Weekly Guidance: August 21st, 2017: Learn to embody higher energies

Learn to embody higher energies.


Happy Eclipse and New Moon!! 

The Moon card came forward this week to remind us to go inward.  Solar eclipses happen during New Moons, and new moons are all about release and integration of shadow. And it's new moon in Leo. So we're going to get bold, bold enough to confront our past and move through it. Bold enough to let go of things we never thought we would be to release because they formed such a strong lesson point in our lives. But even good lessons sometimes need to be let go, so that we can begin taking in new lessons and deeper lessons.

As we roll into Tuesday (some parts of the world will still be in Eclipse energy) we'll have a master day after our revelations. While master days are typically days where we are being asked to stand for ourselves and our work, we're still in Mercury retrograde. So this might be an excellent day to try something new or trying things in a new ways. It might well very be a day when you can let go some bad past experiences and try something that felt like "failure"  or "hurt" before with new eyes and heart.

The Messenger Oracle card, "Respect your Boundaries" and the Enchanted Map deck "Come together", show that while things might be lifting, we still need to make sure we are leaving ourselves the time and space to finish the inner shifts we have begun. That might include some extra alone time, daily practice "work", and making appointments with uplifting friends and peers for some planning and dreaming time. We are still in an energy of being able to experiment with different changes, but as Saturn goes direct over the weekend we'll come a point where we'll be able to make more solid choices. And once we are really able to get some momentum going, we can be more ready for meeting the world as it is again.

Vesta rounds the reading for the week. The message "Your household situation is improving, either through a move or a healthy change in the occupants." isn't entirely literal. While relationships, authority, and trust might have brought some issues to the home-front, this season hasn't had the "homey" energy that we had in June and at the beginning of the year. But the message is certainly poignant, in that life in general is going to improve and flow easier, as the week goes on, as we begin to integrate and get real with all the changes and shifts this eclipse has brought for you. 

Remember to take some time for embracing the sacredness of your life and this time of year!


And here's part 2


Cards drawn

Vesta: Your household situation is improving either through a move or a healthy change in the occupants.

Coming Together

The Moon

Respect your Boundaries

Thought of the week

Learn to embody higher energies.

Learn to embody higher energies. Click To Tweet

What does this mean for the intuitive biz Goddess?

This week should be geared toward things like:

  • Building some new or improved action plans with your clients.
  • Refreshing your marketing plans and opportunities to "get out there in the spotlight".
  • New product ideas or ways to serve your following might hit you out of the blue.
  • Since we're not out of Merc Retro yet, we still have two weeks to go, this is the time to make sure your clients are being realistic about their new plans, ideas, and changes. It's at time to help your clients research and experiment with trying new things out. Don't commit to action plans and huge investments of time and money now unless flexibility is part of the desire for the project or idea. If something more stable is desired, wait until after Merc goes direct in early September to solidify plans.

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Learn to embody higher energies.


What to do when you’re unsure: Spiritual discernment for biz goddesses part 3

Learning a little discernment around your empathic and intuitive signals can go a long way to helping stay in flow and in attunement with your inner biz priestess. In part 2 of this series, we talked all about what it might feel like to get an intuitive "maybe" signal. In this part, part 3, we'll dive a little deeper into what to do when you're maybes are stronger than your yes or no signals.


When you've gotten into a place where you have more "maybe" signals than direct "yes" or "no", the mind kicks in to rebel against being in the position of not knowing the answer.

The mind will tell you that you are:

Blocked Frustrated
Overwhelmed Writer's block
Confused Not clear

And while, yes, it does feel frustrating to be "blocked", those stories about why you can't simply move forward, make a choice, don't help you discern what to do next.

From an energetic perspective, a quandry of "maybe" signals can easily create a situation where we are paralyzed, overcome stagnant energy. The best cure for stagnant energy is to create movement!

The thing is "maybe" is not the problem we think it is. We have a tendency to jump to the conclusion that maybe means "no", simply because it's not an immediate yes. We shrink back because we’ve got some story or excuse about why it’s not an instant go, when we should be making the small choices we are sure about, and looking for patterns in the rest. We need to learn to work our own process for coming to intuitive clarity instead of stopping.

We have be open to potential in order to see it more clearly.  As entrepreneurs we can't afford to be afraid of the bigness of the vision before you, the work it might take, or the depth of the project. It all has to be completed in the moment, piece by piece, word by word. You owe it to yourself to take a step back and get back to being open, because maybe means there is potential waiting for you to more clearly tap into.

Getting many maybe's is actually part of your intuitive process. It doesn't mean your idea sucks, that you are a hack, or that you are worthless because you have no follow through. That state of unsurity only means you have yet to see the bigger picture. While it feels more natural to shrink away from the uncomfortable unknown, we can't shrink in the face of maybe's.  We have grow, grow our vision larger, our idea of who we are and what we are capable of.

Open to potential. Click To Tweet


The biggest tip I stand behind is that of paying attention to your own process. Understanding how you already work your intuitive and creative problems solving process can help you create rituals to keep you flowing.

  • What do you usually do to get clarity?
  • When do your best ideas seem to hit you?
  • What are you doing or even when during the day do your brightest a-ha moments dawn on you? 
  • Are there any patterns in this that you can learn to play with to create a more flowing connection to your intuitive guidance?

Thanks for following this series on Spiritual Discernment for the Soulful Biz!

You can click here to see Part 1: A Quick Guide to Intuitive Insights  and here to see Part 2: Why the IntuitiveYES sometimes leads to failure  to better refine your understanding of intuitive signals and how to interpret them more clearly.

Weekly Guidance: June 5th, 2017: Personal power only exists in the present moment.

Personal power only exists in the present moment.

We are gearing up for another energy reset on Thursday, when the moon goes full and Jupiter goes direct. Over the weekend things will lighten up, but on the 16th Neptune is going to go retro and bring with karmic lessons.  We should be looking to use the next 9 days to create as much forward movement as we can. It's not that work will necessarily stop when Neptune turns, but whatever karmic fears and baggage we bring into that period could be intensified both during and then right after the retrograde. 

As the Summer warms up and we head toward that full moon on Thursday, Brigit reminds us to hold our ground. But as usual, the Universe wants us to try to do this without having to resort to anger and tantrums. This is more about holding our power and personal responsibility (Kind of Pents) in alignment with a deeper understanding of our awareness of circumstances (Wizard of Awareness). In order for to float kind of smoothly through the Neptune retro, we have have to get our shit in alignment these next 9 days. Feeding our internal insecurities and fears (know your fears) isn't going to help us the rest of the month if we don't hold our ground now. 

The key is in being proactive about things we would rather avoid or procrastinate on. This week we need use the good energies that are and will flowing to tie up loose ends, take care of details, and bust through some of the thing you've been putting off. It's a week to nine days of strategic action. Set your boundaries, don't sweat the small stuff, and say what you mean to say. If fears come up, plan around them, don't simply ignore them or let them take full control of your actions.

The biggest point behind personal development and evolution is not to never have bad days again, but rather to come a point of integration with our fears and our ability to plan and move forward. It's the integration of the primal mind with the rational mind. Our fears are every bit as sacred as our logic and rationale, but when we use our fear to inform our process, proactively, we begin to transcend and transmute our old lives.  We've got nine days to bust up some of the patterns and fears we have still been holding onto. The energy of this will week will bring our personal empowerment home to live within us. 

Any flights of fancy or escapism during these nine days could be an influence of Neptune as it's preparing to turn, so always come back to the question "What can I do about that right now?" to help ground you into the present moment.

Cards drawn

Brigit- Don't back down

Know your fears

King of Pentacles

Wizard of Awareness

Thought of the week

Personal power only exists in the present moment.

Personal power only exists in the present moment. Click To Tweet

What does this mean for your biz?

This week should be geared toward things like:

  • Batching out your content, emails, blog posts, social media posts, etc...
  • Settling any unresolved issues, taxes, missed payments, any sort of conflict or unknown status.
  • Trouble shooting.
  • Listening to soul for any guidance on your biz alignment. With this being a micro-full moon the internal voice could still feel amplified, like it has through the super new moons. 


As we look toward what clients might need more focus on, you might find they need help around:

  • A gentle push to face their problems head on.
  • Figuring out how to stand in their power in the face of family or work family pressures.
  • How to stay moving and proactive when things get rocky and stormy.


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personal power only exists in the present moment

Weekly guidance: Oct. 10th: Magick is afoot!

weekly guidance oct 10 release struggle

This week we get a taste of the super-moon 2016 season. This season is going to ask us to dig deep in a way we haven’t experienced since the beginning of the year. I have been missing this energy, as I usually find it easy to establish a good stride in the type of energy coming. The cards drawn for this week are pretty straightforward. There is magick afoot and it’s our job to stay in center and ride that cosmic wave. Our self-care and eye for sustainability (of energy and time) is the focus of this coming week and full moon. The moon-beamy energy and the energy of this month’s meteor showers is going being a watery, emotional, dream-like quality to our guidance and manifestations.

Memories of good times past will serve a message from spirit to ask to look at what we are making time for in our new eclipse-influenced patterns and lifestyle. Relationships seem to be coming into focus, as we will see clearly how to round out our new lifestyle with more connection and space around our doings. The call for more being instead of doing is going to be a common theme. Spirit messages will flow toward us like spring melt rising the river banks and we need to stay on top of the soul and spirit communication coming through right now, lest we take it for granted. If you follow my work, the best way to stay on of such things is through relaxation and self-care. To care for self is to care for Soul.

This month and week will have a great deal of priority sorting to do. The hectic motions of the full moon and October will have us thinking about the “how” of sustainability for long term plans. Don’t be tempted to jump into the future or compare your place in your path with another’s place. We cannot move forward with our plans and destiny without passing through this moment and place in time. Make no mistake that we are being called to adjust, put quality over quantity. But this is not meant to be a message to stop what we are doing, it is not meant as discouragement. Time is our side, even if might not be passing as you expected it to. Keep slow and steady, and enjoy the ebbs and flows this week has to offer! Don’t sweat the small stuff and shift your focus inward to appreciate how far you’ve come!!


Weekly Guidance:


Weekly Guidance: Oct. 10th: Magick is afoot, listen for its rhythm. Dance in the flow! Click To Tweet


magick is afoot, listen for its rhythm. Dance in the flow!

Weekly Guidance: September 19th: Be the master, set your intentions

weekly guidance sept 19 you are the master


You are the master, set your intentions:

Wow, what a ride this month has been. As we week to close up September over the coming week and half, things will begin to settle out. For those who have stayed open to personal upgrades , we could be operating from a whole new level. The stories I have heard from others this month have ranged from health crises to money hiccups, to one tech issue after the other.  For me this month has brought a renewed commitment to being open and flexible. But each of stories I have heard have had to do with our approaches to life. Whether you are changing your self-care attitude or your receiving from the Universe, this month is about making our lives better. And in that, this week is a call to keep up the new lessons that we have learned.

The first few days look a little bumpy, so we need to slow down, stay in our center, and practice our grounding and centering. As the lunar energies begin to ebb and Mercury goes direct this week, we will see some of the intensity  lift. The sense of being taught a lesson or walking the tight rope to stay will begin to ease. We will be able to open up more freely to our dreams again and taking a more relaxed stance. Before we get there though, we will need to get clear on our intentions for the week!

The Fool, for this week, indicates to approach the week from a place of love and trust. It also speaks to an innocence we find when first begin something.  That innocence, where we do not judge events because we don’t yet know how it will play out. That fresh perspective and openness to finding a new rhythm will give you power this week!

Here is a quick guide to setting powerful weekly intentions:

  1. Come to center and rest in conscious quietness.
  2. After a few minutes of restful quietness, bring your attention the week ahead. Ask for specific guidance.
  3. Hold your goals for the week and/or day in your awareness and allow the energy of the perfect harmonious solution. Notice any differences in approach, mindset, or attitude. These difference will guide you to what is needed for you to be in alignment with the harmonious resolution.
  4. Take a few minutes to form some powerful words about your intentions.  Embrace energies and shifts needed for this harmonious solution to manifest. Speak those words, release the emotions, thoughts, and energy you may have generated in this exercise.
  5. Go back to quiet consciousness, loving and releasing anything thoughts about the outcome of our situation, resting in the energy you were guided to embody.
  6. When ready to meet the day, don’t forget to record any guidance or feelings you might have experienced in your meditation. Remain open to potentials for how your intentions can manifest.







What is Centering?

what is centering

Drum roll please…this month is all about centering.

I like doing these blog series because it allows me to take a deep dive into a subject. In that deep dive I can provide more than just simple instruction that may or may not make sense. For me what is usually most important is not what goes on the surface. It is the inner state that needs to be worked on and with for the surface to reflection to become more clear or more understandable. I also love taking deep dives into the foundational practices behind living a spiritual life. Without a deeper understand of what is going on behind the scenes we run into the problem of simply going through the motions.

That being said, centering is a heck of a lot more than simply gathering your thoughts or coming to a zen point of releasing thought. It’s even more than gathering your energy around you. I haven’t met a Llewellyn book yet that adequately covers the practice of centering. It’s not simply a meditation or even mental concept to ruminate about. It is an active practice. It is also a practice that one practices many times though out the day. Centering is often talked about in terms of the side effects or the first steps to getting there.

  • Quieting the mind and recognizing ego stories
  • Feeling safe and comfortable
  • Releasing blocks and pain

But those things aren’t the whole of centering.

Centering is allowing Soul back into body, to be in holistically in alignment, so that our natural power, Wisdom, Love, and Presence can flow freely.

Centering is allowing Soul back into body, to be in holistically in alignment, so that our natural power, Wisdom, Love, and Presence can flow freely. Click To Tweet


Being centered is our natural state of being. It it how we were born into this world, and it has bee only through learning to fear that we have left behind that which is truly authentic about us. So many of us have the tendency to want to hold soul separate from body. I’ll talk more about this in a future post. But for now I will simply state that Soul needs to be in body (even if its a bit of a contradiction to the literal mind). And that that there is no separation in our Divinity between Soul and Body. They are one in the same, parts of a higher being. Centering happens when we accept and recognize our Divine spark-self, and begin letting that drive the bus.

While is our most natural state of being, we are taught that spiritual people do not feel anger and no not feel depressed or lonely or jealous. And because we feel these things, instead of recognizing the common experience of pain, we think there is something wrong with us. Because of ego, fear, we begin to believe that our feelings and innate worth is definitely less than Divine. No matter how lost or broken we might feel, (or ego causes us to feel) there is never a separation of Soul and Body, self and the innate Divinity we were all born with. There cannot be. If it feels like Soul is far from body, please recognize that this is an illusion that is not true on any level.

Since I have digressed into the esoteric a bit, let’s back to the practical side of centering. I often find it’s easier to go about understanding things of spiritual nature by first looking at what I know feels wrong or what makes my body/mind feel worse.

Symptoms of being Uncentered:

  • Stress and overwhelm
  • Worry
  • Panic
  • Manic planning
  • Indecision
  • Loosing time or time speeding up
  • Cyclical patterns of sadness, disconnection, or a sense of loss or loneliness
  • Stuck in “trying to figure something out”
  • Caught in the blame game, pity me, or self-sabotage
  • loss of motivation, procrastination


aligned soul is fuel


When Soul is embodied, all these little ego traps don’t work to stop us or get us hung up because Soul is literally the juice that moves us to Wiser and Clearer thinking. When we get Soul in alignment with the rest of us, it is the fuel for genius, creativity, inspiration, and motivation. When our full self is in alignment, we are act from our inner guidance system. That inner guidance system can only be fully activated when Soul in the house, so to speak. The guidance is always present, but it is our in-soul-ment that seems like it’s running off and on again. The one thing I had to experience to believe was that the connection to Soul and Divine is always present, I just had to meet it in the present. I realize I had to be consistent, not the other way around.




This is just the beginning of understanding the practice of Centering, and I hope you will stay tuned for the rest of the series! Don’t forget you can sign up for my newsletter to get my newest posts delivered to your inbox, plus you’ll get the Sensitive’s Essential Thriving Kit free!

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Vlog: An intuitive mastery tip for when you can’t read your own potential

intuitive mastery tip

For being a knower, someone who knows things about the world and the people I meet, having the intuitive mastery around being able to sense out my own potentials can be frustrating. I know I’m not the only one out there! I’ve often heard those just budding in their sensitivities complain how their gifts works so easily for others, but they cannot seem to pin down anything detailed about themselves and their path.

Take a look at this little vlog for a more detailed explanation, but in short I think when it comes to intuitive mastery I think we have to come to point where we recognize that sharing is part and parcel of our gift. The intuitive flow opens so easily when there are two or more investing their energy into a reading or a working. So to me it seems that if we cannot connect with what nudges or vision there might be for us about our own potential, it is because we have closed down out of fear and it is time to open back up by sharing.


We aren't given the gifts like empathy and intuitiveness to sit alone with them, we are meant to share them.That sharing will open the flow for yourself and others. Click To Tweet

May Cause Miracles: Day 8 Self Inflicted Fear

self inflicted fear causes us to judge harshly


In Day 8 Gabrielle speaks about the habit of turning to self inflicted fear when we allow ego and fear to run the show of our lives. As I have been coming deeper and deeper into the present moment on a daily and consistent basis, the interruption of fear has been so much more glaring. There had been a long (-ish) point in time where I didn’t know which thoughts were real, the dark, hopeless ones or the hopeful ones. Coming into understanding of my own true nature, of that presence which is ever constant behind all the drama and struggle that can often seem to occur in daily life has proved to me many time over that it had never been about hope or hopelessness. The struggle had been about coming to recognize the fear I was continually creating in myself.

What really began finally breaking the hold that fear had in me, was the realization that fear spoke nothing of what I knew of the Divine, in fact it spoke of the world as if the Divine did not exist or as it were wishful thinking. Even in the face of an intuitive hit, my fear would try to talk it’s way of our of having to make courageous choices. It would dredge up the past, as if that were real proof that my future would turn out the same…even after my circumstances had completely altered to the point where those past experiences couldn’t happen again. The glaringness of my myopic ego became clearer and clearer, as I felt and responded to my guidance. Fear had seemed so real, all the feeling rolling around in my stomach, the weight on my shoulders…the experience of it had been so captivating…but it was utterly created.

My fears did not exist outside my mind. And neither do yours. Click To Tweet

Don’t get me wrong, fear exists in all people. But it’s never, ever, really the same fear. It’s never the same, because only we can create our own hell states, our own triggers, our own fear, and our own judgments and ego-stories about how and how we turned out the way we did. The judgment we make when we let fear run our lives, creates our problems, our struggles, and our pain. But an instant of clarity, an ounce for self-forgiveness for having been fearful, set us straight again.

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Guidance for week of May 16th, 2016


The Guidance for this week is to take the time to know and then take the time and energy to make decisive action.

Signs point toward the education we need, not one of the air or masculine nature, but of the more intuitive nature, the marriage between what we perceive and Truth. This week be studious about your first reactions and impression, listen closely for the soft whispers of inner guidance and  higher self. When you see that you clear, you will know what needs to be done, and you will have the strong impulse to go and do. Wait for that call, that moment of balanced, guided action.

Don’t take for granted that this is the process and game of life. These moments are not random or hit or miss. They are the consistent process by which we engage the Universe, the wise and higher forces within ourselves and in Creation. In those moments, you are your truest and most powerful self. And that version of yourself is the one the world needs the most. Perhaps in this week of high engagement with the Universe and intuition, you can come to an understanding how to be that version of yourself on a more consistent basis, how you can commit to opening more and more to your powerful, present, enlightened self.

Astrologically speaking, this weeks appears to full of energies that will might have you feeling one step forward two, two steps back. But this is why the guidance from these cards is so fitting. When timing seems to be flowing against us, or in way we don’t quite understand, in terms of making choices, the best course of action is to hold action until you feel the impulse to go forward. In that moment we are in alignment with the Divine and the Universe and our actions will have a greater magnitude.

Guidance for the week of May 16th: Know, focus, then decisively act. Click To Tweet

May Cause Miralces: Day 7 A new perception or all about self-love

self-love helps you release the blocks to who you really are

Day 7 in May Cause Miracles is a recap and look forward day. I read the intro to next week, which was all about untangling some of the myth and some of the things to expect from focusing on self-love.  My journey to self-love had been guided by practicality before my most recent awaken stage. I followed maxims and addages like only give from your overflow and don’t make promises you can’t keep as if they were self loving all by themselves. I thought that the practice of these self defending idea were evidence of a person having great self-love. Yet, continually, I wouldn’t feel self-loving, only self-limiting.  Now it’s not my intent to tell you not to follow those kinds of wisdom. My point here is that they aren’t self-loving, unless you are actually self-loving.

I realize deep self-love can be a really scary or impossible sounding idea to some people. For some, in their unawakened lives, it is so much easier to find evidence of a thousand reasons to be self-loathe. Gabby makes a good point in this chapter, as she talks about how we are biased to ourselves. We can treat our loved ones so much better, and with a lot less judgment, than we treat ourselves. Ego has a funny way of making us believe that the rules that apply to everyone, for one reason or another, shouldn’t or don’t apply to us. We are more right, less forgivable, more deeply wounded, etc…, than anyone else or at least the other person in a given conflict. Ego tells us we need to believe these things because it’s trying to save us from more hurt, more pain. Yet the minute we think or believe we are separate or different from anyone else, that the rules of the Universe apply more or the rules are different, is when we have let ego run show.

Self-love has to come from within and it has to come first or else we will always be caught up in these special rules that are guiding our lives that ego says are true. Click To Tweet

When we begin to see that the world does NOT work any different for us than others, we can see how we’ve been holding back our true potential. If Bill Gates can be successful, so can we. No one gave him special permission to do this thing. If someone can forgive you, you can forgive yourself and others. If someone can change their mindset and situation, then so can you. The potential has always been there, but our ego has allowed us to believe that somehow the rules for our lives were different than other people. But that can’t be. We all live in the same Universe!!!

Coming into the Truth about self, is seeing how we have blocked ourselves from being just like everyone else, for better or for worse. How have we held ourselves apart, contributed to our own feelings of isolation and loneliness? And what energies and ideas have believed couldn’t never work for us, because we were too different?

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