Weekly Guidance: January 9th 17: The Reward is NOW!

weekly guidance: jan 9th: the reward is now

Now that we are heading in a Merc. Direct motion things are going to start hopping. This is the week of Intuition and Empathy. Don't let your ideas, visions, or plans get bogged down by masculine orientated ideas of results, toughing it out, or action plans. This year is jammed packed with the voice of the feminine Divine, and she is just warming up her voice as we come into the first full moon of the new year, a number 1 year. 2016 was rough. But the rough changes don't intentionally create struggle. While some of the happenings of last year and the consequences of our choices might still be wrapping up this week, let Sophia have her say about what it all actually means.

Today we got a letter about the beginning of the foreclosure process on our house. Yes, as I said before, last year was rough. But the small, yet totally fierce, voice speaking through me right now knows that this is just is just a small bump in the road. We're aren't going to get through because we were tough or strong or able to tackle the problem with sword firmly in hand. As the strength card above alludes, it's going to be about centering and flexibility. About the gentle persistence to do what you know deep down in your Soul is right for you and your family, your world. Like a reed in the wind, we need to learn to make music in time with the breezes, to dance in the storm and find joy in that dance.

The Reward is Now. That piece of guidance came through for me a few months ago. I hadn't wanted to understand at the time. But it's never been more true than this week.  Magick isn't found in the future because we can only create it right now. It's only existence is in the present moment. That is why we must be in alignment and congruity with that which we seek for our future right now. It's not simply the Law of Attraction at work here.  We have created this moment for ourselves from past actions. We have rewarded ourselves with the chance to create and choose anew. What will you bring forth into the world this week? What spell of healing and love is itching at your fingertips for the casting?

The Reward is NOW!  Choose it!

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The reward is now. Choose it!

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