Are you doing the heart work? -Soul practices that matter series

Are you doing the heart work?


Heart work is one of the most crucial pieces of self work any empath or intuitive can add to their practices. But it’s often the case that we use meditation and practices to band aid our emotions without really every working with them. My work is focused on the benefits of working with emotions and emotional patterns so that we can release them, not avoid them, but truly heal them. My professional work is informed by my personal practices, so don’t believe for an instant that I am talking out my ass in some academic way or that I am trying to be holier than thou. Heart work needs to be talked about more. I met a woman at a psychic circle recently who was just beginning to open up. We had been paired up, and my message for her was to release what was holding her back. As we talked, she mentioned how emotional she kept getting when she thought about her awakening. I had to tell her is was a natural thing, that our body knows how to process and cleanse. I still feel a little taken back that people still need to be told it’s okay to feel and feel deeply. Feeling deeply is a spiritual gift!!!

Just about everyday I have to do some kind of heart work. I do have one specific thing I do all the time, because each day it seems like my heart is in a slightly different place. From what I hear from others who do consciousness practices, this is a common theme. The one consistent thing that happens is that I have to sit and really ask myself where I am things, life, my work, my plans, my relationships. This asking is what informs me what meditations, clearings, shifts that I need for the day. Of course, there are days when I spend most of the afternoon shifting to high vibe, working and re-working tender feelings. The process I use is deceptively simple.

Emotions are a form of guidance we get from our physical bodies about how centered we are or aren’t. Specifically, learning to identify what we are feeling, will guide us to know what kind of self love we need to work with in the present moment, to bring raise our vibe and bring us to center.

guidance behind feelings copy
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Emotions are not there to hold us back or to hurt us. So often when we realize we are feeling down or upset, we allow our survival instinct (monkey mind, inner critic, it has many names) to go into full blown investigative mode. This voice within us, has the job of figuring out why we are in pain and what might be causing it. But survival instinct goes a little overboard when it comes to emotions, because usually there is no physical wound, no way to know if a pattern or situation is really over or not. This makes survival instinct a poor judge of emotional pain. It simply doesn’t really understand what the feeling is about. The feelings are there to guide us back to center.

In a typical day,

  1. I will begin by taking stock of where my energy is. Am I full of energy? Feeling depleted? Feeling scattered?
  2. If I’m not full of energy, I go a little deeper. Perhaps I realize my heart is feeling a little tender around myself worth. Maybe I’m feeling resistance to putting my work on the net that day because I’m not sure I’m actually reaching people. Perhaps I’m still feeling some emotional ripples from something my husband said the night before when he was talking about money. When I find the root of the feelings, I get a sense of “ah-ha”, or even “okay, I see. I got this now.”
  3. I then release what I need to release. If something someone said or projected made some emotional ripples in my world, I have to deal with my ripples. The other person probably didn’t even know I was getting emotional ripples, they were probably just talking something out or venting. So I spend time reassuring myself that I have money in the bank and that I have every opportunity and potential to attract money to me in this day. I get really deep into my knowing and sense that even if I cannot see all the ripples I create in others and out in to the world (from the love I put out), that in the world of energy we live, it cannot be otherwise. I get deeper into my knowing that as long as I stay open to the moment, to meeting the universe, willing to be an equal receiver and broadcaster, that the universe will have my back…it’s the law of attraction. Any other thoughts are just fear worrying over getting the results my fear mind wants. I love them, and tell them “it’s okay, that’s not whats really happening here. If we want a life of love and abundance, we have try higher vibe ways of being.”
  4. After grounding in what I know to be true, and letting soul inform me of anything I might have temporarily forgotten, I fill up on love. I ask for very specific things. If I am doubting my self worth, perhaps I might ask to be shown how I can help or have helped just one single person. If I am feeling very caught up in my feelings still, I ask to be given the opportunity to share, in a real way, what my feels feel like. Sharing usually helps relieve the feelings and can help other release similar feelings.
  5. Most days I will find something to relish in, to celebrate, to embrace with intent. Even if that thing is simply that I have to chance once more to make an impact in someone’s life. There are days when the only thing I can relish in is that I get to watch silly comedies to laugh with. And that’s okay. It’s being true to my experience.


Doing heart work isn’t about faking it. Doing heart work is about knowing where you are, and giving yourself the love that you need! Sometimes that love looks like: boldness, relief, activated, vulnerable, conviction, freedom…it can take many forms. Honor that and you honor your most Divine Self!

It doesn’t always work on the first shot. There are certain ripples that take a few days to work with, some months and years. But the more I do it, the more I find I understand myself better. I also find that Soul’s messages get clearer. As work to clear out my heart from tenderness, confusion, stress, and so forth, I am creating more space in my daily experience for a more solid connection with soul to form. As I go through this short little exercise my relationship to emotion changes as well. I am caught up in it less, as I can recognize what is happening faster than I had before. The quicker I can become aware of my emotional ripples, generally speaking, the less I really have to suffer because of them.


Heart work Affirmation:

Honoring my emotional experiences, honors my Divine Self!

Honoring my emotional experiences, honors my Divine Self! Click To Tweet


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honoring your emotional experience, honors your Divine Self


Do you need to improve your grounding practices?

Do you need to improve your grounding practices?

To be honest, when I start these article series, I don’t usually know exactly where they will lead me. This installment in my series of grounding is really no different. And I think what happens in my creative process is that I am I actually following guidance and then learning how to ground and manifest that guidance.

As I lurk around the internet I hear a lot of talk about how to improve your intuitive or psychic skills, as if they were a tool one could sharpen or a physical exercise you could perfect. I have rarely found this to be the case in my own development. Sure there are things one can do to refine their intuitive process, like figuring out how best to record your hits when you’re getting them and learning to be really really objective about exactly what you got (not just the story or interpretation of it). But the real mastery work comes in mastering the relationship between soul and vessel. And before the fear voice takes hold, I do want to say that this needs to be a holistic and balanced relationship. It’s not about turning off your emotions to be enlightened or denying what you are feeling. Your feelings are every bit a piece of guidance as your intuitive hits are.

Feelings are earth plane intuitive hits rather than Divine Love hits.  They are essential to the grounding process.

Feelings are earth plane intuitive hits rather than Divine Love hits. They are essential to the grounding process. Click To Tweet


In the last post I mentioned a concept I got from Caroline Myss’ “Anatomy of the Spirit“, below you’ll see my riff on this idea. When Guidance comes to us, it needs to travel through our body, both the physical and the energetic (it’s all one system, right?) in order to manifest. As we ground guidance, each energy point in our body is a gateway through which we test the piece of guidance to see if it’s even an option.



Grounding guidance through your body

My take on the process of grounding guidance or Divine Love, is this:

  • From Crown to root chakra we go through the process of beginning to believe this potential is within us and that it is possible, even necessary.
  • When the personalized Divine Love is brought into Earth it takes on more concrete energy, and a special kind of energy that will help give it weight and resonance in the physical world.
  • We take this transformed energy back into us, we can begin to see and understand the greater ramifications of giving birth in the physical world to such an idea, vision, or mission.
  • As this seed of destiny passes through each chakra on the way back up to birthing into our world, we begin to embody the energies needed for this task more and more. Each gateway will bring different healings/integrations/attunements to our sense of wholeness with this new version of us.
  • We when guidance is finally birthed in this world we are in a state of grace with the Divine. Clear, calm, fulfilled, but also ready to take on more guidance…perhaps even a bigger vision (because we’ve cleaned and cleared our energies and raised our vibe through the process of birthing guidance).



But sometimes we get stuck or stall in this process. Looking at the infographic above and thinking of my own guidance that is waiting to see if it will be birthed, I can tell you what at test I am stuck. I need to do more work with my lower chakras, aligning my senses of safety, pleasure, and personal will with my big vision.

Not all guidance will be brought to this world in this way. There are times when guidance enters my system, not to be birthed in and of itself, but to help raise my vibe in a certain way to help the bigger guidance move through my system. It’s like getting Divine course correction. Each attitude, mood, or feeling I am experiencing is then extremely important guidance. My feelings guide me to know what kind of work I should be doing with my energy and mindset in order to birth or manifest my vision or dream. In my example, I have to do a lot of work to release my fears and blocks about becoming overrun with stress and responsibility (becoming so uncentered I need to stop and rest) which are giving my lower chakra some trouble. But, of course, the Universe always has my back, and I can think of some present circumstances that are definitely going to help me work on some of those blocks!

Take a body test with me!

Take ten minutes or so and get into a quiet place. Let your mind and body relax and then evoke the energies of the last real big piece of guidance you got, but seem stuck with. Just sit quietly giving yourself love and observing what is going on your body when you think of this dream or vision you were given.

  • What place in your body are giving you feelings and sensations?
  • What energy centers seems to be growing or shrinking?
  • What fears or hurts come to mind? Where are those feelings located in your body?
  • What parts of your body are tense?


Have questions or need help with this level of work?

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Guidance Week of June 27th-July 3rd 2016: Look for new insight

guidance june 17th 2016


What a wonderful message for this week. After all the busy energy of the beginning of June, the grand crosses and solstice, it will be nice to have a more quiet, more reflective week. When I made the draws for this week, the friendly dragon jumped out of the deck (his message: share your thoughts). This week’s guidance feels like specific instructions use the quiet energy of the week to make progress. Be sure to be mindful of your old habits and patterns. Keep a look out for them to be sure you aren’t falling back into those patterns, and that you are being open to new thoughts and perspective regarding “old patterns”. Our dragons adds, another layer to this guidance, share your thoughts. When or if you think you are falling back into old patterns and old wounds, use this week to explore this pattern and those feelings with others.

A slower pace does not mean it will not or cannot be a highly impactful week. In fact, the more time you have the deeper you can go into your understanding and knowing of how you have come to this point in time. The energy and guidance for this week supports a deeper dive. Go beneath the surface to come into awareness of how you have been holding back and playing small.

I also want to point out that we shouldn’t discount the power of sharing in this kind of reflection and in healing ourselves. We do not exist in a bubble, our auras are not containment systems for our core selves. Our gifts only work when we share. Even if we are not working with another person, our gifts work best and flow easiest when we are in a state of sharing with the Universe and the Divine. It is through sharing that the real magick happens.

Lesson to explore for this week:

When we open ourselves to sharing, we open ourselves back up to new insight and new potentials. Click To Tweet

With that loves, may this week be full of new insight into old patterns, wounds, and habits, so that you may learn to hold more light, for yourself and for the world!


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Letting go of negative thought

letting go negative thought

Today I am all tripped and triggered with negative thought. Old stories, repeating patterns of hurt keep cycling through my mind and being. It still amazes me how quickly the body reacts to perceived stress. In an instant my shoulders are pulled up to my ears. My stomach is rumbling like I’m about to go down a roller coaster hill. And my chest is constricted, heavy from the shame of having to be in the same place….yet again. For the me today the story is about money, my worth, what it all means.

And just as quickly Soul interrupts my small wounded child inside, “Those are just negative thoughts, fears talking. It’s not like that.”  Soul is being gentle today. 


But my small wounded child needs to rant a little bit more. I dip down into the realms of the worst of the worst that could happen. I cry. I let it all out. I make sure it’s good and released out there, every need, every fear, every askance that this stumbling point be transmuted.

But then I stop everything and see what is left. The silence extends toward infinity. There is no more fear, there is just me and the moment. And in that space I see that my little outburst of fear only delayed and upset me. It might have given me some internal juice, the fire to go forward again and makes things right. But even then, it’s only fuel. The real magick is in the trust I have in this moment, in this silence, that the turmoil that I experience is momentary, ephemeral.


Insecurity is only thought, a form of comparison self-torture. Click To Tweet


In that spaciousness of soul, I commit to true act of letting go. I remove my attachment to the outcome I think I want. I let it go as my THOUGHT about what will make me feel happy and make me feel secure. My attachment is to money and to the feeling of having a stash in reserve. But these are just things and ideas, and are not capable of giving me the feelings I am demanding of them. When I hone on duality of secure and insecure, my mind travels to the obvious. My lights are on, I am at my laptop, my house is keeping the cold rain off my head, I hear my dogs scratching at the door wanting to cuddle….there isn’t one thing in this room and in this present moment that gives me feelings of insecurity. The insecurity was only thought, a form of comparison self-torture. It’s not needed or helpful.

Soul chuckles and asks “Now what?”

Insecurity is only thought, a form of comparison self-torture


I smile at my inner guidance. While I am only guaranteed this moment, and perhaps the next, I love how Soul challenges me to believe that from one moment to next amazing things could happen. In the next potential laden moment, I know what my commitment must be. I must be able to meet each potential, to be ready to welcome a new client, to see with the soft eyes of soul where need is, and how I can serve the moment. Any inclination of worry over my security begins to fall away, for I cannot meet change from a place of worry or insecurity, and expect to run with it. And my wanting to follow where Soul leads, to step into my destiny, is far greater than any momentary fear I might have experienced.


Shifting negative thoughts infographic

What that bad day really means



Today was a bad day. I can feel the pressure building in my soul. I want to shrink back down to my smaller, less aware, less responsive, less loving self. Like the Edward Gorey’s little characters from Masterpiece theater, I can feel my emotions weeping, fainting, and plotting homicide and sabotage. The balance of the tea I just made myself isn’t quite right, my back hurts, and I’ve received news today that a very tough choice had finally been made. I’ve been working on my vibration, myself, tuning deeply to my soul for a month now, an intensive class of getting straight with myself and my life. And yet, I’m still experiencing bad days and challenging moments. I still have thoughts about running away from it all to an even more secluded cabin high on an even higher mountain (I live in a house in the woods on a mountain already).

But soul knows that’s not really true, none of it really. Soul knows I’m seeking comfort and that I’m afraid. Soul is like “Girl, you are such a drama queen! Now you’re just making shit up to be cranky about!

Being in clear and flowing connection to Divine, Spirit, and Soul doesn’t mean that things become “perfect” (whatever that is), it only puts us further in touch with who we are and what we’re meant to do in this life. To dig a bit deeper here, is also puts us in touch with who we were always meant to be. So that thing you think you are resisting and can stop your becoming process over. You can’t. You are already on the path, it is already a part of you. And where we start in the process isn’t always the best place, but this present moment is all you have. This is the only moment and place from which you can being to choose and build something different. It is not a bad day, it never was. It has just been a day where I am out of alignment, in fear, of who I am and who I am supposed to be.

We are so all so obsessed, each in our own ways, with progress, success, attainment, having and getting that we forget very easily that we never truly “own” anything. Not our circumstances, not our families, not our love, or even our passion. We only choose it in each and breath. We cannot lose what we never really owned, we can only lose our ideas about it and our judgments about it. Home can be wherever you are. Family can be together even they are not physically together. Your business and reputation can be rebuilt. We aren’t even guaranteed our next breath. We can only choose to love or choose to stay in pain. We can also love when we are in pain.

The Soul discomfort we experience on a bad day is a blessing in that it shows us where are out of alignment with Divine Love. It shows us where we need to dial up the volume on self compassion and love, and our deepest soul desires.That ruffle of doubt, fear, and the like, they aren’t signals to shrink. They are signals to expand, in love, in our sense of self, our very essence. They are they signals that are telling us to start digging deeper, dreaming bigger dreams for ourselves and our lives, and come into an understanding that we are yet more than we ever dared hope or dream.

How will you use these “discontent” feelings to plant some new seeds in your soul garden to nurture? 

How do I shield? I don’t. Here’s why.


As I lurk around the cybersphere in groups and in conversations with friends the topic of shields and protection almost always seems to comes up. Now this may sound radical and counter-intuitive but the more I fully live from my core and my soul Divine connection, the more I see we don’t need to shield. At least, we don’t need to shield in the way more books on psychic abilities describe or advocate. In fact, the more I think about and listen to the words people use to describe their sensitivities and how they need to be protected the more irritated I get because the fear and pain are so evident in their words, yet they would rather hide away hoping the world will leave them alone or find a way through all the walls they have built between themselves and the world to give them the abundance they seek.

But it won’t. It can’t.

The world won’t stop just because we have sensitivities and feel overloaded, overstimulated.  The world isn’t capable of stopping because we want to be left alone, because we’re afraid of the next bout of negativity. There is only so far removed from the world that we can make ourselves. There is only so much struggle we can create for ourselves by not accepting who are. Too many times, has this reliance on shielding backfired on me before I understood my true nature.  I figured out that I am not meant to be contained, hiding, afraid. I work best when interacting with others, the energy I have and generate needs the outlet of others.  I only bottle myself up when I try to strengthen the shields to keep the chaos at bay, I can’t actually stop bad things from happening or from other’s saying mean, spiteful things.

I am no more special, advanced, or needed than you.

So, please, believe me when I say there comes a point where hiding is no longer an option, a point where we become ready to live in our own light.

And this is why we don’t need to shield. We are healers when it comes right down to bare bones. Maybe we aren’t all Reiki practitioners herbalists, or crystal healing practitioners, but we are meant to heal. And we cannot do that from the space of victimhood or hiding away. We cannot do that behind heavy shields that keep us from experiencing the truth and power of reality and Truth. The walls only keep us from the Divine, and from the LOVE we all need.

The Truth is, my amazing ones, is that we don’t need shielding because by simply existing and breathing we are a force of light and healing. We don’t need a shield because our true nature, when we connect to the Divine and the world around us, our love and compassion, are more powerful than any pain or struggle that we can experience.

We need to turn the volume up on ourselves, our souls, our essence.

Our love. 

Our compassion.

Sure there are times and situations when we need actual spiritual protection. But when we’re walking down the grocery store trying to tune out and protect ourselves from those who feel harsh, abrasive, down in the dumps and so forth, we don’t need shields. We need to realize these are people in pain. And instead of feeling their pain and pushing their pain away, we need to come back to center. Come back to the calm, stillness inside of SOUL, and use our Divine connection to raise the vibe, raise the volume on soul, and raise the love around us.


images (12)



If you are ready to raise your vibe and live from your true essence, then considering starting that change with a conversation with me! I hold space for 4 women a month, who are ready to embrace their soul purpose and power. If this is you, if you resonate with this, if you feel your soul longing to say “Yes, please!”, then click on the link to fill out an application for a free discovery session!

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I bless the pain and surround you in love


And today it hurts. Yesterday it hurt too. I am in my comfy flannel sleep pants and oversized purple sweatshirt sitting bed, because today and for the last week I know the world hurts. Their hurt magnifies my personal hurts. And so I sit and occasionally cry, letting it all wash through me.

Other times I have tried to fight and resist. I have tried to force the light to banish all the hurt. Being that warrior of light, I have struggled to end the pain. On that note, I have burned out and played on the edge of disillusionment as well. I know now that serves no one. Not me. Not others. Not the Divine I seek to serve.

I am a sensitive. I hurt because other hurt as well. I am empath. I can hear them AND feel them.

I am in Pennsylvania, in my bedroom.  I am one of the lucky ones for whom no large scale tragedy has personally affected.  But there is little I can do from here.

Little to do, but love.

I love them in their pain. I love them in their anger and fear. So many idea of what is right and what is wrong, all believing they are coming from a place of sense and all believing they are right. Even those who fear for their families and safety. Even those who seek asylum. Even those who would die for their cause. I give them my love. I give this, because it is what we all want. What we all need. I wrap the pain and the hurt in a blanket of love, as a mother would an ill or hurt child.

This is not some new age love everybody all the time statement or practice. This is a simple acknowledgement that I see pain. I see pain I cannot alone fix. But I can honor it. I can love it, compassion the hell out of it, and hold space for it, so that healing might occur.

What does my single light do for those in pain? I don’t know. Maybe someone will feel it’s effects.


But what can thousands or millions or billions of lights do?


Each point of light is needed in this world.

Are you ready to step into your light?

OMG!! My YL essential oils kit is here!!

2015-10-27 14.59.06

My Young Living Essential Oil Starter kit is here!! Up until today I had just a few samples from my friend who is a Young Living distributor and customer. About a week and half ago we decided it would be utterly fantastic to do the essential oils biz together and I sat very impatiently waiting for my own kit to arrive. She and I are both into wellness and spirituality. Andrea, my friend, is more into the all natural and life improvement aspects, and while I certainly support that in anyone’s life, I love how versatile the products are. Using essential oil is definitely a way to make a statement about one’s commitment to natural health and home life, but everything I’ve heard about and witnessed from the Young Living products lead me to believe Young Living has to be one of the most high vibration life-affirming businesses out there. It reminds of how Bach Flower remedies are made, waiting for the peak time to harvest, assuring that everything is done from planting to consumption to keep the potency and life-force of the plant essence alive. And because it’s plant based there is almost no end to the ways in which you can use them in your life.

Enough about that though, I could talk forever about high vibe supplements and helpers (plants, crystals, and so forth).  The box arrived and settled down to unpack everything. I’ll start with my starter kit. It came in a pretty box that made me think my kit was the most special thing on Earth. It feels like a little treasure chest of wellness and goodness.  There are two layers to the box, the top contains the majority of my oils, the bottom had mostly the business starter set with samples, give-away cards, little bottles to give people oils of your to try. The whole concept around the box is about trying and sharing, so that’s just what I did. I tried out Purification in my new diffuser, and I didn’t even need to use the whole recipe to make the whole living smell and feel wonderful!
2015-10-27 14.55.01

Then I moved on to playing with and smelling each of the oils themselves. As I sat with my product information card and the adorable bottles, I began to see the potential. My crafty, tinker gnome mind went into overdrive as I realized all the ways I could use these oils. I began to wonder how I get ALL of the oils Young Living sells. The beautiful part is that there is no gimmick. No fancy-schamcy way to sell these beauties or even make them useful. Each of those bottles feels like a needed friend, like the way I feel about my stash of crystals and my BFF’s. Once you experience what these oils can do for you, you’ll get it. You’ll want your own little treasure chest of oily goodness.

And I didn’t even mention the cost value of the kit. I paid $160 for my box and the diffuser…and that was $160 to start selling these oils too, not just for the kit itself. That’s a good deal in today’s MLM market itself, I’ve heard some starter kits going for way way way more. But that’s also the price for a chest full of wellness supporting supplements that my body will LOVE! Sure the bottles look little, but when you’re only using a drop or two at a time, the cost doesn’t feel like an issue because they are effective AND they last. There are quite a few options for getting a starter kit too, the basic starter kit, with no diffuser, no other health

And a side note, these essential oils are super concentrated, you really only need a few drops. While I was waiting for my kit, I had used the sample of peppermint oil in my coffee one day….WOWZERS was it strong. My whole family smelled peppermint for the next four hours, which is not necessarily a bad thing, just way too much for one cup of coffee. I could have used half, maybe less than the little sample provided!

Value: priceless!!

Quality: priceless!

My wellbeing: priceless!

If you’re interested in selling and using these oils yourself, get a starter kit!

If you don’t care about selling, but really want to get into essential oils and their benefits, get a starter kit!

Click on the graphic below and then navigate to the home-based business opportunity section!

I want my own kit! copy

If you need help getting signed up or selecting a kit, contact me!!

Feeding the high vibe


This has been a wicked year. I’m probably not the only one. Sooo much change all at once, so many things I would love to have the time and heart to resist. But all I have the time and heart for is being me, and being present with my feelings. Most of the time. Today I have a little extra to give. Today I choose to raise the vibe.

This weekend we went to one of my favorite places in the world. The energy there always affects me, always brings me up and brings me to new places within myself.  While I was there I made a few choices. I chose to continue to attempt to raise the vibration, the love, the feelings in my own life. Not because bad things aren’t happening already, not because I’m not in pain. But because it’s what’s needed, it feel good. It’s what I desire above all else, that feeling of being one with the light I see and feel as a sensitive. To that open, honest with myself, even while experiencing pain.

The greatest danger to most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.


I’ve rarely been one to dream small. But pain has a funny way of making us contract and focus all at the same time. Living by morels, ethics, center of light, cannot stop pain from happening. Painful things will happen. Our souls and energy will shrink back down, to “safe levels” of being. But in the end, I am left with the question, “What would make this experience worth it?”

This weekend a bought a small stash of items, tools to shift and rise up. Did I need them? No, they were simply things. But the pink Himalayan salt, the quartz votive holder, the magnetic stone, and the white sage soap are all tools for cleansing, releasing, and building the flow back up.  Even though I was called to take these things home with me this weekend in my fav little town, I know I am simply answer a deeper, internal, call from my guides and guardians. I am feeding the higher vibrations, making room for them to take root.

Our guides and guardians are there to push us beyond the immediate experience we are in, to ask the deeper questions and to keep us on our own path of shift, transformation, transmutation. You are not your pain or your circumstances. You are and always were, so much more than that. Can you imagine how much stronger you will be when you are ready to release the pain you are feeling now?

How will you transmute your pain into something full of light?

Tell me in the comments below, how are you going to raise your vibe?

Have you hit the fall wall?

eclipse image copy

Let me guess, you never heard of the Fall Wall. Well let me tell you a little more about myself.

My life-long friend and I spent a lot of time outdoors in the woods. As the seasons and years passed we noticed how differently the seasons made, not just our moods, but our bodies and energies run. Spring seemed to be a time of leg work and preparation. Summer had you running light and breezy (or at least wishing for a breeze in the humid Pennsylvania heat). Winter was slow, comfortable, and sacred, allowing one to dream in the dark space between growing and blooming. We loved (and still love) Fall. It always seemed, no matter how magickal, and re-energizing the Fall felt, the fall presented some kind of soul challenge. Perhaps all the seasons do in their own way, like discerning what seeds to plant in the fall, making the most of your light in the Summer, and the Winter is for honing dreams. But Fall Wall as we came to name it, always seemed to become existential quickly. This Fall wall seemed to question the fruits of the years labor and our plans for investment of those rewards. It asked to us to assess, was it all worth it? The anticipation, the labor, the wishing, the longing, etc…

It’s about as great as it sounds. life is going swimmingly then WHAM you hit the Fall Wall.

From there you face doubt, struggle, and all the goals and wished that have yet to come true. You keep hitting until you one day you find the key, the one thing you were missing. Or perhaps it was something you forgot about it. Either way this year, 2015, your Fall Wall has a chance to blow wide open with the series of eclipses that are ending this week.

Are you ready to let go and get back on the road to where you NEED to be going?

What are going ready to release during this Eclipse? Ready, set, leave a comment!!

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