Weekly Guidance: March 27th 2017: Let your inner fire fuel you

Weekly Guidance: March 27th 2017: Let your inner fire fuel you

While perhaps not a manifestation week, in and of itself and it’s influences, life seems to be flowing along so quickly that consequences can feel immediate. We’ve been working on honing our empowerment walk all month, with Venus and Jupiter in retrograde. We still have around two weeks to keep exploring how we are going to further open to love and our good feelings. But the universe is about to add other influences, Saturn retrograde and Mercury retrograde.

As the week continues, we get closer to Saturn retrograde (next week), and it could feel like life is speeding up, trigger overwhelm and frustration. Yet the only thing that alleviates this pressure is calming down and coming back to center. The feelings of needing to rush or not feeling enough are only pointing us to the fact that we aren’t coming from our center. They aren’t evidence of our lack.

The Greenman drawn this week reminds us to seek our own rhythms and cycles. Pushing ourselves to the point of exhaustion or to the point of going crazy isn’t going to serve us or our dreams. It’s not going to make things come or quicker. Neither will getting upset. While sometimes are lower vibes are required in order to get us into alignment. Alignment helps us blast off because our thoughts, emotions, and actions are in flowing together. Our low vibe times aren’t really NEEDED, because your center is only one shift away. That shift can happen in an instant, you take the time to meditate, talk to a friend, or run your schedule by your spouse.

When coming from center we will be able to use our inner fire from a place of sustainability and nourishment. As we look toward the week ahead, we need to get clear on our intention for the week. How do you want to burn your fire this week? What will be worth shining steady and bright for?

These next two weeks we’ll be in a sort of experimentation mode, where we are taking what we have learned about our needs and feeding our fire and turning it into a trial by fire experimentation. Hang in there! When Venus goes direct we may see a settling into new patterns!

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Let your inner fire fuel you.


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