Weekly Guidance: Jan. 30th, 2017: Spread your wings

weekly guidance: spread your wings


After some big insight at the beginning of this week, we're going to have to focus on bringing out our inner spiritual badass.

This will be a week where you simply don't have time to sweat the small stuff. Ideas, communication, and inspiration will be your constant companions this week. Mind the relationship you have with these things and states of being. Don't let your mind become the incessant three year old asking "but, why?" every five seconds. Make a decision and stick to the base goal. If a bit of inspiration is relevant it will be repeated, so let it flow through you now. What you need will come back even stronger.

You might feel you have to go inward to get the clarity of your inner guru to shine. Do it, but find an accurate and quick way to do these checks! This week calls for the resolve of the Emperor and the wisdom of your inner Holy woman. While in some circumstances the Hermit indicates a need for isolation, this week there isn't time for that. We have to practice being High-Vibe while also being in High-action. Forget about being an Earth Angel this week and shift right up to the angel part.

Things are going to pick up even further as we approach the next full moon, which will also bring us the first eclipse of the year. Our chronic issues, higher visions of ourselves, and fear-based habits are going to start intersecting with our conscious daily life. It might feel like all sorts of chaos, random crap, and accidents are getting stirred up, but this is really the Universe's way of getting us to clean house before things become even more intense during the actual eclipse period.

Cards drawn this week: slow and steady, need and necessity, the hermit, the emperor


Spread those great wings and master the air streams around you.

Spread those great wings and master the air streams around you. Click To Tweet

Spread those great wings and master the air streams around you.

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