How things get sold with wordpress woocommerce

In order for, as business owners, to get a more stable income before we put all our products and services out there we should consider our packaging. If we don’t have physical products, packaging refers to how services and resources are bundled together to create one convenient, specially priced product. If we are healers or readers, we can think of products as a single solution for a single problem. If we are coaches and teachers you want to think in terms of programs and what can be created to support or further people in your programs or courses. When you do have physical products, try to see if there are patterns in what people buy, or if they are being for a specific reason (birthdays, protection, healing, etc…)

There was one point I forgot to make in the paypal button video. It is that if you are going to use your own paypal or other third party payment gateway buttons, then you don’t actually need the woocommerce plugin or to create your product pages through it. But if you wanted to, because the shop offers easy instant navigation through the whole catalog of what you offer.  If you plan to use a paypal button instead of the regular sales page feature, then do NOT list a price on your product data fields on the product page. Paste your code for your paypal button into the TEXT tab of the editor and voila!

When using a PayPal button, the button itself is a link to the PayPal checkout process, it will bypass the cart on your site entirely. This isn’t a bad thing, you will still have everything you need to complete the sale, it will just be in your Paypal transactions alone, and there will be customer info on your website. You can always add this manually (even to your newsletter) if this is important to you or you can simply add it to a spreadsheet of your sales and clients for tracking.