Awaken your Intuition Guided Self Activation

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Welcome to “Awaken Your Intuition”

Dear Seeker of the Sacred,

You’ve arrived at a threshold, a doorway into discovering the magick and wisdom that’s been waiting within you—your intuition. This isn’t just a course; it’s a journey back to yourself, to the whispers of your soul that have been longing to guide you through life’s tapestry with clarity, confidence, and a sense of divine connection.

To begin the course, simply click on the “curriculum” tab just above this message. 

Your Journey Begins Here

“Awaken Your Intuition” is crafted with the essence of empowerment, designed to guide you step by step in reclaiming the intuitive powers you were born with. It’s about more than just techniques; it’s about awakening to a life lived in full color, with every sense heightened and every decision infused with the wisdom of your highest self.

What Awaits You:

  • Deep, insightful lessons that guide you through the process of activating your intuition.
  • Daily meditations to connect you with your inner wisdom.
  • Rituals that align you with the energy of the universe, making every day a sacred experience.
  • Personal reflections to deepen your understanding and relationship with your intuitive self.

Onboarding to Your Intuitive Awakening:

  1. Access Your Portal: Upon enrollment, you’ll receive immediate access to your personal course portal. Here, your journey begins with a warm welcome and an easy-to-navigate dashboard that guides you through each step.
  2. Explore at Your Pace: This course is designed to honor your unique path and pace. Dive into the lessons as you feel called, with the freedom to revisit and reflect as often as you like.
  3. Join Our Sacred Community: While this mini-course doesn’t come with it’s own exclusive support group, please feel free to use my free FB group: Magick Bringers Rising, to ask any questions, share your amazing experiences, and make suggestions. If you have tech questions or concerns, please email me
  4. Commit to Your Practice: Your intuitive awakening is a journey of continuous exploration. We encourage setting aside dedicated time each week for your lessons and practices, allowing the wisdom to unfold within you. This isn’t a process that can be rushed, and you shouldn’t feel you need to rush it. Your wisdom is waiting for you to understand it, but sometimes it takes a little time for each of to be in the right place and the right time for the wisdom and inspired action to land, so that it can bloom. But that is why this is a practice. Sometimes it comes in bits and pieces over time, sometimes we see the see overarching transition we’re being asked to take, but not the details of the next step. We each have our own intuitive process that we much uncover. Allow this mini-course to be the new beginning you need to journal about and feel into how your intuition works in your life!

Are You Ready?

To step into this journey is to say yes to yourself, to your power, and to a life guided by the profound wisdom that resides within you. “Awaken Your Intuition” is more than a course—it’s a transformation.

Embark on this sacred journey with an open heart and a curious spirit, and discover the magick that unfolds when you truly awaken your intuition.

With anticipation for the wonders we’ll uncover together,


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