Why the intuitive Yes sometimes leads to a fail: Part 2 of spiritual discernment for the soulful biz series

Learning a little discernment around your empathic and intuitive signals can go a long way to helping stay in flow and in attunement with your inner biz priestess. In part 1 of this series I broke down the basic three types of intuitive guidance or signals we all experience. In this article we'll look at some of the reasons something which felt so good, so amazing when it came through didn't pan out in the end.


The one thing we have to remember, which we talked about in the last article, is that all guidance in meant to be acted on in the moment. But once you've made some steps on the magickal feeling idea, you are now in a different place with it. Does that mean your new project could suddenly become a no-go?

Quite possibly.

It would depend on what you discovered in your last steps of inspired action.

The biggest problem is that we seem to default to this idea that a stupendously feeling green light signal is true always and forever after that moment.  If we are totally on board with the idea, we also seem to default to the idea that a green light means we will succeed or that our project will be the bestest thing ever in the history of good ideas.

We resist the knowing that all ideas need to be developed, honed, refined, worked at. We want our successes to come easily, so we assume that a green light means we have a project that will be a homerun. While very generally speaking, this could be true. We could continue to get green light through all phases of the project and things might just turn out pretty darn spanking for us. 

Most of the time it doesn't. Most of the time a "no" signal or a "hmmm...maybe" signal creeps us on us and we don't even realize it.  We don't realize it because we think we're stuck, have writers block, can't figure something out, our follow through has petered out, or we have lost focus. With that comes the stories about how it's all about our value, worth, or intelligence. 

An intuitive maybe does not mean no or stop

Those "maybe" signals aren't personal. Those signals have nothing to do with your those stories you tell yourself about why you feel stuck, unsure, unclear, or in resistance. It's much more simple than we make it. 

A "maybe" signal isn't a stop signal or a "no, don't do this." It's a "go slow" signal, "recheck the map" signal, "you're taking this too seriously" signal, or "you need to talk to people about this" signal. Maybe feelings mean that something off and needs to be corrected. But that doesn't mean your project or idea is garbage. It just needs to be worked or developed more. 


An intuitive “maybe” does not mean NO or STOP. Click To Tweet

The intuitive maybe could mean...

The "No" or "don't go there" signal is a strong signal. Our guard will go up, we will reject the idea outright, it's instinctual. Both the "go signal and the "stop" signal are strong and clear so we recognize them easily. It's everything in between hard "yes" and "no" that trips us up. Any uncomfortable feeling less than that hard "no", is a maybe signal.

A lot of times our personal stories can muddle what is a rather straightforward piece of guidance. If we can take a step back from making a conclusion about our worth and understand, so that we understand that we are simply being asked to reconsider something or make a tweak to how we are talking or creating our new idea, we won't feel stuck nearly as much.


As we continue in this series of Spiritual Discernment for the Soulful Biz, we'll take a deeper look at how to further step into role of biz priestess and make powerful choices for the temples of service we are building.

Weekly Guidance: May 1st: Dare to Create

Chiron (the healer), Saturn retro (King of Karma), and a planetary kite formation begin the week on a special note where we are getting ready to receive the bigger picture. What we are holding close to our heart this week, is what guidance will be coming through for. Mercury is moving  direct this week, and we once we start getting the deets of the bigger picture we should be ready to make things happen. The thin veil remains in our favor, so dreams, daydreams, visions, direct guidance...the cosmic honey can come through to you this week to bring your vision to a bigger, larger, more up-leveled guiding star for you to follow.

Elizabeth Peru thinks this month is going to be one where we come into our own knowing stronger. And this week we are called to step into our power and command the resources, vision, and your own creative spark to begin laying the groundwork and planting the seeds for your ideas for long-term support and sustainability in your life, relationships, and finances.

Your ability to create isn't just some gift or talent, it's your destiny and your birthright. Dare to create, for when you do you touch the most Divine part of your essence!

Cards Drawn

Details, Details

You were born to create

The Emperor


Thought for the week

Dare to Create!

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Weekly Guidance: March 20th: Allow your heart to lead

weekly guidance march 20 allow your heart to lead

Happy Spring and Equinox!!

As the light now finally equals the dark and is about to over take the presence of night in our lives, we are called to reflect on what it is we actually desire and how well our life aligns with our dreams.

This week will either be enlightening and supportive or this week will feel as if the world is about to come crashing down around your ears. The reflective nature of the energies this week may have us feeling somewhat disappointed, frustration, or even urgency because life doesn't match what we envision. There may even be the feeling of having to withdraw so we can focus on what our internal landscape. 

The key to the week ahead lies in your wholeheartedness, not your ability to control events or people. It is also in our ability to stay in tune with the people and events around us. The Bone collector this week came up to remind us that we are never "not enough" or "lacking". Our Divine selves exists to keep us connected to the unconditional love, support, comfort, and validation we could ever need. Even if those experience only exist in our internal world.

As we receive guidance as to where we need more work in our daily manifestation of our dreams (walking our talk, following our passion), we need to keep in mind that everyone we love and meet is going to through the same kind of reflection. Everyone has dreams...or at least once had. As we are taking the week to tune better to the spots that still feel a little tender, the Dragon from the messenger oracle deck asks to have patience with ourselves and others. As we draw to a close on the equinox later in the week, Mercury is preparing to go retrograde. Communication is especially important, as is finding the right words. There is always a way to speak to someone that is respectful and healing! So let your heart and sense of oneness lead you this week!

Cards Drawn

4 of Cups

Bone Collector


Weekly Reflection

Allow your heart to lead.

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Weekly Guidance: Jan. 16th 17: synchronicity and destiny

weekly guidance jan 16, 17:

I don’t believe in the mainstream idea of synchronicity. I don’t believe for a minute that things just happen to us. I agree it seems that way when we aren’t consciously acting with intention, but that isn’t reality. What happens to us is a direct, even if sometimes delayed, consequence of our actions and choices. Even if we choose to refrain from action, there are still consequences. In any case, this week ahead will seem as if we are basking in the glow in the intentions we set after such an amazingly intuitive week. The sense of synchronicity will abound!!

Try not to let your dreams and visions take you too far into the future. I know it can be easy to want to rush ahead to the spectacular thing we see happening in our mind’s eye, but those things aren’t reality….yet. Especially in this week, they won’t be reality unless we live it moment by moment. Daydreaming about it doesn’t count as much as action will. Bring your dreams home now, not later. Be the rockstar ___________ you see yourself becoming, make your next step choices from that place within yourself. That energy is what is going to make your visions into reality!

The seeds of your destiny have to be nourished in each moment, and so we also need to make sure each moment is nourishing! While you are plotting, planning, and basking in mama moon’s serene glow, do it from a sacred bath, a decked out altar space, or even in a sacred grove.  Lastly Loves, don’t forget to be grateful. This dream you have is so special, so sacred, and entrusted to you, that gratitude for being in this perfect place, at the perfect time might be flowing from lips! Let it course out of you!

Be your destiny.

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Weekly Guidance: December 5th: open and expand

I am open to the what the Universe needs to me to know and I commit to my expansion into my Divine Self!


As the last supermoon of 2016 inches closer, the energies from the stars and planets are going to amping up as well. This will not be a week to sit idly by, this is going to be a week of clear and present connection with your Divine-self. You might get the feeling you’re being a bold, out-there, or even daring, but don’t fall into resistance or fear.

Retrograde is also going to be starting soon, and the clarity that is coming through this week might not feel so easy and flowing then. It’s not Mercury that is messing with us, but rather we become more sensitive and aware of the communication, signs, and signals that are around us. Whether it’s from the Universe, our boss, our kids, it can be easy to slip into communication and idea overload. Because Mercury retrograde, generally speaking, has us focusing on our clarity, it’s natural that there are times during this intense period that we’re going to feel doubtful. So let the strong dreams of this week, inspire you well until the end of the month and into the New Year.

If you’re into planning systems or even Desire mapping, this is the week to focus on that kind of present into the immediate future sort of divination. Any kind of dream life, business, or project planning should come as easily as water over a cliff. Record, record, record this week, as retrograde begins the 18th!!!! We’ll have a good two weeks of being able to ground and clarify our guidance into long and short terms plans and goals then!!

Weekly Affirmation:

I am open to the what the Universe needs to me to know and I commit to my expansion into my Divine Self!

Caring is sharing!

I am open to the what the Universe needs to me to know and I commit to my expansion into my Divine Self! Click To Tweet

I am open to the what the Universe needs to me to know and I commit to my expansion into my Divine Self!

Weekly Guidance: Oct. 24th: You are the dream

weekly guidance oct 24th harmony

This is not a week to allow our fears to stop us from doing what we know is right. It’s not a time to lay off the gas pedal for any reason. Fear and ego might seem to be throwing up all sort of warning signs and signals, but these are only as powerful as we allow them to be. They are only as meaningful as the meaning we give them. They can either be guidance as where we need to balance our action and mindset or they can be our undoing. It is entirely your choice.

But loves, be clear. Be clear and decisive about your action this week. The Universe is ready to give us what we are willing to embody. And while we are talking about clarity, this week we need to spend the time asking what is going to be right action, what action we will be able to take from our center for the better of us and all.

Guidance echoes through me this, for perhaps myself, but what is for is also for each of us. We are all connected, and what raises one, raises the whole. The Guidance is this:

The dream or vision only as real as you make it.

The dream or vision only as real as you make it. Click To Tweet

Let us walk in our dream this week, not because we are faking it, but because we are ready to BE.

You are ready to be that energy in the world.

Weekly Guidance: August 8th: Nourish, love, create

weekly guidance: nourish, love, create

The energy of the this week can be wild and expansive, if we are coming from our center. If the energy feels uncomfortable, pay attention to your needs first. Be the wild mother unafraid to create, to express, and to nurture what needs it. Goddess energy, while unafraid to embrace to the dance of life and love, also needs to be coming from her strong personal center. She is unafraid to be who she is in the middle of everything going on. In fact, it’s really her sole goal. Her self knowledge and mastery come before external dreams and accomplishment. She is brave, able to pursue her dreams like a huntress, yet loving and able to bring new things forth in the Universe acting her on her intuition. This week with it’s big energy, requires this kind of big crazy love.

Things are going to get moving a grooving this week, meetings will spark inspiration or clearing of past issues or misconceptions. It might also feel like a party or reunion the closer we get to Mercury retrograde. This week the “Come together” card has several layers to its meaning. The first layer is the people aspect of us coming into the shadow of the retrograde, which could bring people from your past up for review. The second layer is that with the big energy of the week, things and your life might as if it/they are coming together. Over the weekend, the coming together theme is present as we enjoy the meteor showers, raining down possibility and Soul purpose messages. The last layer of coming together is the Universe will seem especially receptive to us over this next month. Be clear on what you want to see happen, and take the time to relish in your co-creation as things fall into place for you.

Take the rest, stay-cation you need as the energy sparks around you. Stay hydrated and eat well, staying in balance and in center is the key to success and getting in-tune with the higher vibes of the week. But don’t forget to let your hair down and lean into your dreams, tap into the Divine Creatrix side of you.


So this week’s guidance in a nutshell, Love big and love hard!!


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Expanding into your dreams: achieving without striving

expand into your dreams


For a few years now I have been struggling to realize my dreams for my business. Around last November I signed up for a course from the Amazing Shirly Joy Weiss where I was learning and re-learning how access my own Divine wisdom and use it to really refine my business process and understanding of my offerings. For most the program I struggled to really ground the Divine Awesome Woo Woo messages down to something, like what to say in a newsletter or Social Network post.

It was those little things that I really off about. And I would hear the wisdom asking me to just keep calm, keep in center, keep up the daily practice of opening, filling up on source, asking, and listening. I knew in my heart that I was going somewhere with all of this, with rummaging around my creative process to find the right words, the right sentiment, the right…well, any sort of inspiration.

One of the first things Shirly talked to me about was staying in center. And my too-literal-at-times brain, said “got it. I’ll sit right in my deep center and I’ll try not move from there.” But as we were asked to do homework and challenges…well, that kind of action was so hard to do coming from a deep, centered, and, in my brain, a seated position. How do you “do” without striving? How to do create action and movement from the still center of being-ness?

The video below, I think, shows a mini-revelation to this predicament. Conditioning the body. Just like an athlete would, but for holding more light, more soul, more YOU. It should never be about moving from center to go and “do” something. It should be about expanding your sense of self, letting in more self and soul, to be expanded enough to encompass what we would like to do.


Sometimes that expansion will take some discomfort, some growing pains. We might have to integrate our “shadow” side or fears in order to gain enough presence to encompass our dreams and goals. And we might be afraid still, but the more we let ourselves into our bodies and into the world, the more clarity we will have of negative thought patterns that need to be healed, and more love for ourselves. As Shirly taught and I have come see clearly, fear and love cannot exist in the same place. The more love we let in, the more love there will be to work from and with. We will have arrived at our dream destination because we have expanded our capacity to love ourselves beyond our old limited thinking of who once thought we were.

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