Weekly Guidance: November 28th: Mountains into molehills

Weekly guidance: November 28th: mountains into molehills


The beginning of this week may end up feeling like we are on a see-saw between feeling good and worry. But this isn't the week to get caught up in internal drama or fear. We will have guidance all the way throughout and we are asked to re-assess the route ahead. What might seem like a mountain range cropping up just on the horizon, might really be the guidance to find a creative shortcut. This week, the ancestors might be pointing those challenges in life that we chose to have karma with, those challenges that we choose to take the hard route when we didn't have to. New patterns and solutions need to be manifested and grounded into this physical plane.

This is the week to assert your priorities and blaze a new trail through the situations and circumstances you find yourself in. Old ideas and attitudes aren't going to help move you past any stuckness you may feel. Not only is it time to start seeing things in a new way, the cards seem to indicate that our ancestors are actually going to be rooting for us to challenge the beliefs and patterns that had been holding them back. You are not alone in this, nor is anything that comes up this week random. We are moving into the pre-shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde, so all things communication, contracts, and partnerships (whether in love, business, home life, or work) are going to be up for review and renegotiation!!

Don't let your inner Empress get flustered or irritate this week. Set your priorities and stick to them. Try not sweat the small stuff, Loves!!! The weekend is going to bring some sweet stuff our way, so keep your sights set on moving through the week as if the most important thing you can do is to flow through!



Weekly Affirmation 

I choose to release struggle. -Gabrielle Bernstein

Weekly guidance: November 28th: I choose to release struggle. -Gabrielle Bernstein Click To Tweet

I choose to release struggle

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