Weekly Guidance: May 22nd: The unknown is simply a part of ourselves we have yet to explore and accept.

I’m excited for this week!! New energy and idea feel like they are ready to come bursting through!

A Pyramid formation and the energies leading up to the Super New Moon will have us looking to let things go in a big way. Look toward your love of the larger dream instead of the intense emotions that might be brewing in the moment. Hold yourself responsible for bringing your dream through in the moment to moment movement of the week ahead. What will serve as fuel to sustain your growth and movement now and into the next year? What isn’t serving you on your path to soul connection? 

Keep looking forward and releasing what feels heavy, icky, or off. If it’s meant to be, it will come back to you in another way, ask for it! Right now you need focus on the big adjustments and changes that need to happen to protect and strengthen your core, our fount of magick and healing that you bring to the world. The card, One ring circus, comes back to remind us this week that we create our patterns and habit, our products and messaging. We need a solid and flowing core to meet those demands. That includes asking for support!! 

Thursday brings us some big energy with a super new moon and master 22 day. Dreams and intuition will run high. In this spiritually dark period we hear and tune into our own thoughts, feelings, and intuitions.  2nd of three super new moons (April, May, & June), this energy is gaining and will align us for the next 6 mos. It will be a “hands on” type of day for showing the universe what we are committed to. If you’ve been putting off any tasks tat you know your success rides upon, get it done or at least started today!! Focus on inspired actions today. Notice the patterns of thought and habit you have formed and choose what is really going to serve you.

After new moon look to spring board with fresh ideas and inspiration, take bigger or more precise action. Hathor comes forward this week to remember to take what is offered, and be receptive to the inspiration and guidance coming your way. If you feel things building for a blast off, then it’s time to get ready. These next few months can become busy because of this new project or idea or movement of inspired action. The drawn cards, “Don’t fear the unknown” and the Ace of Swords, tells us to clear the decks and begin the prep work.

While all these intense shifts are happening in your internal landscape, don’t forget to share and connect. You are a leader. The Ace of Swords also reminds us that you might have the tools, tips, and  insights to  make this period smooth out for someone else. Be present with people and their experience of this energy, it might lead to great insight about the next coming months.  Guidance sessions, planning sessions, or breakthrough sessions might be a hot product this and next month.  Products that help people begin new transitions might also be hot sellers.  


Cards drawn

Hathor- receptivity

Don’t fear the Unknown

Ace of Swords

One ring circus

Thought of the week

The unknown is simply a part of ourselves we have yet to explore and accept.

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The unknown is simply a part of ourselves we have yet to explore and accept.

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