Weekly Guidance for June 13th-19th: Ride the wave

guidance june 13th: ride the wave and greenman


Ok, I have to admit my guides and I had to do a little compromise for today’s guidance. if you follow astrology this week is supposed to contain a heck of a lot energy of all sorts and varieties. Neptune is going retrograde, for our yearly soul searching phase. We have a Master Day and we’re coming up again on a Grand Cross. Alignment couldn’t be more crucial this week. The first tarot card I drew for this week was “sad embrace”, I raised my eyebrow at my guides implying I didn’t want to be that negative, they had better find another way to get their message across. So while this message is all about the love, there is also an inherent warning in this week’s energy.

If we don’t raise our energy this week, our feelings of “everything going wrong” and “when it rains it pours” might leave you feeling so far from alignment you could begin wondering who has it out for you. But loves, nothing could farther from the truth. The Universe isn’t out to punish or test you. This energy is trying to bring all the things we have buried, neglected, not paid attention to, to light. The sooner we can give response to these things the sooner things will smooth out again. So don’t let your fears of things worse consume you this week. Use this week to learn where your daily tasks, errands, and chores could use a review and upgrade, to make sure these problems don’t become chronic.

And do not punish yourselves over these things. The Universe and the Divine not require it, we are only doing it to ourselves. I was thrilled when I pulled the second tarot card, ride the wave, when as I asked for a re-do. Because these times, when it seems like things aren’t going our way, they aren’t there as proof of how wrong we are. They are only really showing us where we need more Love and punishing ourselves for not being perfect is the exact opposite of what is needed. If we are not stuck or caught in our “not enoughness” we can free up so much energy in our lives that we can actually create amazing momentum!!

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