Weekly Guidance: Jan. 16th 17: synchronicity and destiny

weekly guidance jan 16, 17:

I don't believe in the mainstream idea of synchronicity. I don't believe for a minute that things just happen to us. I agree it seems that way when we aren't consciously acting with intention, but that isn't reality. What happens to us is a direct, even if sometimes delayed, consequence of our actions and choices. Even if we choose to refrain from action, there are still consequences. In any case, this week ahead will seem as if we are basking in the glow in the intentions we set after such an amazingly intuitive week. The sense of synchronicity will abound!!

Try not to let your dreams and visions take you too far into the future. I know it can be easy to want to rush ahead to the spectacular thing we see happening in our mind's eye, but those things aren't reality....yet. Especially in this week, they won't be reality unless we live it moment by moment. Daydreaming about it doesn't count as much as action will. Bring your dreams home now, not later. Be the rockstar ___________ you see yourself becoming, make your next step choices from that place within yourself. That energy is what is going to make your visions into reality!

The seeds of your destiny have to be nourished in each moment, and so we also need to make sure each moment is nourishing! While you are plotting, planning, and basking in mama moon's serene glow, do it from a sacred bath, a decked out altar space, or even in a sacred grove.  Lastly Loves, don't forget to be grateful. This dream you have is so special, so sacred, and entrusted to you, that gratitude for being in this perfect place, at the perfect time might be flowing from lips! Let it course out of you!

Be your destiny.

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