weekly reading august 14 17: what's your balance point between ideals and action

Weekly Guidance: August 14, 2017: Where’s your balance point between ideals and action?

Where’s your balance point?

This is going to be another busy-feeling week, and if we’re not grounded, we’re going wonder where all our time went. The challenge this week is really to hold steady and meet the inspirations coming through with an eye of discernment. And there is going to be a lot coming through, but at the beginning of the week, it’s not necessarily going to be the warm fuzzy kind of inspiration. It might feel more like “hard won” lessons about our boundaries and our ability to take action.


Here’s a brief day by day look at the shifting influences of the week:

Monday: Some Saturn action in the skies, meaning we are assessing our relationship with luck, time, and ability to make opportunities happen even in adverse circumstances. 

Tuesday: Venus action- Let what you love tune you to a higher state of mind.

Wednesday: we’re getting a little Mars action again, remember to tune it what it is that you really feel you need to stand for. What battles are you really meant to fight? What is movements are really worthy of your admiration?

Thursday: is going to be a good day, high-vibes, uplifting and we begin the up-vibes as we head toward the big solar Eclipse!

Weekend: Follow the inspiration coming through. What needs to change in your life and how can you take the first step NOW!


Through these movements we are being asked to keep practical and keep your nose to your personal grindstone (of what you are passionate about). Be less concerned about what others are doing and more concerned about what it’s going to take for you make bigger action, more commitment, or even more consistent devotion. Eclipses and Merc. Retros are about up-leveling your life. Sometimes this requires a clearing of things you have been procrastinating over or taking the harder action because it’s what is actually going to bring you the bigger results you have been seeking.  This isn’t about perfectionism or meeting someone else’s idea of what you “should be” doing. This is about tuning to what seems to be getting you real results and movements and being confident enough and self-loving enough to follow that and build your own path.


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Weekly reading and guidance

The leadership themes of this Eclipse season have been very noticeable in my life.  I have been having thoughts around how I can be more “on the ball” and ready to do all the things I have set before myself. My feminine side has been getting the influence of wanting to live solely by my ideals and wait till things settle out, while my more masculine side has been egging me on to take more action. But soul knows this is black and white thinking, neither is the course of action that really needs to be taken. Both sides of the coin are needed. The ideals of what we are aiming for AND the action to make those thing happen.   

For me, what’s it’s coming down to is what kind of leader or ruler do I want to be….to myself. Not just others. How do you want to feel while completing your tasks, while actually taking action. While we may not be able to summon confidence to our side for each and everything, we can take some faith that the actions we are taking are going reach the people they intended AND serve as an outlet for the guidance coming through. Even if we don’t quite “get it” in the moment, even if what are debating seems a little fuzzy.  Even if our more masculine side says we’re weak for not be super brave in the moment. 

Sometimes it’s the heart that wins the day, other times it’s inspired action. 

Take this week moment by moment and feel into what you are trying to say and create and seek the most accurate alignment you can in the moment!


Cards drawn

Ishtar: Boundaries: Love yourself enough to say no to others demands on your time and energy.

Spirit of the place

Nurture all you Love

King of Pentacles

Thought of the week

Where’s your balance point between ideals and action?

Where's your balance point between ideals and action? Click To Tweet

What does this mean for the lightworker Soulpreneur, the biz goddess?


This might be a week for getting deep insight, but it will be a week where lots of questions and doubts surface. You may need to keep your readings, healings, or sessions lighter than usual to leave room for people to explore some of the “leadership” and “direction” questions that might come up. Remind them that big energies are coming through this week, and that they will peak with the Eclipse. This is not the week to huge sweeping changes, but rather to take not of the doubts and questions that come up. Once we know what kind of inspiration is on the heart and mind, you can help others set some specific intentions for introspection and inquiry over the big Eclipse. 


And the same goes for you, lightworker. This isn’t the week to start the big changes, this is a week for recording or writing down what you need more insight over, and setting intentions around getting that clarity. You might find some great insight into what deeper problems are really plaqueing you clients, which is great insight for marketing and program/product creation!

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Where's your balance point between ideals and action?




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