Weekly Guidance: Sept 26th: the dance of balance

weekly guidance: Sept 26th: dance of balance

This will be a week of seeming opposing forces, action and dreaming, forward movement and stability. We can no longer afford to view life as and/or. Instead, we need to learn to live from a place where all the forces come together into a sweet spot. It is through these opposing forces that we find balance, that sweet spot that touches upon all the ingredients we need to forge ahead on our path. A word on balance, before . When we talk about balance your mind might conjure up visions of perfectly done yoga poses or of you being a super mom and entrepreneur.

But balance isn’t something static. It’s not a “perfect” state of being all things at once. Balance is being able to maintain homeostasis in rhythm through opposing forces, like a ball going through push and pull forces. We don’t want to get caught in such heavy currents that we are frozen in place, we just need to find a healthy and sustainable rhythm that will keep our center flourishing and nourished.

Balance isn’t about being stuck in one place, it’s dancing amid the forces surrounding you.

What caught my attention about this reading is the Magickal Map Maker card. The meaning in the book for this card focuses on the players in our life. The author points out that we need to be aware of the vibe of others in our life. Also that there are times we need to choose a new vibe for ourselves through the people we play with and love. So, please so be aware of those who seem to be message bearers for you this week, it might very well be a sign that you need to let this person and message into your life more.


Guidance for week of Sept 26th: Guidance for week of Sept 26th: Balance isn't about being stuck in one place, it's dancing amid the forces surrounding you.. Click To Tweet


I want to point out here, that the Map Shifter is consciously arranging things in her life. She is watching the flow of things around her, so she will know where to shift or move to next. In this week of protecting the balance we have found (or are still finding), be aware of two things. The first is your balance as it is right now. How can you make this more pleasurable and sustainable?

The second thing to be aware of, is as October comes upon us, we will see new inspiration and level of truth telling. These are the last two weeks of being in the shadow of this last Mercury retrograde. Our communication and expression can still be put to the “soul alignment test”during this time. If you feel you haven’t gotten past your blocks and hit upon the root truth to what you are experiencing in life right now, you have two weeks yet to do so!! The focus on balance this week could really lend itself to finding your new truth!

weekly guidance: sept. 26th: the dance of balance

Tell me in the comments below: What truths are you holding back??? What do you need to do in order to upgrade your idea of balance??

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