Weekly Guidance: August 1st: Be open and listen

weekly guidance: be open

Welcome to August 2016, loves, it’s going to be a wild ride!

If you thought July was a bit all over the place, August is come as relief, but it’s not going to be any slower. Based on how the Heavens will play things out, this is a month where we can make great strides toward our goals. But the challenge will come in being focused and in being grounded. This coming week we might be asked to try on some different or old mindsets, archetypes, and patterns to see if they fit, or even how they could fit. In this week, we aren’t being asked to fully don a new life, but give space to listen to how the Universe will respond to our new energy.

This week is a bit of a trial period of a the new reality we want to build for ourselves in the coming months. We’ll need to listen close to make adjustments as we go along. For next week, the pressure will be applied and our new energy patterns will be put through a more intense trial. I challenge each of you to not let negativity set in as this month progresses. Treat this more like game of matching your personal frequency to the frequency around you, and if you find it too low, match it at an octave higher. This is part of the reason I spent most of last month talking about centering. Learning to hold and raise your personal vibration will be an extremely helpful practice this next month. This month I plan to cover the basics around high level grounding practices, which will help you hold the new energy patterns and high vibe habits and choices, as you being to manifest this new energy on this plane.

August’s meditation prompt:

How I am manifesting Heaven on Earth?

August's meditation prompt: How I am manifesting Heaven on Earth? Click To Tweet


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