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I’m Lindsay, an intuition and soul-activation coach. I am a priestess of the sacred, devotee of soul, and a catalyst for inner alchemy! I use my super secret powers of empathy, intuition, and clairsentience to help lightworkers answer their inner calling in a big and real way! Whether it’s a healing practice, a reading practice, or becoming a spiritual teacher or mentor, I help

Intuitives (people who experience knowings, flashes of insight or vision or dreams),

Empaths and Sensitives (people who sense and experience the emotions of others),

Spiritually-gifted Free Spirits,

Seekers and Wanderers,

Spiritual healers, all of you, find and turn up the volume on the deepest and truest parts of themselves, their Soul and connection with Source! Soul is the root of everything, our gifts, our purpose, our very breath. It’s the root of our success, abundance, happiness, genius, and innate confidence. It needs to be anchored into, nourished, and honored.

Are you yearning for...


Figure out your values and align your life to them.

Soul-level Clarity

Tap into Divine wisdom, insight, and intuition

Conscious creation and sales

Up your sales vibe by using the Law of Attraction.

Your signature sales system

We shine in our own way, our sales systems should too.

10Years Experence
2Book Authored

Hear what people are saying!

Andrea D. Pa, USA

I don’t know what I’d do without Lindsay!

I grew up with a family that didn’t get me at all. Repressed and mocked me. I used my gift of empathy to belong to my own world, shielding myself from life. Protecting myself from those who didn’t understand. When I started working with Lindsay, I started to truly break free of that and come into myself. It was a process of letting go of insecurities. Breaking down my protective walls. Becoming confident. Losing the anxiety and constant worrying so that I could be me and not care so much of what others thought.I took a very brave step and went part time at my day job to build a life/fitness coaching business.

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Stop learning technique after technique, start applying your soul shine and gifts!

While technique and strategy has their place, it's time to start investing in up-leveling your soul shine so you can attract your soulmate clients and tribe, grow your biz, and embrace your inner Goddess!

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