Weekly Guidance: August 15th: Moony blessings to all!!

Weekly guidance august 18th moony blessings flow

As I come crashing into homeplate on finishing up this post on this week’s guidance, I just want to remind everyone to enjoy the ride.

This past week’s bombardment of inspiration and high vibes has everyone acting perhaps not as the would have, if it were a week ago. We are all sensitive, in degrees, so what is coming through to one of us can affect all of us. So if it seems like the world has gotten a little more crazy, wild, or interrupted, well, it has. We have all gotten something, some kind of inspiration or impetus, to shake things up and get back to what it was that really stirred us, moved us, made us feel more alive.

It’s only going to keep coming, until after the eclipse season comes to a close at the end of September.

This week’s drawing has an interesting story. I’ve been sharing with daughter what I’ve been doing with my business and social media. When she had a friend over for the weekend I had them each draw a card from the two oracle decks I use for this reading. They both drew the same card from two completely different decks. Neither knew this was a full moon week either.  When I first wrote my notes on the reading so I could complete this post, I thought it was the more gentle side of Mama Moon that would present itself. I was wrong.

This week feels more like Artemis is on the hunt. What have we been hiding shadow, the moon will illuminate and drag out into the open. Whether we’re ready for it or not. So if ever there was any question about your devotion or commitment to something larger than yourself, this is week to get ready to take a stand. What ever you were unclear on, it’s time to dedicate time to evoking clarity and guidance, in a very intentional and conscious way.

Stand in your power, for the moon does reveal these things about us NOT to make us feel hurt, broken, or incomplete. The moon asks us the re-integrate these pieces of us, so that we can be of light more, experience more wholeness. Even if your expression of big crazy love this week is a deep tenderness while facing a painful situation.

Bring your wild big crazy dreams to light and speak them to the Universe. For the universe is listening, waiting on our firm intent to create these dreams…even if all we can do right now is the first baby step.


Weekly guidance august 18th Love is callus to rise up, rise up with even bigger love

Guidance recap:


8/18/16 weekly guidance: This will be an intense week, where we need big love to guide us to rising.

8/18/16 weekly guidance: This will be an intense week, where we need big love to guide us to rising. Click To Tweet


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