Your Soulmate clients

Clients aren’t just some nameless, faceless strangers for the soul-centered entrepreneur. Your clients are your soulmates!

So many times sensitive souls have a bit of an us-vs.-them complex with the rest of the world. We think that we need to have a high level of proof and trust to have a connection with another. At times, we feel afraid of the big wide world out there full of people who probably won’t understand us, just like our families don’t really understand us. But we need to break out of that mindset when we look at the soul-centered business.

We may not always sell our products and services to our most ideal soulmate client, but in order to even begin attracting a tribe of soulmate clients, we need to build the business that will speak to them over everyone else. Remember from our first lesson, our businesses aren’t extensions of who we are. They are the process by which we get paid, and that process is highly dependent on our ideal clients. So we need to know, if we don’t already, the wants, needs, opinions, desires, and problems of our ideal clients. We need to get them on a deeply archetypal level, so that we can build programs that seem to solve the very problem they were worrying over and have the copy and marketing that touches them deeply.

The us-vs.-them block sensitives seem to have often prevents us from bringing this lesson home on a really deep level. You know you are blocked about this when:

  • you are afraid to try any marketing research
  • you are afraid to ask for feedback
  • you procrastinate about sending things like newsletters, social media posts or offers, or chatting people up in groups.
  • You often don’t know or refuse to ask for help from other business that you might pair well with for joint offers or cooperative advertising.

You can work toward clearing up this us-vs.-them issue by:

  • doing mediation on oneness
  • getting together with your girlfriends before you do any marketing work, to get social again, and also asking them what they love about you.
  • Trying out some marketing research surveys with clients you’ve had good experiences with in the past, or starting with friends who would be interested in your work.
  • Reviewing any past good feedback you might have gotten

And in all honesty I would work it from all these angles. This can be a tricky block to work at, because it is so easy to slip back into negative thinking and judging habits. Let’s face it, we spent most of our lives using other’s reaction to judge our actions and words. But this is one of those places in the business where we need to really shift our mindset from going from the inside out, from using our intuitive wisdom and guidance to judge the words and actions of others, rather than our inner wounded child. For in Divine reality, they only thing that ever separates us from others, whether they are clients or people you meet on the street, is your judgement of “different”. We all have much more in common that we have different. We experience similar pain, similar joy, similar lives and family structures. And as the block begins to disappear, you will find that when you are no longer bound by the fear of other’s judgment, you are more charismatic than you thought you were, than you thought you could be with those you just met. And it all seem perfectly natural, because you will be more focused on what you have in common with others, rather than how you or they might be different.

Your ideal clients are

  • the group of people who you need to tailor all your marketing and programs to,
  • people who love you and really want to work with you,
  • highly resonate with you and your business message, they are already in place to like and agree with your message
  • the people you have the best time with and feel joyful around, even if you’re working with them,
  • your friends who already or will love your work and style.

Let’s find out who these people are and come up with some client profiles!

Download the Soulmate Client worksheet