2023 Energy report

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Get the guide that will tell you all about the energy patterns, cosmic medicine, and special dates in the upcoming #7 year of 2023!

Knowing calendar dates is one thing, but knowing the message behind all the cosmic shifts is a different story.

#7 year

Take a deep dive into what the meaning behind a #7 year means, from tarot meanings to how balance the energy, this section is a don’t miss.

Eclipse Seasons

Eclipse season bring deep transformation to our lives when we work with them. Get the details on the 2 eclipse seasons coming in 2023.

Big Planetary shifts

There are three planets making some big shifts this year, that not only influence our day to day, but 1 of those shift will affect an entire generation!

A year of special dates

Broken up by Eclipses seasons and energy periods, get the info on the astro flow of the year by date.

Featured Transits

Some transits last weeks or months bringing a special flavor to that time period. Learn about what special transits will being to the energy of 2023.

Calendar of Energy periods

Brand new this year! A printable yearly calendar that has the large energy periods already marked out for you.

2023 is going to be a deep year!

As a teacher-mentor of intuitive arts, I’m always talking about making sure you the difference between what is going in your inner realms, whether it’s YOU or it’s a collective issue from cosmic influences.

I love creating this guide because it really demonstrates just how changable our daily environment is. The switch from 2022 to 2023 is no different.

This is going to be a deep year, full of opportunities to come back home to soul and to create big healing in our lives.

Knowing how and when these energies will be present to work with is half the battle. Knowing what these energies might mean for you and for the collective brings a whole other level of mastery to your life, goals, manifestations, and planning.

Navigate 2023 from a deeper place!

Get the 20 page guide all about the magick available in 2023 and start tapping to those deep and healing energies today.


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