Year Look ahead reading

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The 2018 Look-ahead reading is about fortune telling. It’s a powerful transformational tool, as it gives you a sense of the energies to come and choices before you.  We’ll take 90 mins to go through the year month by month, to look at the energy and guidance coming through. The big picture of the year is a story, a journey that you have to take. But this reading will give you a map of the road before you. 

Booking this session today will also get you:

  • 90 min live tarot reading. healing, and spiritual counseling session.
  • A recording of the session.
  • The 2018 stars and cards report: 20 pages of information about energy of 2018, from a general tarot reading, to numerology, to astrology. ($15 value)

All for just


In our session we’ll learn…

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2018 is both a #2 year and a #11 year.

This numerology quark means special things for 2018. When we take your personal number from numerology into consideration, we can glean all sorts of information about how 2018 will flow for you.  2018 is also an Earth year and the year of the Dog. We’ll also find out those facts mean for you!

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The personal challenges you may face in 2018 and how to create powerful, beneficial change to help upgrade your life.

Why let the year hit, like a toy boat in a storm? Get the insight you need to stay in your center, stay in your personal power, and keep you moving forward, instead of losing momentum and peace of mind!!

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How you can navigate the High-vibe times in 2018, like the Eclipse seasons, retrogrades, and more!

Knowing what influences will be present in 2018 can help us do the mind and heart set work that we need to do make the most of the year ahead of us!

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Get a new sense of where Soul and the Universe might be showing you how to expand into your highest potential.

Understand our karmic patterns and lesson, as well the lessons we learn from integrating shadow and healing our wounds, gives up a big picture perspective on what we are actually capable of doing in this here and now, and manifesting in our future. 

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In your 2018 Bonus Stars and Cards report,

You’ll get over 40 pages of

  • Relevant information about the astrological influence of the year like dates and shadow periods, special guidance from Guides about how to work these Universal influences.
  • Meditation/journal prompts to help guide your mindset reset through the journey of 2018
  • Ideas and tips about how to intuitively plan with the current energies, like retrogrades, eclipses, trines, and special holiday times.

Value $15

FREE with your purchase of the 2018 Look-ahead reading!!

People rave about my readings, so why wait?

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Erika  Fairfield, Ca
Lindsay is fantastic!!! You should try her! Try her! Try her! Try her! You will see how fantastic she is!! Amazing reading! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! She is fast and answer all my questions with her cards!! I will be back for sure! She will help you a lot! No more searching for others! Finally I found a wonderful lady after a long search in other websites nonsense!! Thank God very very very much! I found you Lindsay!! I hope you have a great birthday celebration soon!! Take Care! God bless you always!! Big hug in your heart! I will see you soon!!

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She was incredibly accurate with everything, getting the situation down perfectly, offering amazing advice as well. I have yet to know what will happen but everything she said was true so I have faith. Thank you, Lindsay!

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Lindsay is wonderful in private! She is amazing at describing situation and people involved I totally and highly recommend her for private!

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Helen, Singapore

What you said about being an empath has made me become brave to face my challenges. What you said about my dreams made me think clearly & it has opened a door for me to learn more about my gifts 😀

Book now to get the clarity you need to manifest your dreams!!


Member’s only price: $50


How do I schedule my session(s)? Once payment is made I will get in touch with you (24-48 hours) to schedule the first appointment. All sessions will be over zoom, so you will be able to get on the call either through your computer or your phone. These sessions will be recorded so you can have them for future reference!
What if I need to reschedule? While I am a fairly flexible person, reschedules should be requested 24 hours before the session is set to begin. So if you find your week more crunched than you thought, just shoot me a message! I would rather you show up to your session present, ready, and not stressed for time so we can connect deeply.
What if I don’t like my sessions and want a refund? If we cannot work together I will certainly refund the money. But these can be deep sessions and might hit a nerve. If you aren’t ready to tap into your inner truths, then this isn’t the session for you.
How long are unused sessions good for? Unused sessions are good for 3 months. I will send reminders if you have a session that you can still schedule, but the main session and the follow up really should be taken fairly close together in time for best results.