Weekly Guidance: August 8th: Nourish, love, create

weekly guidance: nourish, love, create

The energy of the this week can be wild and expansive, if we are coming from our center. If the energy feels uncomfortable, pay attention to your needs first. Be the wild mother unafraid to create, to express, and to nurture what needs it. Goddess energy, while unafraid to embrace to the dance of life and love, also needs to be coming from her strong personal center. She is unafraid to be who she is in the middle of everything going on. In fact, it’s really her sole goal. Her self knowledge and mastery come before external dreams and accomplishment. She is brave, able to pursue her dreams like a huntress, yet loving and able to bring new things forth in the Universe acting her on her intuition. This week with it’s big energy, requires this kind of big crazy love.

Things are going to get moving a grooving this week, meetings will spark inspiration or clearing of past issues or misconceptions. It might also feel like a party or reunion the closer we get to Mercury retrograde. This week the “Come together” card has several layers to its meaning. The first layer is the people aspect of us coming into the shadow of the retrograde, which could bring people from your past up for review. The second layer is that with the big energy of the week, things and your life might as if it/they are coming together. Over the weekend, the coming together theme is present as we enjoy the meteor showers, raining down possibility and Soul purpose messages. The last layer of coming together is the Universe will seem especially receptive to us over this next month. Be clear on what you want to see happen, and take the time to relish in your co-creation as things fall into place for you.

Take the rest, stay-cation you need as the energy sparks around you. Stay hydrated and eat well, staying in balance and in center is the key to success and getting in-tune with the higher vibes of the week. But don’t forget to let your hair down and lean into your dreams, tap into the Divine Creatrix side of you.


So this week’s guidance in a nutshell, Love big and love hard!!


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