OMG!! My YL essential oils kit is here!!

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My Young Living Essential Oil Starter kit is here!! Up until today I had just a few samples from my friend who is a Young Living distributor and customer. About a week and half ago we decided it would be utterly fantastic to do the essential oils biz together and I sat very impatiently waiting for my own kit to arrive. She and I are both into wellness and spirituality. Andrea, my friend, is more into the all natural and life improvement aspects, and while I certainly support that in anyone’s life, I love how versatile the products are. Using essential oil is definitely a way to make a statement about one’s commitment to natural health and home life, but everything I’ve heard about and witnessed from the Young Living products lead me to believe Young Living has to be one of the most high vibration life-affirming businesses out there. It reminds of how Bach Flower remedies are made, waiting for the peak time to harvest, assuring that everything is done from planting to consumption to keep the potency and life-force of the plant essence alive. And because it’s plant based there is almost no end to the ways in which you can use them in your life.

Enough about that though, I could talk forever about high vibe supplements and helpers (plants, crystals, and so forth).  The box arrived and settled down to unpack everything. I’ll start with my starter kit. It came in a pretty box that made me think my kit was the most special thing on Earth. It feels like a little treasure chest of wellness and goodness.  There are two layers to the box, the top contains the majority of my oils, the bottom had mostly the business starter set with samples, give-away cards, little bottles to give people oils of your to try. The whole concept around the box is about trying and sharing, so that’s just what I did. I tried out Purification in my new diffuser, and I didn’t even need to use the whole recipe to make the whole living smell and feel wonderful!
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Then I moved on to playing with and smelling each of the oils themselves. As I sat with my product information card and the adorable bottles, I began to see the potential. My crafty, tinker gnome mind went into overdrive as I realized all the ways I could use these oils. I began to wonder how I get ALL of the oils Young Living sells. The beautiful part is that there is no gimmick. No fancy-schamcy way to sell these beauties or even make them useful. Each of those bottles feels like a needed friend, like the way I feel about my stash of crystals and my BFF’s. Once you experience what these oils can do for you, you’ll get it. You’ll want your own little treasure chest of oily goodness.

And I didn’t even mention the cost value of the kit. I paid $160 for my box and the diffuser…and that was $160 to start selling these oils too, not just for the kit itself. That’s a good deal in today’s MLM market itself, I’ve heard some starter kits going for way way way more. But that’s also the price for a chest full of wellness supporting supplements that my body will LOVE! Sure the bottles look little, but when you’re only using a drop or two at a time, the cost doesn’t feel like an issue because they are effective AND they last. There are quite a few options for getting a starter kit too, the basic starter kit, with no diffuser, no other health

And a side note, these essential oils are super concentrated, you really only need a few drops. While I was waiting for my kit, I had used the sample of peppermint oil in my coffee one day….WOWZERS was it strong. My whole family smelled peppermint for the next four hours, which is not necessarily a bad thing, just way too much for one cup of coffee. I could have used half, maybe less than the little sample provided!

Value: priceless!!

Quality: priceless!

My wellbeing: priceless!

If you’re interested in selling and using these oils yourself, get a starter kit!

If you don’t care about selling, but really want to get into essential oils and their benefits, get a starter kit!

Click on the graphic below and then navigate to the home-based business opportunity section!

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If you need help getting signed up or selecting a kit, contact me!!

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