Tired of sitting for hours not knowing if you are ever really doing it right?

Whether you are a beginner at meditation, or not,

if it doesn’t really feel easy then you start thinking…

Because you can’t seem to visualize well or clear your mind you will never be able to make it work.

Like you just aren’t positive enough to make it work like it seems to work for everyone else.

There must be something wrong with you because you just aren’t getting to the experiences that others seem to easily have.

Long to have sovereignty over your emotional and mental realms.

You desire to experience a deeper level of soul healing and alignment so you can have a lifestyle that fulfills you and lights you up.

You would love to have a tool, like meditation, to help you work our most powerful magick for ourselves, our families, and the world at large. A tool that feels natural for you!

You would love to trust your gifts and abilities more, and begin to use them as a service to the world.

become the queen of your inner realm by making meditation your bitch

But for one reason or another meditation doesn’t work for you, like all the experts say it should.


I was meditating for years, thinking I was getting everything out of the practice of the practice that was available. But I couldn’t be more wrong.

My own ideas of “I got this” had gotten in the way of sinking deeper into my own experience of my inner realms, my guides, and my path. I had taken for granted that my experiences and even how I meditated best would be unique to me for a REASON!

Your meditation skills have nothing to do with...


You discover your actual sensory and intuitive strengths so that you are doing meditation the way you were meant to be doing meditation.

You have a clear understanding of how already naturally meditate, so you that begin to see how Spirit and the Universe already flow through you.

You learn to trust your own experiences and insight so that you can focus on what's working well for you and improve that.

In the Make Meditation your Bitch course, we will

If you’ve begun to doubt that meditation can work for you, take a step for a moment.

We all meditate naturally, but a lot of times culture has taught us to explain it away or pressured to you to “get your head of the clouds”.

Learning to find how you might have been meditating all these years, those moments when you usually “zone out” or “daydream”, can bring a new level of understanding yourself and your gifts, just like it did for me!

We can learn to work those natural meditative states to:

Become the Goddess of your inner mental and emotional realms, so you get relief from anxiety, worry, and stress.

Master your intuitive and spiritual gifts, allowing you to recieve more clearly ad accurately.

Bring you to a new level of confidence, clarity, and genius.

Isn't it worth finding out if you are a hidden meditating master before giving up completely?

You'll learn everything you need to actually use meditation, no matter your strengths or gifts!

Plus you’ll have lifetime access to a library of meditations and style tutorials suited to different sensory strengths

so that you’ll have plenty of examples to work from!

Plus you'll get exclusive Bonuses!

Are you ready to…

 💡 Stop feeling at the mercy of the world and take charge of your mental and emotional realms in a way that feels natural to you?

 💡 Learn to easily and more consistently slip into meditative states to bring more rest, calm, and power to your life?

 💡 Discover how to use meditation to master your gifts so that you can begin to radiate out the Divine presence you already have?


How long are you willing to wait in order to finally, consistently have ecstatic and effective meditative experiences in your daily life?

Are you ready to Make Meditation Your Bitch?

Get the tools, mindset shifts, and instruction to get your Mojo and Magick unleashed through meditation,

For only



Most frequent questions and answers

Let’s be in this to win this. This course material is information you can use and use again, and each time you are going get something different than last, a new layer of understanding you and your 5th-dimensional being-ness!

Yes! This course can work for you, in fact, you might find it extremely validating! Meditation is more about knowing your sensory and spiritual strengths than it is conforming to a few ways of doing meditation. Let’s dive in and figure out what those strengths actually are!

The main content for this course (including bonuses ) is over 4 hours long and there are some meditations you can try. But this isn’t about sitting around hoping something cool happens. This is course is going to show how to use the times you are already having a meditative shift in your daily life so that this is a natural process.

There are so many styles and forms of meditation that unless you’ve already approached meditation from the perspective of working with your spiritual gifts and natural learning style, then you might be missing out on a whole other level of meditative mastery!