Weekly Guidance: May 1st: Dare to Create

Chiron (the healer), Saturn retro (King of Karma), and a planetary kite formation begin the week on a special note where we are getting ready to receive the bigger picture. What we are holding close to our heart this week, is what guidance will be coming through for. Mercury is moving  direct this week, and we once we start getting the deets of the bigger picture we should be ready to make things happen. The thin veil remains in our favor, so dreams, daydreams, visions, direct guidance...the cosmic honey can come through to you this week to bring your vision to a bigger, larger, more up-leveled guiding star for you to follow.

Elizabeth Peru thinks this month is going to be one where we come into our own knowing stronger. And this week we are called to step into our power and command the resources, vision, and your own creative spark to begin laying the groundwork and planting the seeds for your ideas for long-term support and sustainability in your life, relationships, and finances.

Your ability to create isn't just some gift or talent, it's your destiny and your birthright. Dare to create, for when you do you touch the most Divine part of your essence!

Cards Drawn

Details, Details

You were born to create

The Emperor


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Dare to Create!

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