What is a brand?

what is a brand

brand means value, mission, graphic identity, reputation, customer relationships, and team culture

So if your business process and products aren’t really your baby, then your brand HAS to be. Your brand, basically, is what people know of your business. It’s a kind of intangible quality based on your reputation, your imagery, your messaging, and your approach to your field. It’s intangible because no matter you try, you aren’t full in control of how every perceives your brand…and it’s the perception of your brand that you need to focus on. So, while this is your baby, this is still place where you don’t place all your sensitive hopes and dreams. And just like everything else in your business it should be tested.

Sure, of course, you need to start someplace. But start with something that looks fashionable and trendy, for the world of websites and logos. If you absolutely need your totem as part of your logo, make sure it looks fashionable and trendy. Right now in 2016, that looks like glitter backgrounds or white, and metallic handwritten looking fonts. Just remember that your imagery and feel of the site and your marketing pieces, brochures, cards, etc… should change periodically and should match. When you change up a niche, services, or major messaging/focus, you should refresh your look as well.

But as you see in the images above, brand isn’t just image. We are going to deal with some basic message lessons next. We are going to deal with your relationship building in Section 4….so for right now the only thing that isn’t covered elsewhere is the design aspect!

In order to create all the bits pieces you may need for all sort of places and media, for consistent branding you need: (all should be high resolution and as large as you can get them)

  • A square logo with and without your biz name
  • A round logo with and without your biz name
  • A banner/rectangular logo with and without your biz name
  • One primary accent color, and 3-5 secondary accent colors
  • 4-10 different but complimentary background images. They should be high res and very large, don’t pick something with too many colors or too busy in patterning. These can be single colored, gradients, or photos with one or two focal points. You don’t want something that will distract from whatever quote or info you put over the background. These should be based on the primary and secondary accent colors for your brand.
  •  A few examples of color filters for photos (sepia, black and white, nostalgia), photography images (women dancing, nature, meditation, etc..), and graphic embellishments (arrows, dividers, etc…) you plan to base our brand on

Once you got your pieces together, it’s time to really dive into your website!  From this next video, you will see where the functions are to choose theme and customize your wordpress website! That’s your homework, start applying all your great design inspiration to a new theme for your site!