthquakes, and other chaos this week is an excellent time to give BIG thanks for simply being alive, having homes or safe places to be, and for the chance to make things better. 

Taking inspired action this week, could well be in-line with the theme of this month, blossoming. With so much help needed in the world and especially the US right now, we could very well easily find a way to serve that is greatly fulfilling and serving the greater good. Pay attention to how you feel called to help this week!



Cards drawn for this week:

Coventina: Purification: It's time for cleaning and detoxification of your body and mind.

Love without condition


7 of pentacles

Thought of the week

Listen for Spirit on a deeper level!

Listen for Spirit on a deeper level! Click To Tweet

What does this mean for the lightworker Soulpreneur, the biz goddess?


This might be a week for:

  • Increasing your visibility through pro bono or free work.
  • Holding the light so we can see more just, fair, and balanced ways to help and help people heal from tragedy.
  • Doubling your self care, maybe tripling. There are going to be a lot of feels this week in the collective, A LOT. In addition to the people we come in direct or online contact with. Take care and let your heart lead, but do keep choosing peace and comfort for yourself and others this week.
  • Finding smarter ways to help more people. There is going to be a lot of people in need of help this week, and we can't help everyone, get burned out, and crash. We have to find ways to helping more people, more easily. If you can't help someone, try to tap other lightworkers who might have some empty slots! Getting people the help they need is what is important, not who helps them or putting them on your waiting list.

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listen for spirit on a deeper level



Being unshakable in life and biz

Being unshakable in life and biz

This weekend was the weekend before I started my big launch. I had spent a good month creating and planning, and I was ready to lay it all out there. And then... I spent all weekend doing family stuff that came up, did one birthday dinner, had an unexpected new tarot client call for an appointment on Sunday who then showed up two hours late after I cleaned the house for them, one of our cars wouldn't start, internet kept going off this morning, last night my daughter got sick all over her bed at 2:30 am, and my mother-in-law decided she needed to have a tax return crisis in the middle of my afternoon video shootings. I won't lie and say I didn't get a little ruffled.

Mischief managed: Check

As soon as I felt that black cloud over my head seriously begin to form, this time I knew better than to feed into any of that bull. None of it had anything to do with my value or worth as a lightworker. There might be some truth to the idea that because I was birthing something that had a bigger energy to it, my normal ripples got a little bigger too. There might be some truth to Merc retro and Saturn retro happening in the next week or so messing with the flows. But ya what?

It's only really as true as I make it for myself.

I let that black cloud go. Shit happens. We deal with it and move. My old pattern of listening and believing in my pity-me stories never got me anywhere but exhausted and irritable. What I needed this week was Love, tons more love. It might sound all "don't worry be happy" cliche, but when you think about the Law of Attraction, the you fixate on that black cloud, the more real that black cloud is going to get for you. 

Love is one of the highest vibrations we can bring into any mix. It doesn't have be all soft and mushy, it can be fierce and loyal. Love can be light-hearted like sharing a good joke on livestream just to brighten someone's day or it can be serious and genuine, like telling someone you believe in them. Tap into a flavor of love to dispel those storm clouds or soar above the storm, cuz the only reason that storm will stop you from moving forward, shining bright like the beacon you are, is if you believe it actually means anything more than life happening as it will!

You are more powerful than any storm or curse!

You are more powerful than any storm or curse! Click To Tweet

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You are more powerful than any storm or curse

Weekly Guidance: March 6, 2017: Act from the energy of what you love

weekly guidance for biz goddesses: march 6th 2107: act from the energy of what you love

I have a feeling this going to be a week where walking your talk is paramount to staying in sync with the energy coming through. Between a Grand Cross on Wed followed by a master 22 day, we’re looking at a week where our sense of personal integrity has some important messages for you. No don’t confuse seriousness with being responsible. You can have fun and be loving and being responsible. I’ve told all my kids this one piece of advice, 90% of being responsible is being responsive. Meaning it’s about answering the questions that are being asked to best of your ability and not over-promising.

We already have such big heart, compassion, sense of responsibility, and sense of integrity that we need to really sit with the realization this week, that not everyone is geared toward holding those higher vibes on the physical plane. What we have, our mojo, even if we drive ourselves nuts with it, really is a gift, our super secret power. It’s from this level that the world needs what we have to give. It’s not about over-giving, getting that one last certification, or trying to fit ourselves into the “professional” box. It’s about being to true to who we are, what we are experiencing and feeling, and letting our gifts model healthy ways of being for others…even if that means ranting a little in your social media posts to get other’s attention. Even the positivity mask is still a mask!!

Remember to stay true with what is actually jiving for this week, not ONLY the good feelings, but also what is giving you an energetic or love ROI (return on investment). If you’re not feeling the ROI, then there are some tweaks that need to make to what you are doing. Up love vibe and act from that place!


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Weekly Guidance: Jan. 23rd 17: Focus on balance

weekly-guidance-jan-23-17: focus on balance

Balance is the word of the week. but not in the way you might be thinking. It’s not going to be about having time enough for everything. Rather it’s going to be a time where we can get clarity on where we are putting out too much or too little, whether we are getting back too much or too little. That fundamental flow of give and take affects everything from our relationship to ourselves and our enoughness, to our relationships with our loved ones.

This week, the spirits guided me to draw “share our thoughts” and “heal the ouch”. As we move out of the shadow of this past Merc retro period, some challenges or mindset shifts might get your attention. This isn’t a signal to stop what you are doing, but rather to focus on what’s going to help you flow. Stay tuned to your inner truth and let it shine this week, even if you have to get a little courageous and vulnerable.

There is also guidance to “ride the wave” and a two of wands thrown in to remind us to find and maintain a balanced flow. We have been in a two week period where there have been no retrogrades mixing things up for us. This period is about to end, and next week we’ll see an uptick in energy and activity. But for now, we are reminded to keep our nose to the grindstone and follow through with what we know has to be done. Even if we aren’t fully committed or have our new year’s plans settled out, it’s time to keep moving. Just keep it balanced, no over-extending, no doing things yourself because it’s easier than having to explain. Balance your in-breath and your out-breath, your in-flow of energy and your out-flow of energy.

This centered state of flow should be somewhere part of the goal destination we are growing towards. You can use the first new of the year to help you release any unbalanced flows or blocks keeping you from finding that sweet spot between impassioned and productive.

This will also be a great week coming for ferreting out what you really want from the next 11 months of this new beginning. Having the next step is the most important part, but this week you might get more than a hint about where your actions and intentions might be leading you! The key right now is follow through on what you DO know!

Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.


Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love. -Rumi Click To Tweet

Find true balance. Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.

Weekly Guidance: Oct 3rd: Love in action

Weekly guidance oct 3rd Love in action


On behalf of the Divine and all the guardians and guides, love, this week I ask you to not take things personally!!

This is going to be a week where we will confront a lot of shadow work revolving around our relationships and our self-worth. Depending on what blocks and strange flows you have in your reality and energy system, it might seem like a week of fighting, a week of having your value challenged, or a week where doing your normal routine of getting out there won’t seem enough. This is the Universe trying to send you a message, but it’s not a message about why you deserve to fail. Instead, it’s a message of where you need to apply copious amounts of self-love and compassion. Now that we have that cleared up, I also want to say that what will come up this week is also meant to change our thinking.

I didn’t say to rethink your commitment. We’ve worked really hard over the last two month to hone and clarify what we are committed to. Venus and Mars are going to showing us the areas that need to be brought into alignment so that our commitment to our work and higher purpose can flow even stronger. This isn’t’ a test either. It’s a week where the energies are going to give the direct consequences and result that our thinking is producing. In each moment and exchange, we have the ability to create the reality we want. It’s a matter of changing our thinking around “obstacles”.

This week, we need to heed the internal compass we have been building up over the eclipse season. This internal compass is the vision or sense of how things are supposed to feel. If reality isn’t measuring up to what you envisioned, then it’s time to change your thinking around what you are doing. If you experience this, it’s time to dig a little deeper into our expectations of ourselves and others. Quality of mind and the emotion we put behind our efforts is the real key to our manifestation. We need to be centered enough to hold our center and come from an already incredible place. We cannot wait until something or some time is more perfect. We need to keep our desired feelings in the forefront of our mind and create reality from there. The quality of our thinking defines our success, and this week will provide opportunities to see where we need to change the quality of our thinking. Use your dreams as the reference point for your internal compass.

So if this week, you get feeling a little insecure or worried. Stop. Don’t engage in triggered feelings. Instead get curious about how to shift your quality of mind, because you are most likely in a mental state isn’t going to serve you well.


Reflection for the week of Love in Action:

weekly guidance love in action are you in a quality of mind you can trust

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May Cause Miracles: Day 3 Choose a new Perspective

fear is more difficult than love

On Day 3 Gabby talks about choosing to come from the mindset of “There is always a loving perspective.”

There is a lot to say about just this one day’s lesson. I think it actually took me months to have the breakthrough she is talking about in this chapter, where choosing the loving way is an actual option, and I don’t know how long it took to me to get back to the place where it was the automatic choice. And this is not to say I was angry or bitter. Most of the time I was choosing to be neutral in my emotional response, but not neutral in my judgment. It was my judgment that had to change I had to learn to feel past the initial knee jerk “good” or “bad” situational assessment. That meant learning how to loving hold fight or flight on pause until I got a more guided, more wise, perception of how things would play out. But once I began to actively choose love, my reactions once again changed.

The first block I ran into was the idea that choosing love, being openly loving, was all rainbows and wishy-washy enabling. It wasn’t that because we are talking about Divine love. What I saw through the lens of Divine Love was pain. And even in Divine Love, it’s not cool to throw around your emotions or push them off onto others, but when I’m in Divine Love I see clearly what is going on. I can see that’s it’s pain the other is responding to and that it’s not my pain at all…and even more, I didn’t have much to do, if anything at all, with the pain they are in. Even if had been words that triggered it in them, it was still their pain, not mine. I didn’t feel the guilt or inclination to take their pain on at all. But I did feel greater love, like a parent wishing they could soothe an anxious child.

Actively choosing a Divinely Loving perspective increases the love you feel. Click To Tweet

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How do I know if I found my soulmate? 5 myths about soulmates

5 myths about soulmates

I can understand why people think the idea of having a soulmate is amazing. We all feel the need to be understood and loved so completely that we feel good and whole and confident. But there are some myths about soulmates and soulmate relationships out there that can damage our sense of self and self-worth, so much so, that I would consider them to be a form of self-abuse.

Myth #1: Soulmates are romantic in nature

It is a bit of a misunderstanding that having a soul mates automatically means having a perfect romantic relationship. Most of our relationships are things that were “meant to be” on one level or another, and so would fall under the definition of soul groups and soul mates. In fact, all relationships should be looked from the perspective of soul bonds. Another misconception is that all soul mate relationships should work into marriage. But even with soulmates, there is no guarantee of any of that.

Myth #2:  Soulmates are perfect

Soulmates are people. They have bad days, pet peeves, flaws, and vices, just like you. Someone may seem like a perfect match for you because they complement your strengths and weakness, but no one should be expected to be perfect or happy or self-sacrificing just for you or your relationship. People are who they are.

Myth #3:  A soulmate will complete you

No one person will ever complete you. You are the only person/soul that can complete you. Do not confuse love and soulmates with being co-dependent. You are whole, capable, amazing being all on your own, and if you feel less than that, it’s time to begin some self-work and clearing of limiting, false beliefs, and a good dose of self-care. In fact, I have coaching packages that will help with that!

soulsmates are planned long before we meet


Myth #4: Soulmates are meant to be together no matter what

A soul mate relationship can be like a relationship with any other, you get what you give, and never make excuses or put up with those who demean or abuse you. There might be a few extra perks to having a soul mate relationship, whether romantic or platonic or even just a working relationship, like the ability to amplify each other’s energy and abilities. There might even be a deeper level of understanding. But it could also be that you’re bonded because you both need to learn a hard lesson. That’s the nature of life lessons. Sometimes we might not even recognize a soul mate, other than in retrospect, because the lesson had to be learned before the idea comes to us.

Myth #5: Having a soulmate will fix everything

See myth #3. Adding a whole other person to your life is a complicated thing, even when it’s easy. Schedules have to mesh, cleaning habits, family backgrounds, income, long term goals….they all have to align in some way. That takes hashing things out and getting to the root of what is more important to each of us on a daily basis. We can’t wait around for someone to save us from our woes or make a choice so we can there make a choice for ourselves. We need to be actively participating in our lives, in our hashing out of the day to day, and in our life choices, in order to have things running smoothly. And we should be wanting to have things running smoothly for our own convenience, not someone else’s. It really quite amazing how our lives turn around, and how quickly it happens, when stop waiting for being saved, and we become our own heroes. And again, this is something I focus on my coaching, as sensitives, have a tendency to live from the outside in. We look for external validation when the only validation that is needed or true is right before our noses in our soul and connection to Divine source. 

You know you have a soulmate connection with someone when you feel a deep bond with that person. Click To Tweet

That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. All deep bonds need to be treated with respect and loving care. Anything special thing about that bond is specific to the bond and should be honored for what it is, nothing more, nothing less. No relationship should be compared to any other, each are a unique expression of love (any type of love, agape, romantic, familial, etc…) between two (or more) Divine vessels of Source.

No relationship needs the added pressure of having to live up the standards, like that of the “perfect soulmate”. If you feel a deep connection, safely pursue it. Savor it. Be yourself and let the other person be themselves. Allow yourself to see the kinds of love you can feel. Let the relationship take the course it will, because in all honesty, time is the truest test.

Namely, be excellent to each other!

(Yes, a little Bill and Ted reference there. I can’t help my inner geek.)

Being open and an empath Part 2: What to do instead of shielding

How can you flex those love muscles?


In the previous section of this article series, I had asked my empath, intuitive, and sensitive readers why they were shielding and if that shielding was what was really best for them. What I heard my readers and clients saying was that they had reached a point of overwhelm and/or trauma and couldn’t handle the extra stresses related to being sensitive and open. But it doesn’t have to be that way! We don’t have to fear pain or the potential of pain to the point where we shut down as an empath or sensitive.

The average person will go through natural cycles of being open and closed, needing healing and moving forward. But empathy seems to compound these cycles, because empathy taps into the very building blocks of our reality, how the world is being experienced through thought and feeling. While empaths do have to find ways to create a comfortable balance with being social and hermetic, we cannot close ourselves off the world around us.

The most powerful way to create this balance is through raising your vibration. I’ve noticed that many of us will actually attempt to shrink or hide away when faced with stress or confrontation. While I think that is a learned survival instinct, I also think it’s the exact opposite of what needs to happen. Shrinking or hiding pulls one inward, and away from the very thing that will help.

Don’t hide behind a shield. Raise your energy! It’s contagious!

Don't hide behind a shield. Raise your energy! It's contagious! Click To Tweet

While the world admonishes people who always seem to have their rose-tinted glasses on, a lot of empaths always have rose-tinted glasses on with people and their potential, we can’t help but see it in others. lt’s that Love that will allow us to be both open and protected. I’m sure many of you have already sensed that, which is why we keep trying to “fix” people. But we can’t affect balanced and long lasting healing if we keep moving from out of our powerful centered space. The minute we try to reach our feelers out there or give our energy to another (whether through emotional defense or an actual attempt at healing) we leave our center and leave ourselves that much more in a state of lack. There is a better way.

If we can shift ourselves to a loving space, tapping into Divine Love and support, raise our vibration in that moment we will automatically have a buffer against the heavier emotions. A loving space will also be contagious, it will make people think twice about holding on to what’s holding them down. It will lift you up, energize you, increase your feelings of self and confidence, while also serving a greater purpose. And tapping into Source will automatically expand your energy, you’ll get larger than the problem at hand and more clear about the problem at hand. Truly the best of all worlds for a sensitive or empath!

Your spirit is your true shield. –Morihei Ueshiba

Your spirit is your true shield. --Morihei Ueshiba Click To Tweet


What do I mean about a loving space? I certainly don’t mean pooping rainbows or being hopelessly optimistic.When we are in-center and connected to Source the root of the problem becomes automatically apparent. The answer is always some sort of pain, hurt, or fear of these experiences. The only thing that can cure these things is love. Being in a loving state doesn’t mean we enable others, it doesn’t mean we believe their stories of pain (excuses and crutches). It doesn’t even mean we do anything but listen, believe they are stronger and wiser than they believe, and maybe give them a hug. When you are in that loving state, you will be able to see the pain others clearly. It’s like knowing whether the love lights are on or off in another. Sometimes just showing them the love light in you, will help them figure out how to turn their own love light up.

The big relationship killer! A primer on the energy of relationships


So what on Earth does energy have to do with the biggest relationship killer??  Find out my biggest secret behind healthy and loving relationships in this podcast or video. Either podcast or video is about 18 min long and is easy to fit into your hectic life and grab and go with your favorite mobile device!



Here’s my podcast all about the energy of relationships!

If you need the text from this episode download the transcript here!

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