Weekly Guidance: April 8th, 2017: Surrendering your path is a form of self-love

Weekly Guidance: April 8th, 2017: Surrendering your path is a form of self-love

      This week the energies are going to support our deepest innate essence coming forward. It might not always feel that way, but blocks, limiting thinking/feeling patterns will be called to our attention. This is a time to focus on the greater picture that’s finally beginning to come through, instead of on all that has been holding us back. “Coming apart”, from the Enchanted Map deck, suggests that if we make our good feelings and feelings of love our priority, all things that “seemed” to be in the way, will feel like they are fading away on their own. Surrender to this sense of coming apart, so that you have the space and readiness to take on all that will be coming through this month!! Your destiny is being shown to you and you have some choices to make. Always choose Love.

       The shift from north node in Virgo to Leo, creates a break in the energy we have bee working under since 2015. The vestal virgin is releasing us from our duty, so that we can finally be free to be ourselves and grow further into how we can lead from our authentic center. As the card from the messenger oracle card deck tells us, “You were born to create”. And we can now begin focusing on the next stage of our personal evolution and great work.

      The Scorpio full moon is going to feel like a “truth spell” has been blanketing the Earth. Our intuition will be online and in-line, so even if things have to change, this week might have us feeling more validated in the small voice and knowings than in the wrong. The two of pentacles that was drawn with the justice card lends a balancing aspect to this truth, a setting thing “right” aspect that will feel healing.

What does this mean for the Soulpreneur, the biz goddess?

We are finally being green lighted on any plans or dreams for expansion. Not only are being green light, we going to be getting wholly new downloads and long term destiny archetypes to run with. This energy is just beginning this year, this is our first big dose of destiny and a touch of divinity. It’s very possible this week will start a new level of awakening for you and your healing magick.

Just remember that in the biz world things take time to gain traction (Summer will be a good time for this). If we realign, we must expect some lag, as people catch up with us. This begins an excellent time to start laying the grounds for something big, a biz realignment, invoking your signature program, or even aiming for a whole new level of operating your biz (systems automation with huge heart to give yourself space and freedom, serving a new client base, expanding your ideas of what you can teach, etc…). Venus will be out if her retrograde shadow shortly now, so ideas of partnerships might even be on the horizon.

Cards drawn


2 of pentacles

Coming apart

You were born to create

Thought of the week

Surrendering to your path is a form of self-love.

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