Unleash your inner Goddess Booster session

$ 100.00


Feeling like you lost something or can’t seem to find the real you in your life anymore?

Then it’s time to re-find your inner Goddess, your magick, and your mojo!

These sessions are designed to begin clearing your system, boosting your energy, and put in touch with your authentic self so that you can begin to shine and create magick in your life again!

I take my own special approach to getting guidance and doing healing that gets you ready to let of the things, ideas, and situations that aren’t serving you, so that you begin to feel your wholeness again, begin to believe that things can change, and so that you begin naturally attracting the money, opportunities, and relationships that will nourish and bring you further into your highest potential!


How my sessions work:

Once you book your appointment you’ll be sent a link my private zoom room, where we’ll meet! You can enter the room with either your phone or my computer or tablet. If you want you can turn on your camera. I’ll have mine on. We’ll be able to talk and connect freely over audio and/or video. We will have a little chat about what’s coming for you at this time and then I will tap into the spiritual world of energy to see what we can release at this time and how to strengthen your core self! I will hold healing space for your intentions and questions as we deeply connect. I will share guidance via my intuitive abilities and the cards as they come through, I may even be able to channel guides or loved ones.

If you prefer and are on your computer or tablet, you can chat with me, as well. You’ll get a  PDF version of your Eclipse Roadmap after our session. As available, you will also receive a recording of our session. A link to my booking calendar will be emailed to you in your order confirmation email.


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