Weekly Guidance: November 21: Goddess Rising

weekly guidance november 21st Goddess rising


Dearest Ones the Divine and the Universe have a love letter for you this week. 

This week is to lay aside your feelings of loss or lack. Do not focus on what is not, what you have not, what you are not yet. You cannot be in the right time and place until you are there, until it is your present reality. Worry, stress, struggle will not help you get there, not will help to do what needs to be done. This is a cosmic call to stop sweating the small stuff, because much bigger energy and direction is going to take root. This week (and till the last Supermoon of 2016) we need to do a little house cleaning in order to make space and receive, welcome, this new direction.

Lay aside thoughts and longings for results that have not come as you expected. We are closing this year, this cycle, out. In a little over a month we will be coming into a new cycle. The foundations we have laid toward our dreams and visions in last few years will be vital, and this is what needs to be dusted off and polished up. Past results, past desires, anything that you once thought you wanted is, well...in past. It's time to start looking toward the horizon again and making our preparation to enter this numerological year 1 with a plan and prepared to meet our destiny. While astrologically speaking, the New Year might come in like a lamb, it's going to go out like lion, with we Goddess firmly behind the chariot of our Will and Destiny.

We are being asked to consider what a Queen would do throughout this season.  We must make ready for a great gathering over the next year, and the guests (ideas, visions, direction, new partnerships) are going to start over the next two months.  For now, we are listening for their arrival, for the stirrings are in the air, in the vibrations already coming through, making ready, stepping into our truest role as Spiritual leaders, hosts, witnesses, and catalysts for miracles and healing.


Energy for the week:

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Your Destiny is calling. It's time to rise, Goddess! 

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Your destiny is calling. it's time to rise goddess.

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