Being unstoppable in sales and life

be unstoppable, not because you don't have doubts and fears, but because you continue despite them

Being an entrepreneur and your own boss means you get to set your own schedule. But it also means more than that. It means you can create a whole new lifestyle. In fact, it means you HAVE to create a whole lifestyle that supports your vision and your growth. You can no longer rely on the schedules of others to make things work, you have set your boundaries, set your intentions and the let world adjust around you.

All that being said, there are certainly times of the year when sales are most likely to occur. I consider them sales seasons.

  • New Years,
  • Valentine’s Day,
  • tax season,
  • Spring break,
  • Summer when mommies get off the school schedule,
  • back to school when mommies get back on the school schedule,
  • Halloween through Thanksgiving because of all the breaks and holiday shopping,
  • shortly before Christmas because if they came in under budget people will buy themselves a little luxury gift they think they need or want.

You want to plan your promotions and sales around these times of the year. Of course, you can also try to plan promotions around some of the lesser holidays, especially if they seem relevant to your business. And if you’re metaphysically business minded, do check your astrological calendars to get a sense of when your audience might need certain products or services!

But keep it sane, keep it repeatable!! 

In addition to the holidays, there are other business things that go, which you might not even be aware of that happen throughout the year. When I first started my business, I thought many of these had to happen all at once, all the time. Only later did I realize these were highly strategic pieces of the sales building process, they weren’t random or shoved down the audience’s throat all year long!

These are the business building processes that happen throughout the year:

  • List building drives: Challenges, webinars, new freebie creation, email mini classes, mini classes on social networks, or even in-person talks or seminars. Run one of these a couple times a year. These can be run about two weeks before a product launch to help increase chance of sales conversion.
  • Product launches and promotions: And no, products do NOT only launch once!! Things like classes and programs can be launched a few times a year. Product lines can be taken off the market, or at least market plan for a time period, and relaunched during a more high sales season.
  • Your digital content plan: This should continue pretty much on schedule despite any launches or drives you might be doing. On an average day, your digital content plan is what is going to bring traffic, reach, and visibility to your business. It’s going to keep up your brand awareness and relevancy in the minds of your audience. This includes videos, podcasts, your ad campaigns,
  • Lead Nurturing: newsletters, exclusive promotions, conversations with your peeps. This can be done 1-1, in small groups, or to whole your list. And it is best practice to try and include all levels of interaction.

Example of a full created sales event timed around the holiday:

course or program example

A well-planned product launch will begin in October with some kind of challenge or mini-course, maybe even a mini-webinar. This serves as an email drive and it also increases your daily engagement, reach, and visibility, as you put out posts and ads to promote your main offering webinar.  Give about two weeks for people to sign up. Throughout the mini-course, challenge, or mini-webinar your new leads will be nurtured through the value your presentation will give them and through your email drip, and you stop being a stranger to them, which increases the likelihood they will want to buy from you. By the time the initial webinar, challenge, or class is done, you want to start opening up your main offer to your new leads. You’ll want to get them to sign up to your main offer webinar or discovery session/sales call. After about a week, you’ll want to open up the main offer webinar to the public, do ads and posting to promote it, and repeat the process you just did with your challenge, class, or mini-webinar leads. But this time, end with the sale. As you are opening up your main offer webinar, you will also be writing to people who might have lists larger than yours, asking them to become an affiliate or JV partner.  During and after your sales webinar your email drip series will be nurturing to your even newer leads and answering their questions. You may schedule some discovery calls based on this follow up. About two weeks later, your main offering should have gone or be going into effect.

Example selling physical products:

Example selling packages or sessions:

From this example you can see you need at least two months, if not more, to begin launching a product. It will take a little longer your first time around as you have to build all the pieces. Your second time around you have all the pieces to edit and customize. So seeing your business year as sale seasons is a way to build a lifestyle around opportunities to bring in higher amounts of income than usual. This way you aren’t totally dependent on daily sales solely from website or brink and mortar traffic. The process of building the lifestyle you want and need usually works easiest when you reverse engineer it. Think about how many of these business building processes you want to run a year and how much income you want when. Then begin breaking it down to months and weeks, so you get a sense of when you can build in times for relaxation, time off, vacations, and staycations! Take some time to play around with your potential income figures and time tables to see which sounds most appealing!

And to be truly unstoppable in your plan and vision download and digest this awesome mindset shift on unstoppability!