Weekly Guidance: March 13th 2017: Attune to a Higher Vision


As the shadow of the eclipses fade from our consciousness, we are transitioning into a week where we're asked to be the light. With Venus and Jupiter in retrograde...and yes, it's Jupiter, not Saturn (if you caught the mistake in my video!!), the month ahead is one that will be pivotal to those Goddesses on the entrepreneurial path. The current retrogrades are going to help align our outward success and leadership role closer to what we love and live for. Our relationships are going be asked to adjust, including the relationships we have to work, tasks, and how we feel about those things.

This week guidance may come through about how we can improve our walk and bring it further into alignment. From the cards drawn, a special message about the balance between your higher vision and your inspired action might hit you, probably mid-week. Don't make it personal. Could have, would have, and should have mean nothing. The Universe isn't seeking to berate about how you might be playing it small, not quite walking your talk, or simply not listening. Any feelings along those lines this week, should only be taken a gentle nudge back in the right direction!

Instead of beating yourself up, open to the feelings that you think you are missing!! You might be surprised at how fast they return once you turn your attention back to love. This place of Love is what will take you beyond any thoughts of self-doubt or recrimination!  Take a gander at the video for this week for a deeper look at the cards drawn!!


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Thought for the week:

Attune to a Higher Vision

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Attune to a Higher Vision

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