Unleash your Inner Goddess Session

Unleash your Inner Goddess Session

inner Goddess package

Being a healer, reader, or spiritual coach takes…

  • The guts and heart of Persephone and Inanna to go into the Unknown
  • The Faith Demeter to rise again
  • and the wisdom of Athena and Hekate to see us through

But the path of the spiritual entrepreneur, the high priestess of her magick and mojo,

Is not an easy path to walk, on top of being the magickal mama or spouse that you desire to be. 

On a daily basis, I know that sometimes it seems we can’t have our cake and eat it too. 

But the longer we stay in the energy of survival, of holding it all together, of making due, the more depleted we get. The more depleted we get the more our businesses suffer, our practices suffer, our faith buffer gets eaten away, and the more our relationships get out of alignment.

But what be like if you got in touch with the Magickal Goddess within you and used her power to rule your life and choices?

What if instead of feeling like you are running around like a chicken without a head or a hot mess trying to patch all the holes with duct tape, you felt confident in your intuition and kick-ass decision-making power to see you through the rough spots?

What if instead of only seeing where you are lacking or life just doesn’t seem like enough, you had a clearer vision of the path ahead and where you were with it..so you could make practical, yet guided plans?

What if that Inner Goddess-self is simply waiting for you to remember her?

And when you choose to get in alignment with her, that Inner Goddess-self is ready to:

Open to the wisdom and clarity to know which battles are worth fighting for and which are drama that can be let go of, so that your energy is focused, clear, and potent.
Hear and feel the powerful choices before in your current situation, so that you can create aligned magick and action ASAP that bring more vitality and enthusiasm to your life.
Embrace a higher vision and potential for her life and her business, even if she can’t quite see the whole picture yet.

Hi! I'm Lindsay!

I am intent on helping fellow witchy women find their power, master their gifts, and manifest their big dream! 

My own path has been a rocky and wild one, but The Goddess and my Inner Goddess has been with me every step of the way. That deep relationship with her has been the fuel and the catalyst through times of loss, grief, and setback. 

And just like with me, she is with you every step of the way, continuously asking you RISE, asking you to dream more powerfully, and to use your magick to create amazing things in this world. 

Are you ready to Unleash your Inner Goddess in your life?

An Unleash your Inner Goddess package will help you

Find your Sovereignty

While we get to the root of your current situation, I will help you uncover where your most powerful choices lie, so that you can focus your energy and attention on making the most impactful movement available in your life. 


In order to make the most powerful choice available, sometimes we have to do a bit of clearing and releasing of toxic patterns, thoughts, and ideas. This creates more space in your life for the voice of your inner Goddess to come through.


Attuning to the voice of your Inner Goddess is going to open up new potentials in your life, begin to open your heart once more, and reawaken or boost your gifts and intuition. This will help move through your situation with more clarity.


Anchoring your awareness to your Inner Goddess Energy will help you hear her voice when you need it most, she will provide an inner resilience and radiance to fuel your life and your ability to keep making powerful choices for your self, your family, your business, and your clients.

One of the best things about The 

Unleashing your Inner Goddess sessions is…

Being able to rewrite your current story!

Sometimes we get so bogged down in how things look on the surface that it’s hard to see the inner working and lessons trying to shine through, trying to guide toward something better or more powerful for us. 

And sometimes when we’ve been bogged down for too long it’s even hard to dream that some things, that should change, can change at all. 

 Understanding where you are in-choice and where you are avoiding choice is a powerful tool to help create the movement and change you need without falling back into fear and “making due”.

It allows you rewrite your next chapter holds for you, your family, and your business from your personal power, your authentic alignment, and from your highest potential!

People rave about my teachings and sessions...

so what’s really stopping you?

Kym, Granyby, MO

I knew this all along but couldn’t bring myself to feel into it, own it and admit it out loud. I was a great excuse maker! I’ve taken responsibility for that, and I’m so joyed to report this past weekend I actually had a paying customer for a reading! I get paralyzed with fear and overwhelm, when I don’t grasp what I’m doing. You were sent to me, you have gone above the fear, I am behind you, learning. Not one person in my family ever really “made it” so to speak, I am the first to rise above the fear, I am the first to listen to the guidance and actually do something with it. I wouldn’t be shining if it wasn’t for all your loving, generous, patient help! You are an amazing woman!

Erika, Fairfield, Ca

Lindsay is fantastic!!! You should try her! Try her! Try her! Try her! You will see how fantastic she is!! Amazing session! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it I will be back for sure! She will help you a lot! No more searching for others! Finally I found a wonderful lady after a long search in other websites nonsense!! Thank God very very very much! I found you Lindsay!! 

Helen, Danbury, CT

What you said about being an empath has made me become brave to face my challenges. What you said about my dreams made me think clearly & it has opened a door for me to learn more about my gifts 😀


Andrea, Wilkes-Barre, Pa

Now I see how all my gifts were working on autopilot for years without me being able to get a grip on them. My old bedroom was literally haunted and I was always talking to my Grandma who had passed on. But my parents and my church didn’t understand, they repressed my “weirdness”. It wasn’t until working with Lindsay that I saw and understood how my gifts were a blessing and how to be able to work with them, instead of letting them and the intense experiences I always had allow my anxiety to take over and take me down. I don’t know what I would do without Lindsay. Since working with her I lost over 50lbs, lost a lot of nervous habits and patterns, and am now looking at how to leave my day job for more fulfilling spiritual work.

Our Unleash your Inner Goddess time together includes

4 60-min live 1-1 Unleash your Inner Goddess Session(s)

Using my Soul Center activation and alignment process, which is a session using various tools and techniques, we will take a deep and transformative dive into the heart of your current circumstances and the vision or guidance your inner Goddess needs to bring forward at this time. These sessions are done through Zoom video conferencing so that you can have a recording of our session for convenience.

Custom homework or practices to aid your alignment

We will discuss any practices, meditations, or inner work that could benefit your Inner Goddess alignment process, so that the energy and healing from your session in maximized and supported.

PM, email, or chat follow-up support

Unleash your Inner Priestess Daily Manifestation Meditation Meditation for Release and Healing Tap into your conscious creator

Book your first session today!

4 Session package

4 60-min Unleash your Inner Goddess Session ($600 Value)

Recording of your sessions

Custom homework or practices to aid your alignment

4 months of PM or chat follow-up support

BONUS: Custom healing kit: Value of $35 After our first session I will send you a package of new tools to aid your Goddess journey. This can be crystals, books, decks, or other spiritual tools.

Buy now for $500


Most frequent questions and answers

These sessions are for creatives, intuitives, and empaths who are Unicorn Go-getters who are ready to start really manifesting and go for the big dream. These sessions come from a pagan perspective, so if you aren’t open to that path I would find another healer-coach.

After payment is recieved, you will get an email with the scheduling link. If you have multiple sessions we will schedule the next session at the end of the current session.

I would rather you show up ready for a session than rushed or distracted. It ensures a quality session for both you and me! Simply shoot me an email 24 hours beforehand to reschedule! However, if you are unwilling to keep our session time after 2 reschedules, we will talk about whether you are ready for the work or if we really a match. 

You can either private message me on Facebook or we can set up another form of online chatting that is convenient to both of us. Remember to friend me on Facebook or accept my friend request, so that we will see each other’s messages. I respond to messages between 11 am and 10pm est on business days. Emergency weekend support only.

All sessions are good for three months from the date of purchase. Since it’s common to have a session every two weeks, packets of sessions will expire in consecutive order.  So for the 4 session package, the first session will expire 3 months from the date of purchase, but the last session will expire 5 months from the date of purchase.

Refunds will only be issued if no sessions were taken within one week of purchase, should you change your mind. There will be no refund issued after a session has been used. If you have questions or concerns about the session, please use the unlimited follow-up feature to get more clarity!

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