Weekly Guidance: August 22nd: Set your intentions early

Weekly guidance set your intentions early

Today we are introducing a new deck to my mix, the First Light Tarot is a neat combination of oracle deck and tarot deck, decorated with photos from the Hubble telescope. It’s awesome little deck for those who are considering it. But on to the reading….

The intensity of August and the Eclipse season continues to inspire us and keep us looking in a new direction. If you take the time to set your intentions clearly and early, based on the illumination you got over last week and the weekend, you will have created an energetic “talisman” to help guide you during the coming week.

This week is more a trial run than it is real life. We’re going to have a lot of ideas and inspiration for practical implementation thrown at us in regards to your new vision. This is the time to test out your thoughts and feelings about what you can create. Take the energy on, take to a big level, so that you can discover what will easily flow from your intentions and what needs more clarity and refinement to work.

weekly guidance: our intention creates our reality

Weekly Affirmation: Our intention creates our reality. -Wayne Dryer

Weekly Affirmation: Our intention creates our reality. -Wayne Dryer Click To Tweet


To focus on creating your energetic talisman or tuning your internal compass, charge your energy field up really high at the start of the week. Raise your vibe with your core desired feelings (the feelings you really to experience now and in the immediate future) so that those feelings can act as a magnet pulling resonant inspiration and opportunities your way for the rest of the week. You can also allow those feeling to guide you in making choices that feel resonant with your desired feelings.  Charge your system by getting real good and deep with what you feel, no holding back, as the closer we get to retrograde the fuzzier things can get in the realm of words and expression. Take time over the next few days to do some internal work, like the Desire Map, the Dreambook, or the Courageous Living Program!


guest oracle

We had a fabulous guest drawer today, who drew the Empress for herself. Andrea is the owner of Andrea’s Wellness Connection and is a Wellness and happiness coach currently getting her programs together.  She mixes coaching with product support of Itworks! and other suppliments

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