Weekly Guidance: May 22nd: The unknown is simply a part of ourselves we have yet to explore and accept.

I'm excited for this week!! New energy and idea feel like they are ready to come bursting through!

A Pyramid formation and the energies leading up to the Super New Moon will have us looking to let things go in a big way. Look toward your love of the larger dream instead of the intense emotions that might be brewing in the moment. Hold yourself responsible for bringing your dream through in the moment to moment movement of the week ahead. What will serve as fuel to sustain your growth and movement now and into the next year? What isn't serving you on your path to soul connection? 

Keep looking forward and releasing what feels heavy, icky, or off. If it's meant to be, it will come back to you in another way, ask for it! Right now you need focus on the big adjustments and changes that need to happen to protect and strengthen your core, our fount of magick and healing that you bring to the world. The card, One ring circus, comes back to remind us this week that we create our patterns and habit, our products and messaging. We need a solid and flowing core to meet those demands. That includes asking for support!! 

Thursday brings us some big energy with a super new moon and master 22 day. Dreams and intuition will run high. In this spiritually dark period we hear and tune into our own thoughts, feelings, and intuitions.  2nd of three super new moons (April, May, & June), this energy is gaining and will align us for the next 6 mos. It will be a "hands on" type of day for showing the universe what we are committed to. If you've been putting off any tasks tat you know your success rides upon, get it done or at least started today!! Focus on inspired actions today. Notice the patterns of thought and habit you have formed and choose what is really going to serve you.

After new moon look to spring board with fresh ideas and inspiration, take bigger or more precise action. Hathor comes forward this week to remember to take what is offered, and be receptive to the inspiration and guidance coming your way. If you feel things building for a blast off, then it's time to get ready. These next few months can become busy because of this new project or idea or movement of inspired action. The drawn cards, "Don't fear the unknown" and the Ace of Swords, tells us to clear the decks and begin the prep work.

While all these intense shifts are happening in your internal landscape, don't forget to share and connect. You are a leader. The Ace of Swords also reminds us that you might have the tools, tips, and  insights to  make this period smooth out for someone else. Be present with people and their experience of this energy, it might lead to great insight about the next coming months.  Guidance sessions, planning sessions, or breakthrough sessions might be a hot product this and next month.  Products that help people begin new transitions might also be hot sellers.  


Cards drawn

Hathor- receptivity

Don't fear the Unknown

Ace of Swords

One ring circus

Thought of the week

The unknown is simply a part of ourselves we have yet to explore and accept.

The unknown is simply a part of ourselves we have yet to explore and accept. Click To Tweet

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The unknown is simply a part of ourselves we have yet to explore and accept.

Weekly Guidance: Feb. 6th, 17: Being a spiritual warrior and anger as guidance

Weekly Guidance: Feb. 6th, 17: Get in touch with your spiritual warrior


There are so big ass myths out there that spiritual people shouldn’t be having negative emotions. Spiritual people shouldn’t hate, shouldn’t get angry, and shouldn’t lower themselves to value money, right?

No. It’s rubbish plain and simple.

While it’s a good goal to generally aim for peace of mind, sometimes you’re going to get mad, sad, and/or feel like burning down your life. We are human, we will always be human, even after we awaken to our spiritual nature. That spiritual nature, at least right now, involves us having a body on this physical plane…and that means we’re going to get emotional. Every emotion is a source of guidance. Emotions are guidance that will lead us back to center and more deeply into our authenticity, so long as we don’t get stuck. This will be the challenge of the week ahead.

While Full Moons usually bring an energy of creation and fruition, the eclipses are bringing us a different energy this month. How will you balance the dynamic and passionate energy of Kali-ma, demon slayer, in your life this week? What will the fiery sword of release from your life? What will a more compassionate approach bring instead?

Being a spiritual warrior isn’t about angry actions, protesting, or revenge. It’s about being strong enough to take “right action” (think Buddhism here). It can be more about apologizing for your actions or judgments, than about holding others to your standards. Two wrongs will never make something right, so while your anger or zealousness this week might have you considering drastic actions, do remember that the first knee -jerk reaction you have is usually one based on an exaggeration of the situation at hand. Being a spiritual warrior can mean taking a breath or two, or ten, before reacting.

While there is a call to balance out our darker emotions this week, sometimes without getting angry things won’t change. The fact that you might experience anger means there is something to heal, something that is calling for change. Use that fiery energy wisely!


Cards drawn this week: Queen of Cups, Balancing act, Embrace the dark

Your fiery anger is Divine Guidance. Use it wisely to create change and action.

Your fiery anger is Divine Guidance. Use it wisely to create change and action. Click To Tweet

Your fiery anger is Divine Guidance. Use it wisely to create change and action.

Weekly Guidance: November 14th: Release and come to One-ness again


As the full moon comes into her wholeness, we are being guided to once again consider what we have been filling ourselves up on.  The beginning of this week might feel intense and perhaps even confrontational, but as the week flows toward Thanksgiving week (for us in the US) we will be showered with inspired and higher vibe messages.  This is an important release period for those in the US after our chaotic elections and the high emotions that have stuck around.

This release period isn’t so much as forgiving and forgetting our intense emotions of the past few weeks, but rather in taking stock and make sure we are deeply honoring and seeking to heal the heavier, darker emotions within us. Those emotions are guidance too, they are part of us and needed just as much as the higher vibe feelings of joy and gratitude. We can’t stay stuck in them. Learning what we need and need to do to transcend WITH those emotions is the real inner game of life. Our darker, shadow side, is only in shadow because we have tried to hide ior bury it, not because we are personally truly dark.

Our darkness is one of the things that connects us and provides a gateway to our one-ness. Each of us has similar struggles, experiences our own separation from the whole, isolation, and separateness of self from the rest. Trust the Divine timing and placement of this week and your personal flow, to help you see your connection and one-ness on a deeper level!


Inspired idea for this week:

Especially in our struggle with shadow, we are one with each other. We really are walking each other home.

Especially in our struggle with shadow, we are one with each other. We really are walking each other home. Click To Tweet

force shame out of hiding

Resistance and Intuition: The dance of growth

dance of resistance and guidance

This post about resistance is part of a series about the 4 most common blocks to the staying in the Intuitive State, you can catch up on the whole series here.

In retrospect, I can see so clearly how I created resistance over just about everything that now make me who I am today. From mindset shifts, to lessons about abilities work, to my own worth. I used to say….

That can’t be right!

How could that be?

Maybe in an ideal world.

But I don’t know how to do that?

I’m not sure how that would really help.

That sounds so hard/expensive/drawn out.

I can’t do that.

But that’s not who I am….

But I don’t wanna…..


I resisted because what was being presented to me, or rather my idea of that shift, scared me on some level. Perhaps it made me feel like I was lacking in something that made the shift seem impossible. Maybe I feared the backlash of saying something or choosing to approach the situation a certain way. Over the course of my own path there have been things I’ve known I should be doing, confronting, making my stand on, which I was happy to hold far far away from my daily life. I had hope I could get by without having to go there. It seemed like tango between feeling guided and resisting guidance. One moment both sides of me were all over each other, then next guidance was trying to reel my resistance back into the dance.

Sometimes it seems like there is some grand scheme to make us each confront our resisted truths. But then I learned to sit with my resistance and fear. I learned not to let it run away with me, but to sit and see what it is I am actually feeling fear or lack over. Because of this practice, I no longer believe that the Universe or God are some cold authorities out to test us at every step. The reason it seems like the Universe is out to teach us a lesson  is only because we act out of fear, we psyche ourselves out, and allow ego to talk trash to us to the point where simply aren’t even willing to look at what Soul might have been implying. We are constantly being presented Truths and ways to grow, some trigger our emotions and fear more deeply than others. Sometimes change comes naturally, even welcomed. The only difference from a “hard” lesson and an easy one is our perception of what has to change. Of course, there are somethings that just suck. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t begin to see why it’s needed. We might even see how it was the perfect thing for us, even if it made us a little uncomfortable.

Getting to the point where we can even begin to unravel the stories ego came up with can be tricky. Where I used to see this as never-ending of dance of acceptance and rejection of the present moment, I now see it as a birthing process.  When we are finally in alignment and really know, deep down inside, that we must change, we allow pieces of our intrinsic, already existing, potential self, come into our reality bubble.  We are birthing a more integrated version of ourselves, one has stripped away another layer of shadow. Shadow is the boxes we create when we believe ourselves to be shameful, unworthy, broken. In other words, not already fully part of the light. But let’s just face facts, Ego abhors change. Unless we see from the get go that the change we are considering doesn’t have a downside, we’re going to have to deal with Ego trying to butt it’s head into our soul business.

resistance as labor pains

Maybe we stop dancing because of resistance.

In seeing this process as labor pains, we see that our resistance is a very natural pain, a common experience we share, along a larger journey. A lot of times, Ego will go into contractions over the fact that we are moving out of our comfort zone. Sometimes those are contractions are so intense all we can to do is hold on and breathe our way through it. But once we can recognize that the world isn’t falling to pieces or that something is trying to stop you, all that just happened was a birthing pain, you can more easily reorient yourself along the path.

And as a pregnant mother needs extra care and support, so will you, as you allow more of you soul-self into this world! But once begun and committed to, there really is not way to stop the birthing process. Labor pains are the not reason to stop changing, growing. They are the signal the end of this particular journey is coming to some kind of conclusion. Those bouts of resistance are the sign we were looking to tell us to be diligent so we can finish what we started.

The things we resist the hardest are usually the things we need the most to become more whole. Click To Tweet

The secret relationship between emotional pain and intuition

The secret relationship between pain and intuition

This article, about the relationship between pain and intuition, is part of a series about the main 4 block to intuition and also the Emotional Mastery Series. I took two weeks off during the writing of this series (1st article and 2nd article of the Intuition block series), as I had gone through my own bout of pain, struggle, and anxiety. I bless that period of time now, as it really brought home the point of this series in such a profound way that I feel like a clear, laser-focused, on the deepest truth of this life experience.

Let me start off by saying that I am only speaking of emotional pain. I am not speaking of physical pain from injury, disease, or disorder, I am not doctor in any way, and can only speak from my experiences and insights received as an intuitive. That all being said, what I learned during my break was that pain is the experience we have, and we all share it, that something has been taken away from us or the fear that we will somehow lose something. It is the knee jerk survival mechanism that warns us that way in some way be diminished by an encounter, argument, or situation, perhaps even diminished to the point of injury or death.

While emotional pain is a natural reaction, it is not natural for us to hold on that pain. That holding on to pain puts stress on the body that can ultimately weaken and damage the body. The stress of carrying our pain certainly will begin to effect our daily lives, sleep and eating patterns, and we will continue to decline and feel worse.

Pain, or fear of emotional pain, is the root cause of our emotions and behaviors. Yet it is not the pain, in and of itself, that causes the most disruption and damage in our lives. The point of pain is to lead us back to oneness. Like it’s sibling fear, pain shows us where we need love and more healing. It is ego’s response to pain that is the most disruptive to our lives and healing.

Ego is a natural structure, or maybe function, in our minds and consciousness. It allows us to safely experience and learn about the world around us. When we experience things, even pain, ego seeks to explain the reason we feel it and helps us to figure out if something is harmful or helpful. Being that ego only really deals with physical world issues, it only is half the equation, as we are not only physical beings. So as long we resist coming into our natural intuitive state, embracing and coming into alignment with our multi-dimensional soul, we are only getting about half the story about any experience we have, whether it pain, fear, happiness, or joy. While feelings states like happiness and joy are closer to the vibration and state of intuitive soul connection, even they aren’t fully an expression of soul centeredness. We can feel joy and happiness for all the wrong reasons.

force shame out of hiding, giving our pain the light

The longer we stay entrenched in the day to day living beyond this physical plane, the easier it becomes to accept pain and fear as our very real, very deeply reality. The deeper and more frequently we experience this reality the crazier ego becomes in attempting to figure out the pain and solve it. Of course, when firmly entrenched in the physical world view, we all see how it can make sense. Yet ego’s explanations will never fully account or be able to fully heal our pain because it is just one part of us. And because ego is in overdrive trying to resolve our pain, ego also fails to point out that we aren’t the only one’s in pain. The experience of ego and pain, left unchecked by soul and the intuition state, makes it hard to see that our pain isn’t as personal to us as we would believe.

If fact, in those moments of unchecked fear and pain, we seem to all believe that our pain is so real and painful that no one else could possible understand or have experienced this level of darkness and hurt. We fall under the illusion that we are so deeply flawed and lacking we cannot or should not be part of the world around us, or that there are parts of us that should never see the light of day again…or the light of Divine Love. We create our shadow sides, because we have believed the stories ego has fed us, that our pain makes us ugly and unacceptable…some how different.

But the opposite is more true. We are one in our experience of pain. It is through the realization of Oneness that we experience the healing of our pain. Brene Brown’s work on vulnerability beautifully explains that when we can embrace our pain and begin to become vulnerable, to share our pain experience, that we become healed. From an energy level, it makes complete sense, that being vulnerable and sharing would lead us to our healing and Oneness. When we believe ego, it tells us we are alone, flawed, broken, should not show our pain, we close ourselves off. We try to close off the energy of that wound, sometimes we create divisions within ourselves to keep that wound hidden in shadow. But when we share things, our energy opens back up again and the potential for light and love to reach our deep inner pain is possible again.

Our deeply held wounds and emotional pain, are those places within ourselves that we (or ego) has deemed fit to never see the light, when it is the light (our soul, intuition state, the open flow between us and the world around us) that is the cure to our pain. By denying our soul selves and Divine Love, we only keep ourselves in pain.

The soulful, intuition state is the antidote to our emotional pain. Click To Tweet

Weekly Guidance for June 13th-19th: Ride the wave

guidance june 13th: ride the wave and greenman


Ok, I have to admit my guides and I had to do a little compromise for today’s guidance. if you follow astrology this week is supposed to contain a heck of a lot energy of all sorts and varieties. Neptune is going retrograde, for our yearly soul searching phase. We have a Master Day and we’re coming up again on a Grand Cross. Alignment couldn’t be more crucial this week. The first tarot card I drew for this week was “sad embrace”, I raised my eyebrow at my guides implying I didn’t want to be that negative, they had better find another way to get their message across. So while this message is all about the love, there is also an inherent warning in this week’s energy.

If we don’t raise our energy this week, our feelings of “everything going wrong” and “when it rains it pours” might leave you feeling so far from alignment you could begin wondering who has it out for you. But loves, nothing could farther from the truth. The Universe isn’t out to punish or test you. This energy is trying to bring all the things we have buried, neglected, not paid attention to, to light. The sooner we can give response to these things the sooner things will smooth out again. So don’t let your fears of things worse consume you this week. Use this week to learn where your daily tasks, errands, and chores could use a review and upgrade, to make sure these problems don’t become chronic.

And do not punish yourselves over these things. The Universe and the Divine not require it, we are only doing it to ourselves. I was thrilled when I pulled the second tarot card, ride the wave, when as I asked for a re-do. Because these times, when it seems like things aren’t going our way, they aren’t there as proof of how wrong we are. They are only really showing us where we need more Love and punishing ourselves for not being perfect is the exact opposite of what is needed. If we are not stuck or caught in our “not enoughness” we can free up so much energy in our lives that we can actually create amazing momentum!!

Weekly Guidance recap: Ride the wave, loves! Don't let your thoughts of enoughness hinder you, just ride the wave! Click To Tweet

Fear and Intuition, two expressions of guidance

Fear and darkness have no existence on their own

Without going into into a lot woo woo talk, I want to say that I feel that intuition and fear are two sides of the same coin…perhaps even the same side. Last week I started a series about the top 4 blocks to intuition. I began with a rather “out there” idea of what intuition is. But if you haven’t read that post, take a look now, because the context is important to note. Part of why this series may sound new and different is that I don’t think the Universe is some parochial school nun out to teach us or punish us. And when we are in an intuition state, we are aligning ourselves with Universe Truth, where there is nothing but support….perhaps not how we expected it, but support nonetheless. 

In that Universal state of Oneness, there is only flow and knowing and Truth. There isn’t fear. Fear is within us, it is created only by us. We judge and punish ourselves far worse than any person or Divinity would or could. 

Fear is when we feel threatened, emotionally triggered, too small, not enough, not capable, in the face of a specific potential. It is our reaction to the potential that is fearful, triggered, ego driven, survival driven. But the potential remains a possibility, no matter how we feel about. It is part of the whole and cannot be otherwise. 

Fear is the absence of Love

It is our reaction that is not in alignment with the Universe, not the potential. What amuses me when I stop and think about it is that I can be in fear and still be in alignment with the Universe…at least enough to keep receiving guidance. Fear doesn’t really “block” the intuitive flow, the intuitive flow state is our natural state. But fear and ego does stop us from accepting Truth when we let those parts of ourselves pilot our lives. If you need further proof of this, think back to a time when you terrified, can you see how it was Truth that brought you back around? You might have even had a “knowing” that things would turn out the way they did, under the fear. Or someone might have been there to hold space for Truth when you could not…even if you didn’t want to hear it at the time, and resented the hell out of it.

That resentment is fear driven, it’s ego’s way of keeping us safe from a potential that threatens our safety. But following ego’s idea of what is safe only keeps in illusion or denial. We say “well that can’t happen”, “that’s not fair, why me?”, or “I would die if that happened”. But none of that is really true.  What fear is showing us is where we need to apply apply more Divine Love. This is why we are experiencing fear, because we have denied or resisted a place within ourselves that needed more Divine Love, a part of self that needs to come into further alignment. In fear, we have believed ego’s stories that perhaps we were too unworthy, too bad, too wrong, too….whatever, to be in Love and Truth.


fear is a sacred message

I don’t believe that while we are on this physical plane we can truly escape fear and ego. But I do know from my personal experience, that we can begin unraveling the stories that were created to keep us in a state of feeling “lacking” or “small”, to come to a greater truth about ourselves, our purpose, our own Divinity. We don’t need to hate Fear. Fear is not being mean, trying to punish us for the past, or even test us. Fear is only showing us where we need to be bolstered up more with Love. It is like an outcome card in a tarot layout, showing us where things could go, if we choose to keep that part of ourselves from the light, the outcome if we do not make changes. We need to make changes, to let the Love in further and further into our darkest parts in order to know our Wholeness and to move past where we have blocked ourselves from moving forward in alignment. If intuition is the light, fear is the absence of light, guiding us to be whole. 

If intuition is the light, fear is the absence of light, guiding us to be whole. Click To Tweet



The top 4 blocks to Intuition

Even after I understood some of intuitive body signals, signs, and so forth…my the process my intuition flows in, I would get all blocked up. It felt like cycle. I would really on target, so in the flow I couldn’t imagine what life had been like when I was in a stuck state. But then I would start feeling off. And, of course, each time it was a little a different, different triggers, points of discomfort. And ever so slowly my flow and my progress would grind to a halt. I see this pattern reflected in so many I talk to and have in my social media circles. Why does it seem like the Divine abandons us to our thoughts and fears just when we need it? What is this pattern all about?

What I didn’t realize then, was that I was fighting myself. I thought and felt so sure that there had to be something wrong with me. It had to be me, why timing never worked out, why I seemed to continually fall off the band wagon of my latest effort, why things always seemed to get so messed  up. There were times where I felt absolutely cursed!

So even though I knew a few things, I knew how to filter what I received, I knew how to hold the energy I needed in the moment, I knew there was a cycle and pattern to what I was experiencing, I even had a sense my greatest block was myself. But I couldn’t understand how to get beyond it until I learned that the true nature of intuition and what it meant for my life, my destiny, and my purpose. So without further ado and discussion I want to take Lindsay-fashioned deep dive into the topic, so we can get the top down skinny on intuition!

The top 4 things that block intuition:

(click on the points to see post about each one)


4 blocks to intuition

This will begin a series of articles where I want to explore how these four things relate back to being intuitive. But let’s take a step back and take a look at what intuition is.

Intuition is a state of grace where we are soul-centered and in the process of unraveling our (and others) experiences, aiming to align them with Divine Truth. Click To Tweet

I know…..that is so not what you expected. I bet you expected intuition to be something that is given, something all paranormal where you always experience ghosts and spirits, always get psychic hits, or that you are a Divine know-it-all. On the surface, I know it seems that way. But being intuitive isn’t something we become or have gifted to us. Being Intuitive is our natural state of being, it’s our default nature. Being intuitive is not random, hit or miss, or even a blessing. It is our default nature because we are being enmeshed within a greater energy field(s)(the Divine), much like a fish within the ocean waters.  A fish may or may not understand the nature of the ebbs and flows of the deep currents under the surface, but it knows they are they and knows that it can interact with those flows.

For this first section of this series. Really let this new idea of intuition sink in. If we are enmeshed, living in, breathing through this intelligent, living matrix of energy, if we are part of it, and it part and cell a part of us, I ask you,

How can we ever be disconnected from Intuition??



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gimmie the goodies!

May Cause Miracles: Day 8 Self Inflicted Fear

self inflicted fear causes us to judge harshly


In Day 8 Gabrielle speaks about the habit of turning to self inflicted fear when we allow ego and fear to run the show of our lives. As I have been coming deeper and deeper into the present moment on a daily and consistent basis, the interruption of fear has been so much more glaring. There had been a long (-ish) point in time where I didn’t know which thoughts were real, the dark, hopeless ones or the hopeful ones. Coming into understanding of my own true nature, of that presence which is ever constant behind all the drama and struggle that can often seem to occur in daily life has proved to me many time over that it had never been about hope or hopelessness. The struggle had been about coming to recognize the fear I was continually creating in myself.

What really began finally breaking the hold that fear had in me, was the realization that fear spoke nothing of what I knew of the Divine, in fact it spoke of the world as if the Divine did not exist or as it were wishful thinking. Even in the face of an intuitive hit, my fear would try to talk it’s way of our of having to make courageous choices. It would dredge up the past, as if that were real proof that my future would turn out the same…even after my circumstances had completely altered to the point where those past experiences couldn’t happen again. The glaringness of my myopic ego became clearer and clearer, as I felt and responded to my guidance. Fear had seemed so real, all the feeling rolling around in my stomach, the weight on my shoulders…the experience of it had been so captivating…but it was utterly created.

My fears did not exist outside my mind. And neither do yours. Click To Tweet

Don’t get me wrong, fear exists in all people. But it’s never, ever, really the same fear. It’s never the same, because only we can create our own hell states, our own triggers, our own fear, and our own judgments and ego-stories about how and how we turned out the way we did. The judgment we make when we let fear run our lives, creates our problems, our struggles, and our pain. But an instant of clarity, an ounce for self-forgiveness for having been fearful, set us straight again.

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