Your content plan

Why use the spaghetti against the wall method or post random memes, when strategy gets you more for less work??

A content plan can help you round out the types of content you are putting out, topics, forms (video, written, etc…), keeping up with the sales seasons, and help you work forward so that you can “batch” your work to go out at scheduled times, that way you don’t have to spend your day posting stuff online!

A digital content plan is a tool to help you strategically educate your audience about your brand and it’s relevant topics and themes. This includes all your information, memes, lessons, promotions, graphics, causes, and partners. And we are talking about everything you will create: videos, blog articles, streaming events (webinars, periscopes, etc…), podcasts, selfies, infographics, and memes.

When strategy is applied to your content:

  • You will be on topic
  • You begin building a library of relevant resources on your field
  • You always have an idea of what you should be writing and talking about
  • You will gain more consistency in visibility, traffic, and reputation

Your Digital Content Plan worksheet: your digital content plan

Your Digital Content Weekly Planner Worksheet: weekly planner