Weekly Guidance: June 26th, 2017: Be the source of all you wish for your life


So how was solstice for you??

Those amazing high vibes are going to continue for the week ahead and as we head into the last Super New Moon of 2017. A cold finally caught with me this week, and so I took the hint and took things slow. Dreams and potential have been filtering through for me. While not all of those potentials were things I would necessarily like to see come to pass for myself and my family, this month has been about getting into alignment with what is actually best for us. Considering the things that have been circling in my life and the lives of my family and friends, just about the only thing that's really holding us back from making life change is how we judged that choice in the past. Circumstances might just be shifting to places where we never thought we might go, and it's not all bad. Bad is a judgement we make, not a definite, objective quality.

The 8 of Pentacles came forward this week to remind us that sometimes we need to look at all possible solutions or choices before we will know what is actually best for our situation. Even if that might mean bankruptcy, loss of job or homes, going back to school, or illness. These are life resets, not good or bad. What we do with those circumstances is what will make those choices good or bad for us, we can't know that until we have chosen and began to walk that path. We can faith, and the 8 of pents tells us this, in ourselves, our gut, the feelings behind the dreams we are building, to make the choice that feels good for our long term growth.

The Messenger Oracle card, "Nurture what you love" is a definite indication to follow what feels good. While no one could say they would love losing a home or having to move, there might be some definite upsides that you need to keep your focus on. Is there a better, more aligned location for you to live in? Is there a way to find cheaper rent, so you could save more? Of course, moving here is just one example. But keeping our eye on the prize, like say a more sustainable lifestyle, one that feels like freedom and security, could what you really need and will keep you from getting too down about the details surrounding the changes that don't feel the best. The phrase "look for the silver lining" is more than a cliche, it's how the Universe works when we are manifesting change. 

The better and stronger we can reflect the changes we want to see happen, from a soul level, the easier they will manifest in our lives. You can't fake it. You actually need to be able to generate that level of feeling where you are right now. This week could be very supportive of that level of manifestation and change. Spark, from the Enchanted Map deck, and Sarasvarti, from the Goddess Guidance Oracle deck, are all about inspiration, creativity, and expression. Use the arts to explore your feelings this week, re-work your vision board, create an amulet to help to focus on the feelings behind your dreams, write a little ritual for New Moon to help you release what stands in your way from being in the gorgeous energy you want for your life. Neptune is egging our sense of spirituality to go deeper, spirituality and creativity have a wonderful synergy together that could create great strides in what you are look to bring into your life. 

Cards drawn

Sarasvati- express yourself through the creative arts

Nurture all that you Love

8 of Pentacles


Thought of the week

Be the source of all you wish for your life.

Be the source of all you wish for your life. Click To Tweet

What does this mean for the intuitive biz Goddess?

This week should be geared toward things like:

  • Researching programs or classes you would like to save for.
  • Making sure your systems actually support what you are trying to do and meet your ROI standards. Additional automation might be a real task for you this week.
  • Looking ahead, with new thoughts, to rest of the year and into next year.
  • Getting down to the nitty gritty of what you actually need to get clients and run your biz.


As we look toward what clients might need more focus on, you might find they need help around:

  • How to begin a life up-level and how to work dreams into a plan.
  • How to be more accountable and take bigger or more strategic action in their lives.
  • How to get back to spiritual and personal growth.
  • Choice discernment.


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8 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Personal Rewards System


Being an empath, my focus in life naturally falls to others. I do this so much, that when I am on task, polishing off to-do items, that I think nothing of sharing or celebrating my own successes! For instance, last year I finished writing a rough draft of my first fantasy novel. I told no one. I was excited, for sure, but I didn’t even stop to celebrate that. I jumped straight into first draft edits and allowed the momentary excitement to pass as I got back into writing. About two weeks later, I began to process what happened and let it incidentally slip out that  I had finished my rough draft and that I was excited about that. I wasn’t trying to hide it, I simply wasn’t focused on my own accomplishments. My friends and family were floored I hadn’t said anything at all.

I wanted things to be different this year. I wanted to focus on feeling celebratory. I wanted to consciously count my blessings and successes, I wanted to share with others, and I wanted to more aware having to celebrate. I know all that may sound a little odd, but I am an intense person. I get focused on doing something and I can ignore most distractions, including quitting time, patting myself on the back, and stopping to accept the abundance my work creates.

One of the ways I am choosing to bring more celebration into my life is by using a rewards system that tracks points I build up by doing goal-centered things. Once I accumulate a certain amount of points, I level up (like a facebook game or video game) and get a reward of my choosing (I have of list of things I like, want, or want to do, and a randomizer that will pick the reward for me).  There are some apps for android that will help with this kind of tracking, but most are still kind of clunky or not free. I ended up creating an excel file to help me track my progress and points.

If you think you might need a rewards system for your life here’s some things to consider. A rewards system can both motivational and an accountability tool. Knowing you have to check in and knowing you will earn something you definitely want or like can get you through the minutia of most tedious daily tasks. Additionally, while nothing can replace some of the spontaneity of celebrating and the right mood striking, a rewards system is certainly a great way to count the small and large things that you can be grateful for or feel accomplishment in. Having something “down on paper” (even if on the computer or in an app) that you check into every day can be something tangible to look forward to!


Update to this post:

I no longer give myself points, but I do count tasks and have an internal rating system for how hard or easy I thought them to be. Giving myself points had been a vital step along the way because it helped me gauge where I was experiencing struggle and fear. I don’t include a points system in my book, Dreamcasting, but I do rely on attuning and reattuning to my energy keys, or if you will, Core Desired Feelings.

Over the Fall of 2016, I kept getting the guidance that “this is the reward”, meaning this moment, the chance take another breath, the chance to try again or try something new. I resisted this for a long time, as it was afraid it was settling. But it was so far from settling, it isn’t funny how I misinterpreted that guidance. Each and every moment is the reward because we have every ability to feel our desired energy keys, to tap into something greater than the task, step, or goal. My idea of Core Desired feelings, ala LaPorte, morphed into Energy Keys. Those states we are seeking are the reward, not in a future moment, but now, right now.

It took me a while to figure how to break things down for myself into bite-sized chunks of work while coming from deep center and embodied in an Energy Key, but often I found that it was not the work that was hard. It was having the clarity around my motivation. Being in an energy key isn’t simply picking a word, phrase, or feeling that sounds good. It’s about intuiting something, an idea, a concept, that is going to fuel and inform your moment, growth, and Great Work. It might seem like you are faking it, making it up, or even dreaming that those feelings are real….especially if you don’t have tangible proof that you can be in that feeling and energy. But trust it, it’s Divine Wisdom tapping you on the shoulder. It’s clarity trying to inform you about what needs to come through, a different vibe to help you find the answers to your questions.

I don’t have to see something magickal to embody and tap into magickal feelings. It’s the same thing for feeling romantic, sexy, courageous, or a little wild. Those states and energy already exist in the world around me, even if I am sitting here in my jammies. Open to those feelings, those Energy Keys, in the moment and see what happens!

I don’t plan to make these Energy Keys each and every moment, but rather I plan to give myself the space so that I can find what I need to attune to these Energy Keys. Sometimes it takes time to metabolize my feelings or find the thing that will click into place again. But even those moments are guidance, informing me what it means it be (and out) of the energy I am seeking. I plan to open to intuition and guidance and am present to see what happens when I get there, much like how Elizabeth Gilbert (of “Eat, Pray, Love” and “Big Magic” fame) is committed to simply “showing up” each day for her writing and letting her muses come and go as they will.





Here are tips for building your own rewards system:

  1. I needed both long-term and immediate rewards. It’s defeating to the system to only have larger or longer terms goals, like saving up for a vacation or a large purchase, because you have to put off your celebration until you have saved ALL the money, gotten your time off, and gotten the kids wrangled through security with ALL their stuff. Smaller rewards along the way, improve current motivation. But the anticipation for a larger reward is also compelling in the long run. Have both kinds of rewards, small (a special treat, you time, visiting with friends, quitting early) and long-term rewards (vacation, large purchase, using PTO time, etc…)
  2. Rewards don’t have to cost anything! A reward, while totally personal choice, can be easy to get as taking a day off, having a family member agree to cover a chore for you for an evening or week, getting your errands done to have the weekend free and stress-free, or even a bubble bath! What matters here is that you will look forward to doing or getting the reward, indulging in a desired Energy Key in the near now!
  3. Don’t use food, alcohol, or cigarettes as a reward. Even good-for-you food. It’s just too much of a slippery slope. Don’t even mess with it. (1)
  4. I think that connecting the reward to the task itself is a nice way to have your hard work and motivation build on itself over time. If you want to have smaller rewards so that they can be given more frequently, then I would either find small “connected” things or just set aside $X after X days of meeting your goal. As an example, here I would have a new piece of fitness clothing or a new essential oil rub for sore muscles for a fitness related goal. (2)
  5. For things like exercise that can involve getting out of the house, socializing is a motivator. So even having one friend to run with and knowing that he or she would be standing there, waiting for me to show up, was the motivator to get me there. But that didn’t change the fact that I really didn’t want to exercise. Exercise was the excuse to see my friend and celebrate a little. If my friend couldn’t make it, I didn’t have the motivation to do go and do by myself. Backup plans save me in this instance. If I can’t do something with a friend, I have a backup plan that I actually WANT to do by myself that still furthers the goal. Maybe I like alone hikes through the woods or to go window shopping at the mall while power walking it when I can’t meet my friend. (2)
  6. If there are things that used to be treats that have now become habits, shift “the rules” so that you’re not allowed to (buy yourself a coffee shop coffee, get new clothes, splurge a little on a new deck, eat out at your favorite place instead of the cheap place) unless you’ve levelled up. (2)
  7. Be honest with yourself. Fudging the numbers mentally, or “borrowing” against the next reward hurts the cause of building a lifetime habit. Remember to keep your focus on building a habit, not just figuring out how to get the reward. When you find yourself tempted, then it’s time to rephrase your goal into something you find more meaningful and powerful to you, so that you will naturally want to change the habit you are focusing on. It’s also time to explore your Energy Keys again and tap more deeply into your desired emotional states. You be on the precipice of discovering a deeper layer of the block you are trying to untangle. Staying in center with your Energy Keys leaves you feeling fulfilled, not at a deficit or lacking state of mind and heart. If you find yourself lacking, get back into center and feel into where that lack is really coming from! (1)
  8. Create dates with yourself to review your goals, one review every 6 weeks for minor tweaks to your plan. Create a 12 week or 3 month goal review for measuring and revamp your plan! Smaller spans of goal tracking end up making you feel more motivated and less overwhelmed! Don’t let this become a chore, instead make it a celebration or graduation. Review what you learned about your motivations, your habits, and the new tools you found that have helped you thus far. And dream it up a bit, make new plans for new activities, new walking routes, new mindsets to try out to keep things interesting and challenging. In my book, Dreamcasting, I don’t wait the whole six weeks. I evaluate the energy of the month, week, and sometimes day, and make plans based on where I find myself with my Energy Keys. Today I am much more focused on the daily practice of embodying my core Energy Keys, because it feels like I am rewarding myself with every action I take!

Here are some creative ideas to keep on track and keep you leveling up!

  • Create an actual plaque or trophy. (1)
  • Give yourself badges of honor for different levels of accomplishment. (1)
  • Create a Trophy Scrapbook, where you keep mementos from your accomplishments. (1)
  • Make a grab bag of little prizes. When you reach a significant goal, reach in and get your reward! Perhaps even purchase parts of a larger kit, and use those pieces to overtime give yourself the whole kit, piece by piece. (1)
  • Celebrate “100% Days”. If you reach 100% of your goals that day, choose two rewards. Give yourself extra rewards or points for have a streak of consecutive 100% days! (1)
  • Join a group or get a coach. There may come a time when you plateau in your progress, not for lack of trying, but for lack of putting yourself up to new challenges or being stumped about what new things to try. This is the point where you want to invest a little in yourself and your journey to really nail your goals.




  1. http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/motivation_articles.asp?id=86&page=2
  2. http://www.productivepoints.com/2012/01/7-ways-to-reward-yourself-for-greater-productivity/
  3. http://ask.metafilter.com/208632/SelfRewardFilter-What-treats-do-you-givebuy-yourself-for-rewards-or-incentives

Crack the Goal secret: How to create goals and plans you’ll love to meet!

crack the secret to goal creating


Before I heard about life coaching, goals and planning seemed like a huge mystery to me. I was not a planner, not a person who would consistently look at my to-do list, calendar, phone, or sometimes even email. I could do it all for about a month and then fall off the wagon for another two. But the secret that kept eluding me at the time was that goals shouldn’t be arbitrary. Goals, resolutions, and intentions need more than some wishful thinking, here is another post I wrote with extra tips and hints about forming a goal. I also learned that even the most powerful of personal goals need a little help along the way. They need some structure. Goals need an action plan.

An action plan isn't a theory. It's your functional to-do list for getting great things done! Click To Tweet

You can download my FREE action plan worksheet at the end of this article!

First through, you, need a goal or two. These can be pretty large goals since you will have the rest of the year to work on them in baby steps. So dream a little large! By the end of the year what would you like to have done? What improvements to your life can you work on? Once you have an idea, make your goals, SMART and PPS.

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Timely.

PPP stands for Present, Positive, and Powerful.

Not all goals can be measured as easily as attaining a degree or even applying for college. Some goals are a little more esoteric by nature, like say the goal of feeling less stressed. The way to make these goals more measurable is to think about how you want to FEEL. You need to imagine how you would like to feel a year from now (or whenever you set your goal date for). Be specific about how it feels to be less stressed. If you need to, do a little visualization about this. Try to imagine the perfect stress-free day, and write down how that feels to you. Include as many details as you can about how that would happen and how it feels, that way you cover the S (specific) and M (measurable of the SMART formula.

In the SMART formula for goal creation, realistic and timely are easily understood. We know if we can do something and we usually know when we want something done by. But the A (actionable) can get a little tricky.  Here we aren’t looking at whether a goal is realistic, that would be redundant. Actionable refers to how you will get your goal off your to-do list. Most goals aren’t going to get done in all one shot. Some goals can’t be done all in one shot, like losing weight. These goals need to be broken down into many smaller steps or mini-goals, following our weight loss example this would look like going to one weight watcher’s meeting, having one day under the allotted calorie count, going to the gym once, and so forth.  I’ll have a little more to say to really nail the actionable step later on in this article, for now we’re moving on to the PPP formula.

Make sure your goals are stated in present tense. Goals should begin the statement, “I am …”. Keeping your goal in present tense is a bit of a brain trick that will help you believe you are already on your way to achieving your goal, or that your goal is already in the process of happening. It helps keep you motivated and excited about the process.


You can even turn your goal into an affirmation or personal mantra! For instance, for weight loss you can say: “I am committed feeling fabulous by the New Year because I’m learning what I need to do to lose 15 pounds, keep it off, get toned, and finding ways to better nourish my body and life!


Make sure the goal is positive! Achieving a goal you are not excited about is very difficult. So keep your goal phrased in a way that allows you experience the silver lining of achieving that goal. For instance, “I am going to lose 25 pounds.” isn’t really positive. It’s more of a statement. But, “I’m going to lose the 25 pounds I need to feel fabulous.” is a little more motivating and fulfilling. Play with the wording and the feeling behind what you want, so that you come with a goal that is really powerful and expresses what you REALLY want. By tapping into that feeling you are longing for, some of your small steps along the way might shift. It probably won’t be all exercise and calorie counting! If you are tapping into the desire to feel fabulous, wouldn’t you also incorporate all sorts of small rewards and goals that will count toward allowing you to receive that fabulous feeling?

By tapping into the bigger emotion behind the goal, we are tapping into a power that is usually dormant. I call these “Energy Keys”. For me, everything about manifestation comes down the emotional energy we use and radiate outward. When we incorporate Energy Keys into our manifestation and goal planning are tapping into our dreams, our desires, and our inner power. These keys make our goals extremely powerful and personal motivators. Hence the last P in the PPP formula, Powerful. The magick of successful goal planning happens when we can marry the power and emotion we feel about our dreams and desires, not just the larger goal, but also as many of the smaller mini-goals as we can. When you can say “Hell yes!” to the majority of your mini-goals, you are on your way to a whole new state of being where your old ways are from that moment on, a thing of the past. I call this the state of radiance and talk a lot about it here on my blog and in my coaching.

But back to the practical aspects of goal planning! Once you know what you want (specifically), how you will know when you have achieved it (measurable), how you might go about getting it (actionable- the steps you need to take), you know it can be done (realistic, your time frame is reasonable, you have the resources, you want to do it), and you know when you want it done by (timely) you can begin flushing out the plan in detail.

Here’s how to finish up and round out your goal planning:


  • Write out in detail all the steps or mini-goals you would need in order to get to your larger goal.
  • Leave no room for failure by creating backup plans for your baby steps.
  • Start plugging your steps into your calendar, productivity tool, habit tracker, reward system, and/or to-do lists.
  • Set reminders and motivational reminders in your planners, phones, and calendars now because you are motivated!
  • Look at the period of time six weeks from when you start. During this time you are more likely to begin to lose motivation, so plan extra rewards and motivational reminders for that point in time.
  • At this 6 week mark, also plan a date with yourself so that you can review your progress and success! Take the time to tweak what isn’t working, change out mini-steps that are getting boring, grinding, or irritating for something new.
  • Set an additional reminder at 12 weeks (or three months) to do a major update to your goal plan. Give yourself a large reward, tons of TLC, and set your dreams aiming for what you want to see improved over the next three months.
  • You can even schedule an extra coaching session for that time period to help evaluate where you are and what you can change up to keep your motivation soaring!


Don’t get overwhelmed! This is a step-by-step process that you alone control the pace of! Many people, when they are ready to commit to a plan, chose to hire a life coach to help them keep things real and working. So, if this is the time you decide you need to make some changes for yourself and need some help in the process or a buddy to cheer you on, the book an intuitive breakthrough session with me!

 Download the free action plan worksheet with the link below or fill out the line version in the form below!

Click this to Download this worksheet


Need inspiration and guidance on how to use your intuitive genius to manifest your dreams? Get your copy today!

An Intuitive’s secret weapon for creating lasting holistic resolutions

How does your resolution make you feel?
Let this be the last year your resolution’s list looks like this!!


As I went about my holiday business this past year, I couldn’t help but think about my forthcoming resolutions and what I wanted to see different in the coming year. For me, 2014 was a year of resetting limits, expectations, and adjusting dreams and desired feeling states. Most of this was forced by external circumstances. I reframed what was happening, of course. I made the best out of the lemons that were thrown at me. But this year I want to make resolutions that mean something more than just numbers and milestones. I want 2015 to be year I actually feel good about my life. While I’m sure I can stand to lose a few pounds, work a little harder to bring money in, or be a a little more organized (who couldn’t!), I know those words and wants aren’t going to cut it. Three months from now I would be off track from my goals so far that I will just forget about them out of my normal cut my losses routine. I will try to forget I ever wanted to change anything because I haven’t accomplished what I said I wanted. And why wouldn’t I do something I wanted to do??​  Why wouldn’t I be able to make the changes I think I need to make in order to feel better, do better, and live better??

Sounds self defeating, right?

Want vs. Desire

Thing is, I only want those things, the easy parts of weight loss, extra cash and so forth. They aren’t going to drive me through the process of change because what I have to do to get there isn’t appealing at all to me. Those wants really aren’t strong enough to push me through the little steps I have to take along the way.

You and me, we’re going to have a little deeper into our desires in order to find the powerful feelings that will propel us to make all the small changes want and need to make!

Is your goal for losing weight really about the pounds or the clothing size? Or is your goal more about how you want to feel about yourself, your body, and your health? Is it really that you want more money? Or is it that you want to feel more secure about your finances and options for the future? And can you honestly say when you will feel accomplished for reaching these kinds of goals? Or that losing weight or getting more money will actually make you feel the way thought it would?

What does that little voice in the back of your mind say about the goals and all the little steps along way you are thinking about doing? Is it a good feeling…and here I’m not talking about the excitement of beginning something new, of feeling “resolved” to do something? Here I want to know if all those small steps excite or allow you to feel  joy or relief that you finally have a handle on your challenges?

Is that little voice kind of “meh” about your intended goal, or is it sure that this is really going to be year you do it? If you’re feeling a little “Meh” or even “yeah, right”, then maybe it’s time to get your goals in line with your soul and with your core desires! It’s time to shift your resolutions into a “hell, yes!”

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Think about this, at the end of the year, you are sitting going through your pictures of all the things you did, all the memorable moments, the successes, all the things you would be so excited to put into your end of year family newsletter.

Here’s a few questions to get started!

  • This past year was amazing because I finally felt_________.
  • Accomplishing these things ___________ made me feel______________! 

Leave a comment about what is that tiny voice in the back of mind, your intuition, going to say “Hell yes!” to this coming year? 


Are you ready to listen to your intuition and create the resolutions you know you need? Book an intuitive life coaching session with me today to get started! It’s quick and easy and totally worth the peace of mind and support!

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My Secret to Radiance and the Law of Attraction — video and podcast

imagesTake a in depth look at radiance, the foundation of your power and desire machine, your positive energy practices! But filling up your power and guidance core is more than just filling your life with self-help tools or techniques for relaxation and meditation. It’s about making time in your day to check in with yourself to see where you are and where you want to be.  How are you going to tap into your radiance?


I’m jazzing things up a bit this week.  This week’s video is short and to the point, I’m trying keep things simple for you and me both and make sure I’m having fun with my content, so that you will have fun with! I wanted my work to be RADIANT! Let me know what you think in the comments below!!

First is the podcast, which this week has the actual content. You can listen to it from this page or download the audio file!

And here’s this week’s video! It left me with the warm fuzzies, I hope you made you feel the same!

When you are ready to use your radiance to power your life, book an Intuitive Life Coaching Session!


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Staying in the state of radiance– a quick planning tool


Take an in depth look at radiance, the foundation of your power and desire machine, your positive energy practices! But filling up your power and guidance core is more than just filling your life with self-help tools or techniques for relaxation and meditation. It’s about making time in your day to check in with yourself to see where you are and where you want to be.

The law of attraction tells us that what we put out into the universe is what comes back to us. If we radiate compassionate, powerful energies, then that is what will be attracted into our lives. If we hold on to our wounds and our helplessness, then that is what will be attracted into our lives. The easiest way to change our lives, is to change our energy. There is no logical or true reason why to stay under-powered, to stay feeling crappy. Everyday, in large and small ways, we need to choose higher states of vibration, stronger, clearer emotions to stay in. You have to be in touch with and feeding what you truly and honestly desire. You have to build your core power and guidance systems and rituals.


Before you can begin to change your energies, before you can even begin to start attracting new and more healthy things into our lives, we need to take a good long look at what energies we are currently holding. Remember, energy is holistic and holographic, so you need to think about this for every level of your of life. If you haven’t done so already, review the power-ups on powerful living and even think about taking the Super Spring Cleaning Challenge, even if it’s not spring anymore.

Powerful living index

Super Spring Cleaning Challenge


Once you have idea of what might need to change, take a look at the desire power-up page and do the desire worksheet. The Desire worksheet, or maybe play-sheet, will help put you in touch with what matter most to you, what makes you radiate, long, and ache. These feeling need to be the foundation for your life vision or plan. This worksheet will serve as the jumping off point for the rest of your life vision planning.

Desire index

Desire worksheet


If you need any planning and goal setting help, book an Intuitive Life Coaching session today!

Be truly positive, not fake positive…it’s not what you think!

farfallaThis week’s power-ups are going to take a in depth look at radiance, the foundation of your power and desire machine, your positive energy practices! But filling up your power and guidance core is more than just filling your life with self-help tools or techniques for relaxation and meditation. It’s about making time in your day to check in with yourself to see where you are and where you want to be.

But it is about faking it until you make it?  Hell, no!!

Okay, a fake positive person is someone who is struggling hard to fake it till they make it to the land of happy, all positive feelings. They are secretly threatened by other people’s happiness, no matter the face or act they put on to the outside world. They are secretly self-loathing and desperately trying to “fix” what is wrong with them with affirmations, meditations, and self-help.


But God doesn’t make junk, as my mom told me. The Divine didn’t make half formed, broken people. The Divine made souls, gorgeous, beautiful souls of light and energy and power and love. We cannot fully see this in our imperfect mortal world and shell. We think we are our bodies or our minds, or our emotions. But we are that spark, driving force behind the biological mechanisms. We are our souls, which have for this moment in time, been melding into a physical form. And we long, we ache for what we remember of that Divine presence from which we came, because we believe that by being here on this plane, we are somehow separated from it. But we aren’t. We are the hands and hearts of the Divine in this here and now. We are, by and large, the presence of the Divine on Earth.


1484646_665108433556610_6663025174905411226_nBeing positive isn’t about platitudes, it’s about how you feel deep down inside and allowing that to radiate out. It’s about attempting to know a part of that Divine self that we all have. It’s about finding our power, whether it the power of love, the power of transformation, or the power of honesty (or any other power) in order to keep our relationships untangled and to continue to grow…to evolve. It’s about following our deep and truest desires and feelings for ourselves, our families, our communities, our world, because they are messages from the Divine to ourselves and the world.


Affirmations are just saying or truths we repeat to make ourselves believe something. They are prayers, they are spells, they are intentions we raise up, empower, and send out into the universe. Without our feelings and emotions; They become fruitless words, hard self-recriminations. Without dancing with, building a relationship with, or living with those messy, confusing, and sometimes torturous feelings and desires, we begin cause ourselves undue pain and suffering. You need to build up the positive within you, you need to feed those positive power cells to have a reserve, flex those positive emotional muscles to build up some muscle memory. You need to build a positive emotional practice to help sustain your center in your Divine desirous radiating state of being.


Get in touch with it, review this month’s material, as you are most likely experiencing low self esteem or confidence about something.

Powerful living power-up index

Desire power-up index

And then start build your power and guidance core.


self-loveSome tips for building your power and guidance core:


  • Be holistic: We’re looking for positive things for your mind, body, emotions, AND soul/energy. What makes you feel centered in your life, what makes you feel powerful?
  • Be creatively practical: our daily routine can easily become humdrum and stale, which mean our energy will stagnate. Energy may be “frozen” into a form, but it’s always moving, vibrating, and cycling. Leave room in your routines to spice things up a bit, put a new twist on things. Plan for those changes to keep it fresh. Make an entry in your calendar every two or three weeks to review your routines and get in touch with how you want to feel and see where you can make some tune-ups to how you rock your groove.
  • Don’t be deluded into trying big changes over a short amount of time. Plan for small changes over a longer period of time. Play with your options and pay attention to the results in how you feel. Shoot for 5% better each goal period.
  • Every evening ask yourself if you loved enough, laughed enough, and made a difference that day, and adjust as needed.
  • Every morning ask yourself how you feel AND want to feel that day, and aim for how you want to feel.
  • Take a mid-day breather and check in with yourself, how are you feeling and what would make the day for you if you could tap into that feeling?


Building up your ability to radiate should be a process that feels amazing, keep that your focus. But if you are struggling with any of this material and need more guidance, some brainstorming, or even a push, then book an Intuitive life coaching session, which is free for a limited time, so we can talk about it!

I believe in you!

I believe in the radiance of your soul and energy!


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If radiance isn’t your goal, this is why you need to rethink everything!

be radiant


I’m going to tell you a story, it’s my story. But really it could be anyone’s story, it could be your story. In a lot of respects, I always had a powerful life. It had ups and downs, I had ups and downs. I had dreams, wishes , and wants. They ranged from a good life for my kids, to taking a vacation, deepening my spirituality, and the big wish to have a lot more time and a lot more money. I was living the life that was there around me, only really thinking of the basics. And, like your life, there were blessings and graces in that. There were struggles too. But it wasn’t until the very foundations of the life I built was shaken, that I understood the true essence of personal power and desire. I understood I was a slave to my emotions or circumstance. I understood that every moment I was breathing I still had the power to choose what I was putting out into the world. And that choice had power and resonance. But in order to keep choosing those things which had power and resonance I needed to start meeting my needs and desires on a whole other level than basic living.


The more I thought and wrote about personal power, the more I came realize that it is soo easy to stay under-powered in life, to not make the harder, deeper choices, because we already are used to living on a low-powered lifestyle. I realized that while meeting my basic needs, do a little planning, a little budgeting, and so forth, could fill a lifetime with good things.  But I still needed something more, something more powerful, more meaningful. I realized that positive thinking and self-help systems created by others would never sustain the potential I saw within myself. I couldn’t get where I wanted to go, felt guided to go, if I didn’t find the Will to do it.


We all have power and we all have desires, it’s universal. We all want things for ourselves, and we all need to be affect our world and lives in some way. But living from our place of power and desire, shifts the way we think, it shifts our energy and radiance. It shifts our lives and how think about living. We transcend “getting by”, and start carrying an energy and radiance about us that resonates with the Divine, with the universe, with Creation. Through building and maintaining our power and desire we feel:









A life full of :









Spiritual and emotional evolution



It all comes down to Energy

Yet the words power and desire can be big trigger words for a less than stellar reaction or at least really negative words. But for me it all comes down to energy. Everything in this world, and I think the next, is comprised of energy. Even our bodies, rocks, and houses, solid things, are made if energy. I’ve seen scientists call solid matter “frozen” energy, to emphasize the point that the world around is constantly moving, vibrating, and cycling around.


auric-clearing-auric-attachmentsEnergy is holistic and holographic (3d in a sense) because our every part of our bodies and lives run off of energy in some way. We feed our bodies food, so our bodies can convert the good to energy and nutrients to fuel that can be converted to other types of life needed energies. Our eyes convert light into the things we think we see and experience. Our ears convert sound waves, a form of energy, into sounds we can understand and find meaning in. When we think or remember things, we send electricity through portions of our brain to stimulate the brain cells into action. We spend the majority of our time converting, processing, interacting with, and working with energy.


Even what we think and feel is all about energy. Our emotions and mind even use energy. Everything about our experience of emotions, from the release of hormones and endorphins to how our energy responds to feeling states, effects our experience of energy. Emotions and desires are so strong within us, so integral to how we view and experience the world, right down the energetic level, that it makes complete sense that we should be living from our emotions. All of our goals, life visions, life mission realizations need to be checked again the barometer of desires and emotions before we implement them. If we don’t tap those emotions as a form of guidance and discernment, we could easily end up living in that low-power state that I was talking about before. And we need to have our emotional and desire gauge well-calibrated by building a system for ourselves of positive energy practices based on your core desires and emotions we want to radiate out into the world. I call these Rites of Being. We need to be able to hold those energetic emotionally desirous states within us, so we can compare reality, our plans to it, our actions to those high energy states. We need to build our own core power and guidance system.


Building a process which continually feeds and calibrates our souls to our Divine intentions and high vibe feelings should be the first goal we all address before building any other plans for our lives.  I call these processes Rites of Being. We need to continually find small and large ways to tune ourselves back to our desired emotional Energy Keys, our family, our community, and our world. This is is more than just filling your life with self-help tools or techniques for relaxation and meditation. It’s about making time in your day to check in with yourself to see where you are and where you want to be. It’s about learning to recognize the things which drain you and building up a skill set and series of Rites of Being that will allow you disengage or protect your energy. It’s about being very clear on what you feel, think, and desire, and intentionally building up your power core to support you getting to those feelings, thoughts, and desire on a consistent basis.


Take a few minutes and think about it! What makes your soul stir? What makes you feel powerful love? What makes you feel like you are living up to the life you were meant to live? What kinds of actions make your heart feel full?

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Want to delve deeper into fine tuning your Rites of Being and crafting the life you have always dreamed about, get a copy of Dreamcasting today!



The problem with how we see Desire – video/podcast


This power-up is all about the DESIRE. Desire isn’t only about sex and romance. Desire is about wanting, longing, aching for something. It contains the seeds for life purpose, our Super Secret Powers. Desire is one of the powers of Love, potent, exhilarating, and always heart-felt. But it can consume us, if we let it. It can be innocent, but it can also be wild. What is your relationship to your deep, soulful, intense desires?


This  video will tell you what the problem is with how we see Desire and how we can begin to plan for a powerful desire-filled life

Or you can listen to the podcast!

When your ready to follow your desires, book an Intuitive Life Coaching Session to create the life you long for!


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A quick guide to bringing desire into your life

dodinsky 6 (2)This power-up is all about the DESIRE. Desire isn’t only about sex and romance. Desire is about wanting, longing, aching for something. It contains the seeds for life purpose, our Super Secret Powers. Desire is one of the powers of Love, potent, exhilarating, and always heart-felt. But it can consume us, if we let it. It can be innocent, but it can also be wild. What is your relationship to your deep, soulful, intense desires?

Let’s translate some of those desires into some real goal or intentions for your life.  Remember all goals, plans, steps, life visions, and action plans should be based on your core desires. They are the foundation of your super-hero self, they will lead you to your Super Secret Powers!  This plan should focus not only on uncovering your desires, but also how to you can move in alignment with your desires and how to maintain a powerful and desirous life.  Remember to include back up plans for when things go wry.

What is a little different about approaching planning from this level of self is that, wants and desires can be fluid, they can change. So this type of planning and life attuning or aligning should be done with some frequency, like every 6 months or every year!

Take a look at the worksheet and this week’s video, as they both offer a lot of ideas and resources that can help you start a plan to live life from your desires.

Take your core desires from the worksheet and your intentions and fill out this interactive tool with your responses!  Once you are done, hit submit! A copy of your plans and details will be sent to your inbox!


You can also download the action plan work sheets, and if you need help filling them out or making your life-changing goals, book an Intuitive Life Coaching Session!  Download your worksheet packets here!



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